Running economy dissertation

Hi all – If anyone would like to help out on a research dissertation regarding running economy please contact Oliver at the email below for further information

Dear runner,

You have been invited, as a known runner to take part in an (3rd year university dissertation) investigation into factors affecting running economy in distance runners. The investigation will involve a single testing session, lasting approximately 1 hour and is conducted at the Manchester Metropolitan University (Crewe campus, CW1 5DU) .

Testing can be conducted up to 9pm. The test: Running for 9 minutes total on a treadmill at a sub maximal pace, expired gas samples will be collected and a video recording of the test will be done.

If you would like to be a participant in the investigation or would like more information please contact myself via:  Email or Phone: 07975771953 (text or call). Many thanks, Oliver Park (3rd year BSc Sport and exercise science)

Above is a link to where anyone who is interested can book a lot. Please could anyone email to confirm though. The purpose of the study is to:

i) Investigate why one persons running economy is different to another.

ii) Provide recommendations for improving running economy.

Running Economy: is the metabolic cost of running, that is, how much Oxygen is required to run at a given pace. If one person has a better running economy than another person (all else being equal) that person will either be able to run for longer at the same pace, or run at a faster pace for the same distance.

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