Fell Counter Results – Push-up-the-Pincyn

Please find attached to a good little report and the official results for the Push-up-the-Pincyn race at the following link
With swooping birds of prey, a picturesque sky, £2 entry for the car and £1 extra to race (what a bargain btw) and some rolling fields of Wales the four hardy Helsby souls enjoyed the very 1st Pincyn race. Runnable but technical, except the 40degree angle climb (no protractors please) near the summit, and what a pity none of us managed to record/photograph Andy Todd using his special technique to hurdle the biggest haybale in Wales.
Positions and times of Helsby runners below:
8th       Adair Broughton    47.02
32nd    Phil Gillard            59.20
41st    Andy Todd             66.10       
42nd   Stephen McCue      66.38
Congratulations also to Mario who finished 16th running for Cumberland and provided much needed ‘Powerade’ at the end and thanks to Joe for great support and helping to Marshall on the course. Special mention should also be made to Max Taylor who biked over 40 miles to welcome us home at the end of the race.
Please note the next fell counter is the classic Ponderosa race to be held on Wednesday 12th August at 7.00pm. This was my very first fell race, hmm how many years ago, and I guess i’ve never looked back……so if you’ve not yet tried a ‘fell race’ then this might be the ideal opportunity. If you’d like any more information then please contact, or see Joe, Andy or myself at the club
Some details at the link below, goto Entry Forms and look for the 4 Mile Hilly Off Road.
In the meantime, enjoy your running!

Sefton Park 5 Mile Results 22/07/09

Please find attached the ‘provisional’ results for the Sefton Park 5 Mile
Well done to all taking part and looks like a good turn out. Helsby runners as follows:
32nd    Ian Landucci     31.25
85th     Ivan Davies       34.38
99th     Dave Madders   35.55
114th   Geoff Shaw       36.44
151st   S. Mccue          39.22
152nd  Ian Hilditch        39.24
160th   Jackie Keasley  40.31
181st   Andy Todd        42.59
193rd   Janet Shaw       45.08
AND please find some photos from Dave Pinnington here
The next road counter is the now full Pie and Peas, but support will always be welcome if you don’t have an entry. Also we will be having our social night after this event as per Andy’s earlier emails “Our August Wednesday night social will be at the Pie and Peas, followed by a beer in the  Lion pub in Moulton (post code CW9 8PB) – there is a chip shop across the road for those missing post race pie and peas”
Please note the next race is the fell counter this weekend Saturday 25th July, a race being held for the first time (along with a village fete and a tractor rally!). It’s called Push-up-the-Pincyn by the way. Why not give this 6mile race a try. Information below
Andy Todd has informed me that he will be leaving the Helsby Social Club 11.30am prompt on Saturday morning if anyone requires a lift to this race

Helsby Summer Series – Current standings

Given that we have had several meetings recently looking at how we can increase the club membership and generate more enthusiasm at the club I thought I would put together a sales pitch for the Summer Series.

As a new boy at Helsby this is the first time I have been involved in the summer series and so far I can safely say it has been great fun. I was a bit dubious about finding my way to the centre of Birkenhead for the 5 miler in the park, but it turned out to be an excellent race giving me my best time of the year on a fast traffic free 3 lap course. Whitley 10km was another new one for me again a great race though I wasn’t expecting so much of a hill on roads just south of Warrington.

Whilst on the subject of hills perhaps even more fun than the road series has been the fell races. From relatively easy hill/trail races such as Rainow and Bollington to the steep up and downs of Edale and Moel Y Gamelin I have enjoyed them all. Everyone has been different with its own character, the one thing they all had in common was excellent scenery and superb views.

However after running in many races over the last 15 years in the unattached category the thing that I have enjoyed most is being part of the Helsby team. The support you get is excellent (No one shouts louder than Joe). So I can thoroughly recommend both the road and fell summer series.

