Lymm 5k results 2011

Hi all

Please find attached results for the Lymm 5k Helsby road counter Saturday 25th June

It appears only Helsby runners with the surname Shaw were allowed to participate in this event

Helsby positions and times below

116th      Geoff Shaw                        21.35
137th      Carol Shaw                          22.21
221st       Janet Shaw                         26.08

It should also be mentioned that Joe was out once again supporting this race, so possibly a Helsby Supporters record by Joe as he was also out supporting (and marshalling on some) at races Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then taking track on Monday!

NOTE: The next race in the Helsby Road series is at 11.00am Sunday 3rd  July. This is the Penny Lane 10k

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Tattenhall tough team challenge 2011 results

Hi all

Please find attached results for the club favourite Tattenhall Tough Team Challenge. The results have not yet appeared on the website but should soon be updated and available here at the link below. Results can already be found as an excel attachment on the forum.

A great turnout of the green vest with 20 Helsby runners participating, with everyone smiling and full of effort despite the constant rain of the evening

Making light work of the dreaded ‘Railway’ and performance of the night were the winning Vets ladies team ‘Helsby over the Hillers’ which consisted of Jackie, Janet and Vanessa.

It was great to see all Helsby teams sticking together throughout the race and for Joe, Mario, Phil and Helen offering support on the night.

Helsby Teams positions and times below.

6th           Hells B Team                      (Adair, Chris & Ian)                       63.15
20th         Clamps Warriors               (Ivan, Dave & Gareth)                 71.37
21st         Done em All                       (Albert, Paul & Mike)                    72.12
26th         Cream of Helsby               (Andy, Jimmy, Dave)                      74.25
39th         Helsby over the Hillers   (Jackie, Janet, Vanessa)                 81.15
44th         Tattenby                              (Graham,  Lesley, Guest)              84.08
45th         Hellsay                                  (John, Chris, Colin)                      84.49