Antrobus Cabbage 10k – Results of Final Road Counter

Hi all

Final road counter was the Cabbage 10k at Antrobus, Road Race counter
final standings will follow from Ian Landucci.

A different approach to producing results so no positions attached but
times and names apply.

However Jane was 2nd lady so that is definitely worth a mention!

Full results here

Many thanks also to Joe, Mario and Ian Wetherall for roadside support.
Photos courtesy Ian Wetherall

37.03   Adair   Broughton

38.47   Ian Landucci

41.56   Jane    Ashbrook     2nd Lady

44.22   Geoff   Shaw

48.22   Jackie  Keasley

54.19   Janet   Shaw

60.06   Susan   Harrison

63.06   Sarah   Savage

NOTE: Don’t forget it’s the Borders on Sunday!