Run the bridge 5mile results – road counter 2

Hi all

Please find attached the preliminary results for the 2nd Helsby Road Race counter, Run the Bridge 5 Mile, held on Sunday 24th April.

An earlier start than most races at 9.30am but still warm and it was a bit of a novelty running over the bridge faster than most cars appear to cross it at key times of the day, as well as being in a race with more traffic cones than participants!

However, with it being a Cheshire GP event, there was a bigger field than previous years, somewhere just over 900. Keep checking the Cheshire GP results here to see how you did. Helsby runners will be automatically entered into the GP series so it is also quite interesting to have a look at the handicap results also which can be a good indicator of improvement. The link for the Cheshire GP series is below

Official results for the race should appear here but for now I’ve taken the preliminary results from an email sent by the organisers. Just let me know if you want me to forward the pdf file sent.

Helsby positions and times as below, please do let me know if I’ve happened to miss anyone.

28th         Adair Broughton              28.53
122nd      Gareth Boyd                       33.39
166th      Geoff Shaw                           34.57
230th      Carol Shaw                          37.09
321st       Alison Meakin                    39.45
402nd      Kay Pirali                            41.35
404th      Nesta Hawker                    41.41
490th      Janet Shaw                         43.38

This meant the Helsby Men’s team were 10th overall, and Helsby Ladies 7th so well done to everyone who took part.

Photos of the race courtesy of Dave Pinnington, who was also running!

Thanks also to Mario for support at the finish at Hale Village



Final border league race wed 27th april – wrexham ind estate 7pm

Hi all

Wednesday 27th April sees the final Border League Race of the 2010/2011 season.

This is a shorter and flatter course than the other Border League races at just over 6km

Please note the assumed start time is 7.00pm so for those wishing to car share I’d suggest meeting at the club at 6pm

Further (although not much) information can be found on the Border League website here

POSTCODE for directions is given as LL13 9RG but parking, start and finish is where the Half Marathon, or Helena Tipping 10ks go from, at the Clubhouse. There will be drinks and prizegiving available after the race for those that wish to stay.

Directions to the Clubhouse/Parking are here:

Will be great to see as many of you as can make it



Coniston 14 race report

Coniston 14, Saturday 9th April 2011

Report by Dave Feakes

The Coniston 14 is probably the most beautiful road race in Britain. Each year it attracts some 1600 runners and this year Helsby Running Club were represented by Jackie Keasley, Lesley Feakes and David Feakes.

For next year’s entry please see

The hilly route usually follows the 13.875 miles of road that circles Coniston water however, due to the flood damage to the bridge at the southern end of the lake, the route has been extended to 17 miles for the last couple of years.

The Lake Districted provided a wonderful sunny day for the event with temperatures above 20 degrees C.

All 3 Helsby runners had a good race, especially Jackie, who demonstrated that all her training miles are paying off.

Helsby positions and times are given below:

303rd     Jackie Keasley             02:23:50

418th     David Feakes                 02:30:07

749th     Lesley Feakes               02:47:06

Full results and other details here

Photo post-race here… (Somehow they look far too fresh for this to be post-race ! :d)

Smiles all round

Llantisilio fell counter results

Please find attached the results for Race 1 of the Helsby Summer Fell Series, the Llantisilio Mountain Race nr Llangollen.

This race at 6.2 Miles and 2100ft is set in some brilliant scenery and fairly unforgiving on what was a hot April Saturday. With over 90 runners on the start line including five green vests, soon the smiles and banter quickly turned into grimaces of intent as the race begins with a steady ascent that can quickly turn into a climb. Just check out the video linked below.

For pictures and video please see Pete Douglas’s brilliant site here

Full results are available from the Welsh fell runners site or from the Tattenhall site

Helsby positions and times as below

16th         Adair Broughton               61.34

23rd        Jim O’Hara                          65.00

59th         Phil Gillard                           74.18

78th         Chris Hatton                       82.18

90th         Robbie Webster               103.17


More pictures of the ascent and descent from Alastair here

 – – – – – – – – –

Race 2 in the fell counter series is the Dinas Bran (AS) race which in the past has been a club favourite.  

Dinas Bran is located in Llangollen and will be held on Wednesday 4th May @6.45pm. Register on the night at Dinas Bran School, Llangollen. (More details will be sent nearer the time)

For those wishing to experience their first fell race this would be a sensible and intriguing first encounter! The race is 4.3mile and 1150ft so would be a great introduction to fell running. Race entry fee is just £4 and includes refreshments and prizes.



