Andy Todd @ Hellrunner

Andy Todd who is now an OAP (don’t worry, these are his words!) will be retiring from running with a number on.
His final race is the “Hellrunner” Delamere on Sunday 1st November at 11.00am
However, if he survives, by 3.00pm he will be in the Helter Skelter, Frodsham and invites you to join him for a drink.
I’d like to quote another Andy now because his words sum up genuinely what Andy has done for the club regarding fell running
“having largely instigated the habit within the club and pursuading the then club captain to incorporate fells  into the club championships. Without his efforts, I doubt we’d be running the fells these days and I probably wouldn’t have joined the club (it was the fells and seeing the green vests on them which brought me to Helsby in the first place).”
So if anyone fancies a drink as way of thanks to Andy or just to rib him about his efforts at Hellrunner, it’ll be great to see you there.

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