Moel y Gamelin

An excellent race I can thoroughly recommend, though at 9.5 miles on a hot day, hard work at times. Starting from the Ponderosa Café so plenty of food and drink available.

Helsby future all starsThe course involved some quite steep ascents and descents for the first couple of miles, followed by a much easier Moorland section. Drinks stations were provided on this part as the route conveniently crosses a minor road a couple of times. The sting in the tail with this course in the last couple of miles when you retrace your steps back over the hills, which made the sight of the Ponderosa Café and the nice grassy descent to the finish line very welcome.

Finishing positions:
Ian Landucci
Steve Riley
Phil Gillard
Robbie Webster/Mario Foschi (photo finish)

If smiles were miles, these two would be winners!
Finish times not yet available.


Particularly well done to Robbie for completing his first fell race since his comeback.

Editor’s note: what Ian describes as the ‘sting in the tail’ actually resembled a scene from the trenches. It was a war of attrition out there, sworn enemies sharing water and jelly babies, brave warriors reduced to a shuffle with only the thought of being heckled by Joe[1] at the top pulling them onwards. It was great!

[1] It’s almost guaranteed that wherever you race, our man Joe Beswick will pop up from behind a tree or trig point to shout encouragement. Easily worth a place or two for everyone 🙂

Edit: Lots of pics now up here.


Birkenhead 5 results

With Adair partying down in Glastonbury I thought I would take on his role as results reporter.

Birkenhead Park 5 Mile – 3rd June
I have just received a response from the race organiser of the Birkenhead Park 5 miler with the results. The delay to getting the results out was due to him being on holiday.

27th    Adair Broughton       29:40
40th    Ian Landucci            31:24
63rd    Steve Riley             33:06
71st    Geoff Shaw              33.49
90th    Carol Shaw              36.52
103rd  Andy Todd               40:20
113th  Sarah Price              42:07
114th  Vanessa Griffiths      43:07
118th  Janet Shaw              45:15

Full results.