Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon Results

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With a big field of 1242 runners all Helsby runners finished well within the top half ably led into the finish by Mike Searle and swiftly followed by Jane Ashbrook. Well done everyone.
For the full Lake Vyrnwy Results please visit the link here
Helsby positions and places as follows.
180th        Mike Searle            1.33.56
185th        Jane Ashbrook        1.34.15
263rd        Geoff Shaw             1.38.39
519th        Michael McShane    1.50.35
546th        Beverley Mitchell     1.52.27
547th        Richard Mitchell       1.52.27
There is only one more Road Counter in the Helsby Road Championship which is the Sutton Six on Sunday 20th September starting 11.00am. If you can’t run then why not come and support.

Race 2 Results – Wirral Multi Terrain Series

Hi all
Please find attached a link to the results for the Wirral Multi Terrain Series Race 2 held at Harrison Drive, Wallasey last Tuesday.
A direct link to Race 2 results:
and a direct link to current race standings:
A very windy, wet and cold night on the beach showed some gutsy performances from the keenest of Helsby Runners, so big thanks to Geoff, Janet and Betty on what was a difficult night to race in. Unfortunately we were down on numbers due to motorway closures and busy traffic on the night but it was quite a gallant effort by all involved.
Helsby places and positions as follows.
Mens Results
99th    Geoff Shaw        32.52
Mens Team Helsby “A” placed 34th in the team results
Ladies Results
44th    Betty Grieve       39.29
52nd   Janet Shaw        42.12
Ladies Team Helsby A placed 20th in the team results
Please note the next race in this series will be Tuesday night @ Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston Visitor Centre at the earlier time of 6.30pm (and lets hope the weather and traffic is much kinder on Tuesday night!)

Tough Race on The Ben

Tough Race on the Ben

 Saturday bought even heavier rain and stronger winds; this coupled with already sodden ground made the recipe for a gruelling race. 
A local Pipe band led the 475 runners into the start area which soon resembled a mud bath. The tannoys warned runners of bleak conditions on the summit with temperatures of minus 3 deg C and 25 mph winds. Soon the runners were off and Ian Landucci of Helsby even had time to pose for a photo before he left the field for the 9 mile  4,400 ft climb.  
The course records were both set in 1984 by Kenny & Pauline Stewart in times of 1:25:34 & 1:43:25. Yes thats up and down; starting & finishing in Fort William!    
 Last year the Spaniard Agusti Roc turned up to race the Ben for the first time. Not knowing the intricasies of the route, he tucked in behind Rob Jebb until sprinting past him in the final 100 metres to win on a hot sunny dry race day!  This year both were competing and the Spaniard was hot favourite. Conditions though were very different  and they favoured Rob from Bingley rather than Agusti from sunny Spain!.  Rob set a fast pace, given the conditions, and won in 1:32:33, some 3 minutes ahead of Danny Hope of Pudsey and 8 minutes ahead of Agusti. The Spanish lady Mirelia Miro won the ladies race in 1:56:46.        
Ian  finished  in a creditable time of 2:40:21, looking fresh and not half as muddy,bruised and cut as some.  He said that one part of the race was so steep and slippy runners were just flinging themselves down on their bums – bouncing from rock to rock!  Within minutes of finishing his back up team of family and friends produced hot steaming tea (brewed in a silver tea pot!) from the back of the car to warm him up – although I’m sure the first beer would not be long coming!
Well done Ian and hope the week’s holiday in Skye to recover is less wet & windy!
Photos of Rob, Mirelia & Ian @ the start and 1 mile from the end.

Additional Comment
Thanks for the write up Jackie it was good to get a little bit of extra Helsby support from yourself and Bill.


Having now completed my first Ben Race and thoroughly enjoyed it I would like to provide a couple of tips for anyone thinking of doing it in the future.


1. If the Announcer at the start says it’s -3C with 25mph winds on the summit and full weather gear is advised don’t start off in a Tee shirt and vest. This saves having to try putting on a jacket at about 3000 feet with numb hands in a strong wind.


2.If you adopt the fast descent approach of sliding down steep grassy slopes on your backside watch out for the rocks.




A Note of Thanks

Dear All
I just wanted to say a big thankyou to all those running club members who kindly donated unwanted/surplus running T shirts for me to take on my recent charity related trip to Uganda.  As you can see from the photos attached the recipients were delighted with their new tshirts and we left many to be distributed amongst those who barely had one set of clothing. 

Thanks too to all the ladies who donated surplus bras – we collected between 2-3000 in two weeks of receiving the request from a Ugandan lady. I had several parcels per day arriving from friends around the country and collected over 300 personally from friends. there is a photo attached of one happy lady receiving one of the bras!!
I have also attached details of another forthcoming fundraising event – similar to one held in April. We have had requests to have a similar evening as it was such a success last time. It would be great to see as many of you there as possible.  If you need tickets please let me know by email (or text on 07771 514740) as we need to know numbers for catering purpose at least a week beforehand. Jackie Keasley and Liz Dobson came last time  – so ask them for their opininons!!
Thanks again
Ps if any of you have T shirts and /or bras wich didn’t get to me before my trip it’s not to late to give them to me as the charity are hoping to send  some extra items out in a container in the near future.

Shelf Moor Fell Race Results 06/09/09

Please find attached the provisional results for the Shelf Moor Fell Race.
Great running conditions with some wind but quite tricky underfoot today. Phil Gillard with an excellent descent to make it first home for Helsby, followed by Andy Todd and Robbie Webster.
Helsby Race Positions as follows
50th    Phil Gillard            1.03.56
61st    Andy Todd            1.10.29
71st    Robbie Webster    1.25.04

Was also good to see a ‘possible’ new member to the club racing, Jim O’Hara, who I believe some of you know from years gone by.
photo links here, but they could be called action shots
The next fell counter is Sunday 11th October at Breidden Hills (AM). More details will be sent nearer the time.
For more details of future races please see the blog, and don’t forget the great Multi-Terrain series for the next three Tuesday nights in September. Details below

Royden Park multi-terrain

Please find attached a link to the full results for the first race in the multi-terrain series which was held at Royden Park, Frankby.
Well done to Steve Riley leading the charge for Helsby ably followed by Geoff Shaw in the mens section although we do need to have 5 runners to field a full mens team. Any other takers out there in what is a great series of local races?
We were able to field two ladies teams so thanks to Vanessa, Carol, Betty, Valerie and Janet who all looked to be ‘enjoying’ the course and running very well. Helsby places as follows
Mens Race Results
54th    Steve Riley    34.53
89th    Geoff Shaw    37.02
This places Helsby Mens ‘A’ team currently in 26th place.
Ladies Individual Results
24th    Vanessa Griffiths    39.45
41st    Carol Shaw            43.59
49th    Betty Grieve           44.50
54th    Valerie Ball            45.53
65th    Janet Shaw            50.17
This places Helsby Ladies ‘A’ team in 12th position and the ‘B’ team in 23rd. A great result I think.
Please note the next race is Tuesday 8th Sept Harrison Drive 7.00pm Wallasey which is a beach and trail race. Something different than the hill run to try but no need to bring your speedos!
For any other details please contact as necessary.
Thanks also to Mario for looking after runners gear at the start and to Joe for organising names and Helsby finishers results.
Lets also wish Ian Landucci the very best of luck in his weekend race scaling the heights of Ben Nevis!