Sandstone trail – 9th April

Sandstone challenge – 9th April

The day dawned sunny and clear, not a cloud in sight. The hottest day of the year so far.  A good day for heading to the beach or alternatively to Whitchurch for a 34 mile trail run.

Just time for a picture for the charity, then off we go

Nice easy running for the first 3.5 miles following the Llangollen canal. Plenty of Good Mornings to the friendly folk on the canal boats as they passed through the locks at Grindley Brook. This part is definitely the quickest the GPS told me that I had broken 7 minutes for the only time on the run.

Willey Moor Lock Tavern is looking very inviting, the tables and chairs being set out for the customers to enjoy a leisurely pint whilst watching the barges pass. Before temptation becomes too much the trail takes a sharp left over the fields.

The next section of the trail is probably the most dangerous. I survive the first hazard by remembering to take the short diversion round the paddock containing the man eating llama. Then I sneak through the farm where rumour has it the occupant is not always friendly to people crossing his land. Luckily no sign of farmer or his dogs.

First and only Swallow of the day was perched on the telephone wires just after the Cheshire Wildlife head quarters at Bickley Hall farm which seemed an appropriate place for it.

Running going well on the very firm ground. Only muddy part of the whole trail was caused by a leaking pipe near a cattle trough. I keep going subsisting on my gourmet trail runners diet of new potatoes, High 5 Gels and copious amounts of water.

Next landmark is Michael Owens racehorse stables at Manor House Farm. No sign of the great man, suspect he may be at Aintree. Plenty of racehorses about though.

Not long after this it’s on to the hills at Bickerton, skirting round the wood then heading upwards to Maiden Castle. First of many cracking views across the Cheshire plain out towards the Welsh border.

On familiar territory now having done the longish Sandstone trail race several times. Really enjoying the running with the hills providing a welcoming breeze preventing overheating.

Drop down from Bickerton only to head straight back up to Rawhead, the highest point on the trail, don’t stop to take in the superb views but keep on running. Then it’s down from Rawhead across the fields and up over Bulkeley hill. Several big parties of walkers out enjoying the excellent day. Queuing behind one party there is mention of the Pheasant at Burwardsley. This excellent hostelry is only a short distance down the road, but like the last pub the trail turns off before temptation becomes too great.

Heading down the track towards Beeston Castle I make a quick call to ensure the support team are in place with supplies. They make a welcome site when I arrive there 10 minutes later.

Waving to the support crew at Beeston Castle.

Lunch consists of a banana, some Jaffa Cakes, a lot of water and a very welcome 5 minute rest to eat them.

Things going well so far. The half way point has been reached in a shade over 2 hours 30 Minutes and I’m still feeling good. Remind myself this is the easy part, just a long Sunday morning run really and the hard bit is yet to come.

And it’s off again

Steady progress is made across the fields North of Beeston despite getting a bit of stitch for the first few miles.  Now I’m back down to the Cheshire plains the temperature is warming up. Luckily I have that most useful of items a 30th Anniversary Four Villages Buff to prevent sunburn.

Things are getting tougher as I hit the hills again heading up towards Rock Farm and the pace is definitely slowing. Meet a group of lads on the Cheshire hike resting at the top of the first hill and they are well impressed by the fact that I ran up the hill. Even more impressed when I mention that I started the run in Whitchurch. Encouraged by their support I head on up the hill beyond Rock Farm. A steady plod for the next few miles sees me approaching Delamere Forest. Another quick call to the support crew to check they have made it to Barnes Bridge Gate Car Park. Unfortunately due to a slight miscalculation on time they aren’t there yet, but luckily they are not far away and make it just in time. More water is taken on board but don’t feel like food this time.

By coincidence this point is pretty much equivalent to a full marathon in distance. Happy to have got to this point in 4 Hours 10 Minutes. Legs starting to seize up now so after a very short rest head off before they do.

Now things start to get tough, pace drops to a very steady plod but keep running. Next rendezvous with support crew at Manley School.

Keep on trucking

Grab some more water and keep going.

Down the road at Simmonds hill then back to the fields. Pace dropping further and already looking forward to the next rendezvous at the Ridgeway. It’s only at this point that you realise how valuable support from a friendly face or two keeps you going.

Suddenly I am surprised and exceptionally pleased to spot a very familiar figure with a Baseball cap running towards me. Adair after completing the Llantysilio fell race only an hour or two earlier has come out to find me on the trail. He then proves invaluable running with me and giving me lots of words of encouragement.

Support just when it was most needed

Then follows what was for me to be the hardest section of the run, the trail up Woodhouse Hill. It feels like someone has added an extra couple of miles to this bit. Will the top never arrive? Eventually it does and start to follow the ridge towards Frodsham. Get asked how far I’ve come by a couple of walkers as I stagger up the steps at Jacob’s ladder and when I tell them they give me some words of encouragement. Every little bit helps at this stage.

