Where has all the content gone?

We are moving all content from this website to www.helsbyrunningclub.org.uk over the next month or two. We hope this to be complete by around March 2020

Want to run with us (member or not), please feel free to join us on Monday evening, Wednesday evening or early Friday morning – please see our recently updated web page at: https://www.helsbyrunningclub.org.uk/club-nights/ for details.

8 thoughts on “Where has all the content gone?

    • A good mixed group come along on Mondays – they’re actually very beginner friendly, believe it or not. We also get a few kids coming along to keep the adults on their toes!

  1. Hello
    I am really keen to take part in the half marathon next January but cant find the application form anywhere. Can you let me know how I can apply please?

  2. can we think of some winter saturday/sunday morning runs, typically the summer wednesday night run route or others- delamere white circuit (5 miles), other similar circular routes- gresty’s waste and open it up to other local clubs

    Geoff Shaw

      • I tend to do an extended summer run on a Sunday; follow the summaer run to Jacobs ladder but then follow the Sandstone to the monument, then come out at the Belmont past the Forest Hills across the practise area of the golf course up to the reservoir, come out at Riley Bank Mews cross the road and end up back on the Sandstone, I then follow the summaer run home

        You are all welcome to join but due to other commitments won’t be doing it again until Dec, maybe we should start things up after the 4 Villages

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