Northwest XC Race 3 Results – Arrowe Park

Hi – Please find attached a link to the latest results in the Northwest XC series, Race 3, held @ Arrowe Park 5th December

It was a wind free and cloudless blue sky for those attempting the run and almost felt ‘warm’ after thirty plus minutes of running on the one small lap and two large lap 4.54m course; however conditions underfoot were quite tough due to hard ground, ice and frost in places. Spikes or fell shoes definitely the order of the day.

The main field was sparkling white when we arrived but the grass did appear in places once the sun had breached the trees.

Four from Helsby decided to put their names on the team sheet and positions attached.


11th Adair Broughton

58th Phil Gillard

85th Andy Smith


11th Janet Robertson

Helsby Men currently in 9th place and Ladies in 8th.

The next XC race in the Northwest League is 16th January, Town Park nr Runcorn.


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