Heading onwards being careful to look out for tree roots as I’m getting very tired now.  Looking ahead I spot the last climb before Frodsham memorial and what a bonus I get here. The Club’s number one supporter is waiting to meet me. I shouldn’t be surprised that Joe has turned up to make sure I get to the finish.

As I crest the hill and start the descent into Frodsham I realise that someone is starting to catch me up and on turning the corner at the first zig zag I realise that Joe is running down the hill. This inspires me to keep the pace up so I don’t get passed by a “super vet”.

Hit the road section in Frodsham and although tired I know I’m nearly there. Somehow this knowledge helps my pace increase slightly. As I drop down past the Church. The high Street is looming ahead and when I reach it Adair leaves me to head back up the hill to Joe.

Only a few yards to go now. The town seems quiet; perhaps they are all watching the Grand National. Across the main Road, dodging the shoppers. Narrowly avoid a car turning into Morrison’s and there in front of me is the Bears Paw.

Lights are in my favour so straight across and touch the Sandstone Pillar in 5 Hours 37 Minutes. Tired but Happy


The following day

Still tired but recovering well, legs not too stiff yet, maybe tomorrow.

Very pleased to have done it in under 6 hours, not quite as fast as Chris or Adair but not far off. But I am in awe of the time Mario did on the old fire station race route, 4 hours 20 minutes.

Looking forward to marshalling the race on 21st May, I will certainly have respect for all those competing.

Many Thanks for their excellent support to the Support Crew; Deb, Emily, Beth, Sam, Ben, Adair and Joe

Ian L

Chester spring 5 – provisional results

Chester spring 5 provisional results are now online here:

25th                  29:34 BROUGHTON, Adair

43rd                  31:03 LANDUCCI, Ian Edward

113th                34:29 ASHBROOK, Jane E

128th                35:11 BOYD, Gareth

144th                35:52 SHAW, Geoff

180th                37:26 ROBERTSON, Janet

185th                37:40 SHAW, Carol

238th                40:11 KEASLEY, Jacqueline

268th                41:33 MEAKIN, Alison

304th                43:55 SHAW, Janet

308th                44:24 HAWKER, Nesta

314th                44:38 PIRALI, Kay

Monday night track training

Track training can now begin in earnest!

Joe has kindly been to check the track and has let us know he will begin the Monday night track training sessions from 11th April at 7.00pm Helsby High School.

Everyone is welcome of all abilities, sessions last about half an hour

More details to follow

Steph Charman champ of cheshire!

Just a quick Big Up for Steph Charman, ex of this parish, whom many of you will know. She came away from the Cloud 9 fell race (and Cheshire Championship race) with her age category. Well done Steph!

And looking at the results, Mick Charman has also made a return to racing! Go well Mick.

Monday hill training

Andy Robinson writes to let us know about a new service from the club for slackers, part-timers, the retired and the non-gainfully employed[1] …the Monday morning hill session.

The format is simple: Monday mornings, 9:30, at the corner of the woods above the Ring o’ Bells, Overton (Frodsham).  Look for Middle Walk on the map, just off Bellemonte Road.

All we do is run up and down the Sandstone Trail zig-zags to the monument & back. It’s 60 metres of climbing per rep, and very good training for fell races. Contact me, Jackie or Janet beforehand to check who’s likely to be there.

As Andy says, it’s great training for the fells and equally good for anyone wanting to add a bit of leg strength. This kind of thing has been called speedwork in disguise by some coaches. Ideal for all abilities, you’re guaranteed to benefit however many you do or however fast you feel like going.  Good for a mixed group, you’ll find yourself doing your own thing and exchanging sympathetic glances as you pass each other on the way up and down, doing their own thing.


[1] just jealous because until recently I was in that group and able to enjoy the joys of the daytime session.

Birchwood north west xc race 6 results

Hi all

Please find attached the ‘belated’ results for the 6th and final race of the North West Cross Country League which was held at Birchwood 5th March 2011. Helsby positions as follows.

9th Adair Broughton
47th Steve Riley
51st Phil Gillard
54th Gareth Boyd
58th Andy Smith

7th Janet Robertson
12th Rachel Arnold

Full Results can be found on Steve Saunders website here:

Just a reminder that the Thurstaston Summer Multi-terrain Challenge takes place on the 10th May details can be found at under Multi-terrain. This is a great event taking in roughly six miles of the Wirral Country Park with varied terrain of beach, trail and woodland.