Current Standings

Road Series

With the road series just past the half way point the current standings are:


  Chester Spring 5 Whitley 10k Christleton 5k Dunham Massey 5k Birkenhead 5m Comberbach Fete 5k Burtonwood 5m Total
Janet Shaw 15   16 20 17 16 18 102
Vanessa Griffiths 20 20 19   18 19   96
Carol Shaw     18 19 20 17 20 94
Lesley Feakes   19       18   37
Jackie Keasley 18           19 37
Sarah Price 17       19     36
Rachel Arnold 19   17         36
Janet Robinson     20         20
Jane Ashbrook           20   20
Valarie Ball 16             16


  Chester Spring 5 Whitley 10k Christleton 5k Dunham Massey 5k Birkenhead 5m Comberbach Fete 5k Burtonwood 5m Total
Geoff Shaw 17   18 19 17 19 19 109
Adair Broughton     20 20 20 20 20 100
Ian Landucci 20 20 19   19     78
Andy Todd 15   17   16     48
Steve Riley 19       18     37
Dave Feakes   18       18   36
Dave Madders 16           18 34
Andy Smith   19           19
Mike Searle 18             18
Mick Charman   17           17
Ian Hilditch             17 17


Fell Series

After 6 races


  Herod     Farm Rainow Mynydd    Myfyr Edale Country Day Moel  -y-Gamelin Bollington Nostalga Total
Jane Ashbrook 19 20       20 59
Vanessa Griffiths     20     19 39
Janet Robinson 20           20
Jackie Keasley   19         19
Kathryn Roberts     19       19
Lesley Feakes           17 17


  Herod Farm Rainow Mynydd Myfyr Edale Country Day Moel-y-Gamelin Bollington Nostalga Total
Phil Gillard 20   19 18 18 18 93
Andy Todd 19 17 18 17   15 86
Adair Broughton   20 20 20   20 80
Ian Landucci   18   19 20 19 76
Steve Riley   19     19   38
Andy Smith 18           18
Robbie Webster         17   17
Dave Feakes           17 17
Stephen McCue           16 16

Burtonwood 5mile pics

Some snaps of the guys and gals in action at Burtonwood to add to Adair’s excellent writeup.



Burtonwood 5Mile Race Results – 18/07/09

Hello athletes
Well done to those who ran the 5 mile at Burtonwood today. A two lap course with quite a bit of wind on ‘the back straight’, some ‘slight’ undulations too to make it an interesting afternoon. Thanks to Andy, Joe and Mario for welcome support on the course.
Results on the Spectrum Striders website here:
Helsby runners results as follows:
16th    Adair Broughton    30.07
54th    Geoff Shaw           35.13
65th    Dave Madders       36.39
77th    Carol Shaw           37.35
88th    Ian Hilditch           39.16
96th    Jackie Keasley     40.17
128th  Janet Shaw           45.36
and congratulations to Helsby Ladies Team who finished in 3rd place overall. Helsby Mens team finished in 6th place overall.
Please note the next road counter is only a few days away…..
Wednesday 22nd July @ Sefton Park 7.30pm. Details here: http://www.slac.btinternet.co.uk/

An Unusual Half-Marathon

I’ve just come across an unusual half-marathon that some of you might be interested in doing. It’s across Morecambe Bay, from Flookburgh (Cark Airfield) to Hest Bank, on Sunday 16th August at 1.30 pm. To quote from the flyer: “Run mainly on sands, this unique race crosses the River Kent and yes you will get wet, very wet!”. I know from experience that the Morecambe Bay sands are generally quite firm, and at low tide the river will be about 100 yards wide and no more than knee-deep.

The entry fee is £20, and runners are also asked to raise at least £30 sponsorship (for CancerCare). Further details can be found at: http://www.crossbayrun.org.uk and at : http://www.runnersworld.co.uk.

John Dearden

Change of Details – The Tavern Fell Race

Some details have changed regarding our club fell race counter ‘The Tavern’ on Saturday 22nd August – New info supplied by race organiser below:
We’ve had a problem with a local landowner and have had to change the venue for the Tavern Fell Race. Fortunately one of our local farmers is able to help out. Unfortunately we won’t be going up Penycloddiau this time but there is the South face of Moel Arthur!!
New details are as follows:
SAT.AUG 22. THE TAVERN. AM. 2.30 p.m. 9m/2900′ from Lletty Farm, Llangwyfan, Denbighshire. £4. PM. Over 18.  Details: Martin Cortvriend, Dol-y-Caeau, Llangynhafal, LL16 4LN. Tel: 01824 790534. Email: martincortvriend@yahoo.co.uk
(Lletty farm is at GR 128647 on the road between Llangwyfan and Llangynhafal.)

Bollington Nostalgia run

A pleasant summer’s day and some excellent running round the foothills of Bollington. What more could you want?

