Summer hill handicap june 2011

Many thanks to Phil for having the vision to get this thing going, thanks also to Richard and Bev for the feast afterwards. And also to everyone else who helped out marshalling, taking pics, etc.

Congratulations to Lesley for a triumphal run!

Report from Phil below

Generally we all know our position in a race, we line up with the people of the same pace and end up having a few battles but those of us at the back never see what’s going on at the front and vice-versa.Handicaps are different

The fast ones who start last are not used to going through the field like butter (unless of course they turn up late) and the less fast of us who start off first are not used to the special feeling of finding the route and being chased…………and so it turned out on Wednesday 29th June, the date of the Helsby Running club summer handicap.
The event started off with Jackie marking out the course in the afternoon, Helen and her team of marshals meeting in the quarry car park and walking to their positions and, of course, all the runners meeting at the club at 18:30. The race starts off with a steep climb so the short run from the club to the quarry acts as a good opportunity to warm up, especially those calf muscles which can go twang and mean the end of your summer running.
Instructions were given and the first two runners; Betty and Lesley set off to thunderous applause, isn’t it funny how long a minute can seem when you see your fellow competitors sprint off into the distance, you want to chase them down but are held back by the seconds slowly slowly ticking away. Despite much creeping over the start line, all the runners set off safely.
As a spectator one of the advantages of a 2 lap course is the ability to see the race develop, after the first lap it was clear that Lesley and Betty had spent most of the year running well within themselves in order to get an advantageous handicap – they were streets ahead of the rest. However there were a few middle packers and faster runners who were looking useful.
The finishing straight along Middle Walk is thick with foliage and the first sign of our winner was a flash of fluorescent orange shirt streaming through the leaves like the first ray of sunshine of a summer’s dawn, followed by Betty’s beaming smile with Ivan rushing home next with the urgency of an expectant father.
A quick jog back to the club and showers were followed by a feast prepared by Bev and Richard and the summer handicap was over for another year
    Handicap time   Actual time  
Name Position Minutes Seconds Minutes Seconds
Lesley Feakes 1 25 53 25 53
Betty 2 27 24 27 24
Ivan Davies 3 27 32 20 32
Gareth Boyd 4 27 48 20 48
Dave Feakes 5 28 12 23 12
Colin 6 28 19 21 19
Jane Ashbrook 7 28 21 21 21
Mike Searle 8 28 27 22 27
Nester 9 28 35 26 35
Paul Potts 10 28 48 21 48
Steve Riley 11 29 1 22 1
Roy Gaskill 12 29 8 22 8
Albert Berry 13 29 25 23 25
Fran Wood 14 29 31 27 31
Mike Hallsworth 15 29 45 27 45
Ian Landucci 16 29 48 20 48
Adrian Jackson 17 29 57 24 57
Andy Smith 18 30 5 24 5
Vanessa Griffiths 19 30 12 24 12
Janet Robertson 20 30 21 24 21
Chris Igoe 21 30 41 25 41
Jackie 22 31 20 27 20
Graham Lloyd 23 32 58 27 58
John Thompson 24 33 50 28 50
Kevin Bell 25 38 30 36 30

Lymm 5k results 2011

Hi all

Please find attached results for the Lymm 5k Helsby road counter Saturday 25th June

It appears only Helsby runners with the surname Shaw were allowed to participate in this event

Helsby positions and times below

116th      Geoff Shaw                        21.35
137th      Carol Shaw                          22.21
221st       Janet Shaw                         26.08

It should also be mentioned that Joe was out once again supporting this race, so possibly a Helsby Supporters record by Joe as he was also out supporting (and marshalling on some) at races Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then taking track on Monday!

NOTE: The next race in the Helsby Road series is at 11.00am Sunday 3rd  July. This is the Penny Lane 10k

More details can be found here:



Tattenhall tough team challenge 2011 results

Hi all

Please find attached results for the club favourite Tattenhall Tough Team Challenge. The results have not yet appeared on the website but should soon be updated and available here at the link below. Results can already be found as an excel attachment on the forum.

A great turnout of the green vest with 20 Helsby runners participating, with everyone smiling and full of effort despite the constant rain of the evening

Making light work of the dreaded ‘Railway’ and performance of the night were the winning Vets ladies team ‘Helsby over the Hillers’ which consisted of Jackie, Janet and Vanessa.

It was great to see all Helsby teams sticking together throughout the race and for Joe, Mario, Phil and Helen offering support on the night.

Helsby Teams positions and times below.

6th           Hells B Team                      (Adair, Chris & Ian)                       63.15
20th         Clamps Warriors               (Ivan, Dave & Gareth)                 71.37
21st         Done em All                       (Albert, Paul & Mike)                    72.12
26th         Cream of Helsby               (Andy, Jimmy, Dave)                      74.25
39th         Helsby over the Hillers   (Jackie, Janet, Vanessa)                 81.15
44th         Tattenby                              (Graham,  Lesley, Guest)              84.08
45th         Hellsay                                  (John, Chris, Colin)                      84.49



Moel y Gamelin

I think most who turned up here had done it before, which is curious really because you’d think knowing what was coming up would be a severe disincentive to coming back. Always a tough race with around 2400′ of climbing spread across 5 or more tops and 9.5 miles. The Llantysilio ridge is a real roller-coaster, no sooner is one climb over than you’re straight into a steep descent, and some of us at least found it hard to get into a rhythm.

The day was blessed with very warm weather, as it has been for the last few years, making the added water stops at the two road crossings very welcome. Helsby presences from Adair, Chris BH, Jim, Steve, Phil, Andy S & Jackie, with the usual high quality marshalling and vocal support from Joe. Good to see Robbie out as well doing his own thing earlier in the day, missing the worst of the heat.

