Arrowe Park Results Race 4 Wirral Multi-Terrain League. (and link to final results)

Please find a link to Race 4 Results of the Wirral Multi-Terrain League held at Arrowe Park 22/09/09
Helsby Positions as follows
82nd    Steve Riley          31,34
84th     Geoff Shaw          31.42
109th   Chris Hatton        33.05
This placed Helsby ‘A’ 27th of 38 teams on the night
24th    Vanessa Griffiths   34.47
39th    Jackie Keasley      37.20
48th    Betty Grieve          39.00
53rd    Janet Shaw           40.32
This placed Helsby ‘A’ team 11th from 25 teams and Helsby ‘B’ 25th on the night
Well done to everyone taking part.
However, as this was a series of 4 there are also some overall results as found on the link below:
Please take a look at these results as we had some great performances over the series.

Helsby’s Dennis the Menace at the GNR

Some words from Gareth Boyd regarding his race at the Great North Run

“Here’s a photo of me after the GNR last Sunday. Disappointed not to be running dressed as ‘a toilet’.. a new costume had to be selected and Dennis The Menace was chosen. As usual it was a warm but a really enjoyable day – the fancy dress attracted quite a lot of attention! My time was not great (1.55.12) – disappointed not to beat Gordon Ramsey.”

Congratulations to Gareth and to find out more information about this event please see the link below.

But of course it is important we get to see Gareth in his costume! 

For full details please see

dennis aka gareth boyd

A most Scenic Half Marathon – Langdale

 The  most scenic Half Marathon Road Race in England” by Jackie

Sunday saw 4 Helsby runners dash up to the lake district to run the infamously hilly Langdale Half. There’s the option of going around twice but only 96 runners managed the marathon compared to the 400+ Halfers. It’s not a course for personal bests – there are many hills  – the steepest being a 1 in 3 within a mile of the start, up and over Blea Tarn into Little Langdale. How on earth anyone can carry on around a second time and do the hills again is mind boggling! 
It was a fantastically clear and sunny day, but not too hot so ideal for running and brilliant for views. 
David Feakes       1:55:07     Still going strong at end
Jackie Keasley     1:57:21     Delighted with fastest time over last 3 years. 
Mike Hallsworth    1:57:49    First timer; legs gave in at end!
Lesley Feakes       2:16:08    Best smile at end 
1st marathoner         3:04:21
1st 1/2 marathoner    1:17:48
Mike had come up on his motorbike and headed for home very soon after finishing – he did wonder whether he would be able to get off when be got home – hope to see you at the Helsby run tomorrow! 
The rest of us sat in the sun outside the Stickle Barn, eating, drinking and listening to a live singer; punctuated by cheering the last of the Halfers and the first Marthoners. A pefect end to a great race!

Sutton 6 – From the Sidelines by Mike Searle

Guilden Sutton 10K, Sunday 20th September 2009 – Report from the sidelines!

 Due to family commitments (eldest daughter’s 14th birthday), I couldn’t run at Guilden Sutton but being local – well, Mickle Trafford, I managed to slip out for 20 minutes to cheer our Helsby runners, which also gave me a spectator’s perspective as opposed to a participant’s.

 A chaotic melee of runners warming up, chatting and generally hanging around greeted me as I attempted to drive past the start to get a good viewpoint – so I can now appreciate the problems that non-running road users experience on Sunday mornings!

 Off went the horn and first Helsby runner down the road was Ian Landucci, running well – he even had time to wave (clearly not working hard enough!). Soon afterwards came Geoff Shaw, running efficiently as always, swiftly followed by Dave Madders (looking far too relaxed!), Carol Shaw (working well), Ian Hilditch (a rare outing for Ian) and Janet Shaw (great to see her back racing after serious back problems).

 By the second lap, everyone was well strung out, with the leader a good 100 metres in front and  by this stage I could really appreciate the effort put in by leaders, mid-packers and those further down the field alike. You know, when we race, we retreat into our own little race world and you can feel that it’s just you that’s battling the elements, pace, fatigue and other runners, with everyone else on cruise control. However, having seen every single runner come past me, each one was ‘putting it in’ irrespective of their position – useful to remember for your next race!

 Whilst the sunny skies were very pleasant for your reporter, I expect by half-way, a few runners were wishing it was dull and chilly – I’m sure plenty of runners were glad it was only 10K! Despite the warm weather there were some very good performances on the day, with Ian Landucci slicing under the 40 minutes barrier and coming in first for Helsby.

Final results were:

Ian Landucci – 39:36
Geoff Shaw – 43:11
Dave Madders – 46:51
Ian Hilditch – 48:28
Carol Shaw – 49:14
Janet Shaw – 55:39

Well done to everyone and it was great to witness a race ‘from the other side’ for a change!

Mike Searle

Best wishes


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Helsby Road Race Summer Series – Final Standings

Well the results are all in and the counting has been done and the winners of the Helsby 2009 Summer Road Race Series are;

 Ladies Champion with 135 points   –  Carol Shaw

 Mens Champion with a maximum 140 points  –  Adair Broughton

 Congratulations to all 28 members of the club who competed during the series. Well done to Janet and Geoff Shaw who topped the participation charts competing in 9 and 10 races respectively.