Bollington Nostalgia Race, Ian Landucci

The race started and finished from the centre of Bollington and was run over a very varied terrain consisting of roads, hills, canal tow paths and with a steep finish on the cobbles.

A good turn out of 9 Helsby runners joined many other runners, including lots from Wilmslow, Tattenhall, Macclesfield and Penny Lane Striders who, like us, all had this in their club race series. We also had the company of a number of runners from the Cambridge University running club. Apparently up for a party in Rainow the previous night and clearing the hangovers with a Sunday morning race.

The results for Helsby runners:
20 Adair Broughton  –  48:47
44 Ian Landucci – 53:03
61 Jane Ashbrook – 56:05
73 Phil Gillard – 58:21
74 Dave Feakes – 58:28
93 Vanessa Griffiths – 61:55
116 Stephen McGue – 66:26
119 Andy Todd – 67:11
127 Lesley Feakes 69:31

Special mention should be made of Stephen McGue in his first race for the club. I can clearly remember only a few weeks ago running in with him after his very first club run and asking him how much running he had done previously. Only to find out that it was his first proper run. Well done Steve!

Also it was the first (hopefully of many) fell race for Dave and Lesley Feakes.

Full results on the Wilmslow running club website

Pictures from Dave Pinnington’s excellent collection of race photos.


Saunders Tour of the South Lakes

Well done to Helsby Runners Jackie Keasley, Rachel Arnold and Andy Robinson who enjoyed two days of great scenery participating in the Saunders Tour of the South Lakes. Please enjoy reading what they got up to!

This weekend over 1100 runners took part in the 31st Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon. The race has many courses of varying distance and endurance from the ‘seemingly impossible’ singles Klets down through the just slightly more possible Scafell, Bowfell  Kirk Fell, Carrock Fell, Wansfell and Beda Fell pairs classes. Helsby’s Rachel Arnold and Jackie Keasley competed in the Bowfell class along with Andy Robinson and friend Chris Vardy.

Rachel & Jackie set off at 8:30 on Saturday in pouring rain and low cloud but, as if by magic and as forecast, it soon cleared and we were off on our non-stop tour of the lakes – breakfast in Coniston, elevenses in Little Langdale, lunch in the gaze of the Scafells, afternoon tea in Eskdale and dinner at our camp at Duddon –  with the flanks of Pike O’ Blisco, Crinkle Crags, Stoney Tarn (what a beautiful unvisited spot) and Green Crag visited enroute. The next time it poured down was right at the end, but by then it just did not matter! An evening of continuous eating and chatting was spent at the stunning (and normally quiet) Turners Hill campsite before we continued on our weekend tour pulling in Harter Fell, Hard Knott Fell, Little Stand, Great Carrs, Swirl How and for the finale a comprehensive tour of the Coniston Copper Mines area!

Well done to Andy and Chris who finished 18th overall (15th age corrected) in the Bowfell class in a total time of 11hrs 57mins.

Rachel and Jackie finished 40th overall (don’t ask out of how many) in a time of 14 hrs 52mins and were delighted as they just kept going with no navigational errors – all weekend another pair of ladies kept whizzing past them as they were much faster runners, but then kept going wrong – their mini challenge was to win the tortoise and the hare race and they did!

The overall winner was Stuart Bellamy who won the Klets in a total time of 9hrs 49mins. This was in part thanks to Rachel who happened to spot him in a panic because he was late for Sunday’s chasing start and helped him quickly pack up and get off.  If you cant beat them, help them!

Many thanks to Jackie for this article.

What’s all this then?

queryI started this thing just over a month ago to get more information about the club, and the joys of running, to the outside world. The old website had gone a bit stale and its author had moved on. This is a simple way to update things, without geek skills.

As a club I think we undersell ourselves. We’re a great club, but for whatever reason that message doesn’t always get out. This is one way.

We’ve had well over 700 hits so far — a lot of websites don’t get that in a lifetime! So it looks like we’ve tapped into something.

What next?
Longer term we’ll resurrect the old helsbyrunningclub.com website and get everything integrated on one site. Baby steps though.

It’s not just my blog, it’s Helsby RC’s blog. Get involved, suggest a story, heck write a story, send me your pics, comment on the posts (click the comment button on every post, start with that one down there if you like). Andy and Adair are also admins and can add content to the site. Thoughts welcome. Over to you lot…