Sutton 6 – From the Sidelines by Mike Searle

Guilden Sutton 10K, Sunday 20th September 2009 – Report from the sidelines!

 Due to family commitments (eldest daughter’s 14th birthday), I couldn’t run at Guilden Sutton but being local – well, Mickle Trafford, I managed to slip out for 20 minutes to cheer our Helsby runners, which also gave me a spectator’s perspective as opposed to a participant’s.

 A chaotic melee of runners warming up, chatting and generally hanging around greeted me as I attempted to drive past the start to get a good viewpoint – so I can now appreciate the problems that non-running road users experience on Sunday mornings!

 Off went the horn and first Helsby runner down the road was Ian Landucci, running well – he even had time to wave (clearly not working hard enough!). Soon afterwards came Geoff Shaw, running efficiently as always, swiftly followed by Dave Madders (looking far too relaxed!), Carol Shaw (working well), Ian Hilditch (a rare outing for Ian) and Janet Shaw (great to see her back racing after serious back problems).

 By the second lap, everyone was well strung out, with the leader a good 100 metres in front and  by this stage I could really appreciate the effort put in by leaders, mid-packers and those further down the field alike. You know, when we race, we retreat into our own little race world and you can feel that it’s just you that’s battling the elements, pace, fatigue and other runners, with everyone else on cruise control. However, having seen every single runner come past me, each one was ‘putting it in’ irrespective of their position – useful to remember for your next race!

 Whilst the sunny skies were very pleasant for your reporter, I expect by half-way, a few runners were wishing it was dull and chilly – I’m sure plenty of runners were glad it was only 10K! Despite the warm weather there were some very good performances on the day, with Ian Landucci slicing under the 40 minutes barrier and coming in first for Helsby.

Final results were:

Ian Landucci – 39:36
Geoff Shaw – 43:11
Dave Madders – 46:51
Ian Hilditch – 48:28
Carol Shaw – 49:14
Janet Shaw – 55:39

Well done to everyone and it was great to witness a race ‘from the other side’ for a change!

Mike Searle

Best wishes


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