Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon, 13 Sept 09 – welcome back!

Many thanks to Mike Searle for providing us with this article on the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon

Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon, 13 Sept 09  – welcome back!

After a year’s absence due to the sad death of long-term organizer Doug Morris, the Lake Vyrnwy half returned on Sunday and what a welcome return it was!

It’s a simple race really, 1 mile up to the dam at the lake, 11 miles clockwise around and 1 mile back down. However, that description doesn’t do it even a modicum of justice because this event is truly a gem in the calendar. Adjectives like stunning, fantastic and beautiful barely capture the incredible vista that greets you as you reach the dam, with magnificent views down the lake and an almost fairytale-esque tower on the northern shores. As you circumnavigate the reservoir, running through dappled shade (very welcome considering the temperatures), you’re rewarded with glimpses of the water and surrounding hills that even the most PB-focused of runners couldn’t fail to be impressed by.

And for those PB chasers and pot hunters, you won’t be disappointed with the course. Yes, the first mile climbs gradually uphill but thereafter it’s almost exclusively flat and downhill for the final 12.1!! So good times could be had by all!!

On the day, the Helsby contingent were concerned by the rapidly rising temperatures and with a 1pm start, we feared the worst. However, we needn’t have worried because much of the course is pleasantly shaded and three excellent water stations, providing water from ‘sports-style’ bottles, ensured dehydration wasn’t an issue.

If you don’t normally target distances as far as the 13.1, I urge you to reconsider Vyrnwy for 2010, even if you just use it as an extra long training run because the trek into Wales will be well worth your effort, I can guarantee it. For me, I’m definitely signing up for next year and all being well, I think a ‘go-from-the-gun’ strategy might be in order next time . . .

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