Running economy dissertation

Hi all – If anyone would like to help out on a research dissertation regarding running economy please contact Oliver at the email below for further information

Dear runner,

You have been invited, as a known runner to take part in an (3rd year university dissertation) investigation into factors affecting running economy in distance runners. The investigation will involve a single testing session, lasting approximately 1 hour and is conducted at the Manchester Metropolitan University (Crewe campus, CW1 5DU) .

Testing can be conducted up to 9pm. The test: Running for 9 minutes total on a treadmill at a sub maximal pace, expired gas samples will be collected and a video recording of the test will be done.

If you would like to be a participant in the investigation or would like more information please contact myself via:  Email or Phone: 07975771953 (text or call). Many thanks, Oliver Park (3rd year BSc Sport and exercise science)

Above is a link to where anyone who is interested can book a lot. Please could anyone email to confirm though. The purpose of the study is to:

i) Investigate why one persons running economy is different to another.

ii) Provide recommendations for improving running economy.

Running Economy: is the metabolic cost of running, that is, how much Oxygen is required to run at a given pace. If one person has a better running economy than another person (all else being equal) that person will either be able to run for longer at the same pace, or run at a faster pace for the same distance.

Club handicap 26th

We missed the traditional Xmas club handicap in December because of the weather. We’ll have earned some light relief after the Shell Four Village Half Marathon this weekend, so the postponed handicap will be this Wednesday (26), instead of the regular club run.

It’s ‘bring a prize, recieve a prize’ – so bring along a small (surprise?) gift costing about a fiver. Put it on the table with the others after the race, then when your name is called out in the results pick a prize from the collection.