Sandstone trail challenge

Wow, what a great success! Proper write up soon, but for now it’s enough to say the event ran really smoothly and if the number of smiles at the end says anything, was one of the best of it’s kind.

Full results

Loads of pictures starting to appear here:

Adair came in for the home team first, with a truly stunning time of 4h 33. Nice one!

Adair, still full of beans at Checkpoint 2

Looking slightly more tired 3 hours later...

7 thoughts on “Sandstone trail challenge

  1. Sounds like a great day out, and well done adair, need to get myself back over to north wales for some racing soon

    • will do matey, havent got ur number any more though cos i broke my phone, am planning on an extended stay back in liverpool once I fiish uni (june 17th) so will see you all soon

    • cool mate, a bit of local fame now :>, I still have the same number, I might be able to do the race on monday if I can get some work shifted, are you doing Idris this year?

      • Hi Danny

        No Cader Idris for me this year as have a bit of stuff on Sat, tis a cracker though, be quite tough this weekend with the weather but well worth a shot. Just gonna do the short and sharp this weekend as legs prob not upto much still. This is my moby 07821079359

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