2011 long trail series

Andy Robinson has put together another list of longer trail runs for 2011. The dates and more details are in their own page over on the right menu >>. Or you can click here to go straight to them. Nice one Andy.

Mike Searle – UK Trainer of the Year finalist

For those that don’t know….

“Local Personal Trainer and bestofchester member Mike Searle has won through to the finals of the  National Fitness Awards 2010 for Personal Trainer of the Year.

The National Fitness Awards cover the entire UK and are the fitness industry ‘Oscars’ – a hugely prestigious fixture in the fitness calendar. With only 5 finalists, Mike is incredibly honoured to have received such high recognition for his work”

Good luck to Mike from everyone at Helsby Running Club!


Capenhurst border league

An almost record turnout for Helsby in recent times! 11 men and 6 women, plus Joe, Mario and dog in support. Lovely chilly morning. Two laps of the Capenhurst 5k course – a nice little route on quiet lanes. Pretty good as road runs go. Around 5.5 miles total.

29 BROUGHTON, Adair 31:09
56 LANDUCCI, Ian 32:40
105 O’HARA, Jim 34:58
106 DAVIES, Ivan 35:01
118 ASHBROOK, Jane 35:38
139 RILEY, Steve 36:33
147 HALLIWELL, Ed 36:59
168 SHAW, Geoff 37:59
194 SCONCE, Dave 39:06
228 KIDD, Tony 40:59
238 SHAW, Carol 41:42
239 GRIFFITHS, Vanessa 41:49
253 WEBSTER, Robbie 43:07
258 KEASLEY, Jackie 43:24
263 LLOYD, Graham 43:49
288 SHAW, Janet 46:46
303 HALL, Angela 50:46

Robbie took his age category prize, Jackie 3rd and Janet 2nd in theirs respectively. Newcomer Angela also placed nicely at 4th in her cat. Nice one!

Honourable mention to Ed, who lost 10 or 20 places by stopping to help the runner who tripped alongside him right at the finish line (unless it was him that stuck a foot out, that is!). Kevin Bell also appeared but for some reason wasn’t a counter.

Full results here.

Memories of winter runs with the girls

Joe Beswick

Club mainstay Joe penned these lines about winter running for us some time ago. Very appropriate for the season…

I always dread those winter nights when the hour ‘goes back’ again, the thoughts of weeks of darkness, of cold and wind and rain.

Wednesday 6:30 prompt the call we hear once more — to Trafford, Ince or Frodsham — the roads are such a bore.

However to create more interest we added Friday night and some turned out Sunday morning for one run ‘in the light’.

When we assemble at the club house for the midweek run, we usually have a good turnout and a bit of fun.

Which way, which way are we going someone shouts as we emerge, turn left and we’ll go to Frodsham, along pavement with wide grass verge.

There’s lots of idle chatter during the first half mile or so, but voices start to fade now as on and on we go.

It’s quite a mixture of running gear with track suits and lycra tights, shining like Labrador’s coats in the soft street lights.

Some decide to go back from the Netherton Arms, a sensible choice it seems, no good ‘flogging yourself to death’ and spoiling future dreams.

Some of us go on a bit, run into Frodsham Town, go up and round Kingsway’s testing slope, then Howey Lane come down.

We eventually get back to Helsby with just a mile to go, the pace is hotting up now — I could have told you so.

The last short stretch is one mad dash right to the final bend, to include a bit of speedwork all helps us in the end.

And as we finally gather, before departing for near and far, I look around at the tired but satisfied faces and think what a great bunch they are.

Clywdian hills fell counter results

Hi all – Please find attached the results for the final fell counter of 2010, the Clwydian Hills, a right toughie!

For a short write-up, some photos and a link to the full results have a look at the Welsh Fell Runners website here http://www.wfra.org.uk/

Helsby positions as follows:

47th Adair Broughton 91:02
60th Jim O’Hara 94:37
61st Ian Landucci 94:43
104th Jane Ashbrook 102:26
164th Robbie Webster 155:10


Well done to everyone who took part in the series over the year.

XC Results Northwest League @ Clarke Gardens

Hi – Please find attached results for the 2nd XC of the season, last Sunday’s Northwest Cross Country at Clarke Gardens. Four Helsby runners turned out and positions below.

11th Adair Broughton

32nd Ian Landucci

66th Steve Riley

102nd Andy Smith

This unfortunately put us in last place of the men’s league. No ladies turned out so no team score there. Full results here http://www.btinternet.com/~steve.saunders/ss/xcountry_10.htm

Courtesy of Mick Charman and Dave Pinnington, some photos of the event

Plenty more XC’s left in the season if anyone would like to participate, great runs and free! A quick reminder for anyone wishing to do the Sefton Park Cross Country, as it is a chip timed event I’ll need names, DOB and category by the end of this week.

Best, Adair

L&D XC Race 1 Results & Info on Sefton Park Race


First Liverpool & District cross country of the season at Arrowe Park, 3 laps anti-clockwise approx 6 miles, often wet underfoot but definitely not as muddy or as wet as it can be later in the season

Link to results here


Only one runner for Helsby though so no team score

36th    Adair Broughton    36.23

However, the next Liverpool & District XC Saturday 27th November, Sefton Park 2.00pm will be a chip timed event so I will need details from anyone wishing to run this particular XC event.

Details here


It was stressed at the start of the Arrowe Park race that there is a cost involved in this so have been asked to submit names of the people most likely to run the event rather than provide a complete list of names.

This is a great event and one of the few races where you will be running against some of the best in the country so worth soaking up the atmosphere, the race does cater for all abilities.

So, if interested, just let me know name, category and DOB and i’ll make sure the ‘chips’ are sorted for us on the day.

Website requests names before 14th November so by 12th November to me will be great.

Look forward to hearing from some of you, and if you haven’t tried a XC before this would be something to savour!