 The full table of results can be found in the link below

  Final Standings

Race Series Trivia

 Youngest competitor – 33

 Oldest Competitor  – 67

 Most popular race – Pie and Peas with 17 runners  (encouraged by the pies no doubt)

 Least Popular Race – Warford 10 Mile (Might be more popular next year, see Best Finishing Souvenir below)

 Most Scenic Course – Lake Vyrnwy

 Best Finishing Souvenir – Specially commissioned Bottle of Real Ale at the Warford 10

 Loudest and most consistent Supporter – Joe Beswick


 A fine Sunday morning in Mickle Trafford saw 245 runners line up for the Sutton 6, which despite the name is an accurately measured 10km. In the excellent conditions the race was won by Nick Jones of Spectrum in 31:39, the 2nd fastest 10km by a Cheshire runner this year.

 The race consisted of one short lap and one long lap with a few undulations to keep it interesting.

 This race was the last in the Cheshire Grand Prix and consequently had a high turn out from many of the Cheshire clubs.

 The Helsby results were

 49  Ian Landucci     39:36

92  Geoff Shaw       43:11

129 Dave Madders  46:51

151 Ian Hilditch      48:28

159 Carol Shaw       49:14

211 Janet Shaw        55:39

Full results can be found at


With our supporter in chief not too well at present excellent encouragement was provided by Adair, Mike Searle and Andy Smith. However they have all got a long way to go to compete with Joe’s vocal support.

Wirral multis: results and final call for race 4!

Last week’s event on the 15th was another cracking evening, with a beatiful sunlit run along the beach, on a surprisingly warm evening. Lots of line choices, depending if you favoured (or endured, depending on your point of view) dry sand, wet sand, pebbles, rocks or seaweed. The return leg was much more straightforward down the Wirral Way on a pan-flat path. Two loops, probably somewhere around 5 miles in total.

82 Steve Riley 33 35:42
99 Geoff Shaw 36:53
123 Chris Hatton 39:10
131 Ian Hilditch 40:38
Team: 27/36

32 Jackie Keasley 42:06
41 Betty Grieve 44:05
50 Janet Shaw 46:51
Team: 14/21

Full results on Steve Saunders’ site.

Final call for Race 4! The last in the series is this Tuesday (22nd), Cherry Orchard, Arrowe Park, Birkenhead. Note the early-ish 6:30pm start, to maximise the daylight. Map here

Anyone that’s been before will testify to how good these events are. Don’t be concerned you’ll be last. You won’t. A real range of abilities turn out, and everyone seems to finish with a smile on their face. Don’t be concerned by a lack of offroad skills, they’re really not technical.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could field a full team for the last of the series? 3 women and 5 men — we were pretty close last week, one more bloke needed.

Get your entry pound ready…

The Sandstone Trail Race – Help Required

Thanks to Geoff Shaw for the following Information about this race

Good news on the Sandstone Trail Race. Both races are full with 190 in
each event.

Helsby Running Club has the third largest entry with 21
, the biggest Helsby entry for an individual race this year.
Tattenhall has 29 entrants with Chester Tri having 26 entrants, so well
done in getting plenty of Helsby vests on show. Mike Hallsworth has
offered to help in the marshalling so give him a wave at Bickerton
Church and at the A51 crossing. If anyone else wishes to be on route to
support the Helsby runners and can assist in marshalling then please
contact Geoff Shaw 079 19 19 19 95

More Words on Vyrnwy

Thanks to Geoff Shaw for some more words regarding the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon…

The race was again held around the scenic lake on a very warm Sunday afternoon. For a race of its size a chip system perhaps should have been used as the start was confined to a narrow lane. There was a good turn out of spectators who were principally around the start/finish area and on the dam itself, so a good cheer was received particularly on the final downhill home straight. The early running was by Mike Searle who was overtaken by Jane and Geoff after 2 miles, however cunning Mike with his perfect race strategy took off after 6 miles to be the first Helsby member home. Mike McShane looked well in finishing in his target time and was soon followed by Beverley and Richard. Post race news is that Beverley is able to walk again but rather gingerly as the pain of the race is easing.

Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon, 13 Sept 09 – welcome back!

Many thanks to Mike Searle for providing us with this article on the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon

Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon, 13 Sept 09  – welcome back!

After a year’s absence due to the sad death of long-term organizer Doug Morris, the Lake Vyrnwy half returned on Sunday and what a welcome return it was!

It’s a simple race really, 1 mile up to the dam at the lake, 11 miles clockwise around and 1 mile back down. However, that description doesn’t do it even a modicum of justice because this event is truly a gem in the calendar. Adjectives like stunning, fantastic and beautiful barely capture the incredible vista that greets you as you reach the dam, with magnificent views down the lake and an almost fairytale-esque tower on the northern shores. As you circumnavigate the reservoir, running through dappled shade (very welcome considering the temperatures), you’re rewarded with glimpses of the water and surrounding hills that even the most PB-focused of runners couldn’t fail to be impressed by.

And for those PB chasers and pot hunters, you won’t be disappointed with the course. Yes, the first mile climbs gradually uphill but thereafter it’s almost exclusively flat and downhill for the final 12.1!! So good times could be had by all!!

On the day, the Helsby contingent were concerned by the rapidly rising temperatures and with a 1pm start, we feared the worst. However, we needn’t have worried because much of the course is pleasantly shaded and three excellent water stations, providing water from ‘sports-style’ bottles, ensured dehydration wasn’t an issue.

If you don’t normally target distances as far as the 13.1, I urge you to reconsider Vyrnwy for 2010, even if you just use it as an extra long training run because the trek into Wales will be well worth your effort, I can guarantee it. For me, I’m definitely signing up for next year and all being well, I think a ‘go-from-the-gun’ strategy might be in order next time . . .

Mike Searle

Training Director

body4life health & fitness group

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