13 1.25.58 Adair Broughton
21 1.32.00 Chris Baynham-Hughes
39 1.39.24 Jim O’Hara
56 1.46.00 Steve Riley
81 1.58.06 Phil Gillard
87 2.04.22 Andy Smith
91 2.11.07 Jackie Keasley

Full results over at

Put it in your diary for next year. And if I haven’t sold it you, put the date in anyway for a long weekend away elsewhere, for the guaranteed weather.

Warrington 10k results thursday 23rd june 2011

Please find attached results for the recent Warrington 10k

Five out for Helsby with new members Jayne and John (who are both clearly benefitting from Joe’s Monday night track sessions) having great runs. Geoff Shaw leading the Helsby charge;

Helsby positions and places as follows

105th      Geoff Shaw                        44.40

123rd      Jayne Joy                             46.13

128th      Carol Shaw                          46.44

150th      John Thompson                48.37

196th      Janet Shaw                         53.20

Well done to those taking part and for Joe supporting on the night



Can’t swim, can’t ride, can’t run

Author Andy Holgate has been in touch:

Hi – I’ll be appearing this Saturday 25th June at Waterstones in Liverpool One signing copies of my best selling triathlon book “Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run”

The book tells my story of how I went from a 19 stone couch potato to completing my first Ironman race as part of my stag weekend. I was only ever supposed to do one sprint triathlon but I got hooked.

My book has had rave reviews from around the world, described as both funny and inspirational by 220 Magazine and Triathletes World Magazine.

I’m quite excited to be doing a signing in my adopted city, as I married a Liverpool lass and spend quite a lot of time there. I’ve competed in various races such as the Half marathon, Sefton Park 5 Miler, Waterloo 15k, Penny Lane Striders 10k.

I just thought my story might be of interest to your club members.

Andy Holgate
Author : Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run : My Triathlon journey from Common Man to Ironman.

Helsby summer series current standings

Now that the summer series for both the roads and fells is well under way I thought it was about time that I provided an update.

We have already had 5 races in the road series, but for those who haven’t done one yet there are still plenty more to have a go at. Next race is the Lymm 5k this weekend.

Roads 20th June 2011

This year the clubs biggest turn outs have been in the fell series and it looks likethe placings will be hotly contested.  Similarly to the road series 5 races have taken place and 7 remain. The next event is Moel-Y-Gamelin this Sunday.

Fells 20th June 2011


Dunham massey 5k results 17th June 2011

Hi all

Five Helsby vests out for the Friday night 5k at Dunham Massey 17th June 2011, with Geoff Shaw leading the charge

Dunham Massey Full Results can be found at the link below

Helsby Position and times as follows


86th         Geoff SHAW                      21.04

106th      Janet ROBERTSON           21.56

116th      Carol SHAW                        22.18

151st       Liz DOBSON                        24.41

163rd      Janet SHAW                       25.56


Well done to all taking part



White bear way, Adlington — long trail series

Ed Halliwell writes:

White Bear Way, Adlington (21m)

This was a Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) event, organised by the local Scout troop.  40 people (17 runners and 23 walkers) were taking on a pretty flat 10 mile route, while 86 people (12 runners and 74 walkers) went for the full 21 miles.

The route started in the village of Adlington, then south along a canal for a short while before heading across country to the bottom of Rivington Reservoir.  The route involved a diversion to see “The Castle” by the Reservoir, and to ensure no-one missed it out the distance between checkpoint 1 and checkpoint 2 was around 700m, a record short distance perhaps?

To this point the route was pretty flat, but from here started to head up Winter Hill, but the route chosen was a very runnable one, and it was a surprise to turn around about 2/3s of the way up and see how much height had been fairly easily attained.  Up to the top of Winter Hill you were overtaking the walkers quite regularly, who start up to an hour earlier.  This is nice for several reasons: it’s nice to say hello; it’s nice to have targets to chase down; and it’s nice to know you’re still heading the right way!

The descent of Winter Hill is down the steeper side, which was fun, and was followed by several miles of mostly gentle downhill to the reservoir.  It felt surprising to only really have first glimpses of the reservoir around this stage, having spent a couple of hours running around it.  There was also a 1km section around the ‘tourist’ path round the reservoir, which almost felt too pleasant to be part of a run like this.

After the reservoir came the last little uphill section over Healey Nab (thankfully devoid of mountain bikers) before a few more miles across fields back to the canal.  Then followed around a couple of miles along the canal, which dragged a little by that stage, but at least didn’t require any navigation from a tired mind.

Hot pot, trifle (sadly lacking Sherry) and plenty of tea and cake awaited at the finish, alongwith a certificate, badge and a very warm welcome.

Anyone who hasn’t tried an LDWA event would be encouraged to try this one next year (or the similar Beacon Bash in February, weather not guaranteed!).  It’s all runnable and gets you round a variety of terrain without being overly onerous on the ascent, and the Scout Troop and helpers do their best to make you enjoy the day as much as possible.  The lack of a full-on competitive feel about the LDWA events makes for an enjoyable and relaxed run.  Having said there isn’t a full-on competitive feel about it, this was of course a club counter in the long trail series, and a LAMM-weakened Andy Robinson was proved beatable so for once relinquished his near-mandatory 20 points:

Edward Halliwell 20 points (2nd overall)

Andy Robinson 19 points (4th overall)

Mersey tunnel 10 results 2011

Hi all

Two Helsby runners out at last weekends Mersey Tunnel 10k which had a large field of over 2800 runners

Tunnel 10k race information here

Full results here

Helsby position and times as below

880th      Christoper Igoe                 49.35

974th      John Gallon                        50.24

Well done

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