Pie and Peas 5m road counter results, wed 4th aug 2011

Hi all

Please find attached a link to the provisional results for the Helsby Road Counter Pie and Peas 5, Wed 4th August 2011


A list of prize winners on the night can be found on the Vale Royal website here


With our best road showing to date this year of 14 green vests, an enjoyable evening on a modified course with some very commendable performances, highlight with Albert Berry once again 1st in his age category in what was a very competitive Cheshire field.

Thanks also to Joe and Steph for on course support

Helsby positions and times as follows

26th         Adair Broughton              30.15
59th         Ian Landucci                     32.53
85th         Jane Ashbrook                  34.32
97th         Gareth Boyd                      35.21
104th      Albert Berry                       35.58     1ST in age category
113th      Geoff Shaw                          36.37
137th      Adrian Jackson                  37.58
149th      Vanessa Griffiths               38.34
152nd      Carol Shaw                          38.42
170th      Christoper Igoe                  39.47
198th      Michael McShane             42.04
201st       Jackie Keasley                   42.31
204th      John Gallon                        42.50
228th      Janet Shaw                         45.27



Steve Mitchell at the AAA world trials

Great to see Steve in action at the 1500m worlds trials in Birmingham this weekend. Last time I saw him was whilst doing hill reps on Frodsham Hill (hill of champions that, eh Andy?). I had to do a double take when they panned along the line up and there he was. It’s easy to forget what a talent Steve (Richard Mitchell’s son), still an under 23, is still improving and looking to get under the magic 4 minutes for the mile before too long. Steve ran strongly with the lead pack for the race and came in 4th behind the fast-improving James Shane.

Ok, so he runs for Bristol and West and formerly with Vale Royal as a youth, but if there’s any reflected glory, little old Helsby RC is happy to bask in it. He’s been known to show his strength with a ridiculously fast club handicap time and memorably turned out for the Eyri borders league in 2009, a rare win for Helsby in recent times! Of course, going further back Helsby had numerous individual winners & were also team winners  on many occasions [thanks for the reminder Mario].

Steve Riley

New compression wear supplier

I know some of you have been experimenting with compression wear – socks, shorts, etc. These have started to gain more widespread popularity recently, but the cost has often been steep, so this email received recently looks interesting…

RedVenom.co.uk Ltd are the newest company to launch into the compression market.  Based in the NE our high quality garments are offered at exceptional prices. By cutting out middle men and not wasting money on unnecessary packaging RedVenom can rival the market leaders quality at a third of their price.

RedVenom currently has 9 products:
•        Compression Tights – £19.99
•        Long Sleeve compression top – £19.99
•        Compression Shorts – £14.99
•        Short Sleeve Compression top – £14.99
•        Graduated compression socks – £9.99
•        Graduated Compression Calf Guards – £9.99
•        Lycra Calf Guards – £8.99
•        Number Belts – £3.00
•        Elastic Laces – £3.00

More at www.redvenom.co.uk
or email us on info@redvenom.co.uk

Tony Weed