Ponderosa helsby fell counter 11 results 10th aug 2011

Hi all

Please find attached results for the recent Ponderosa Hilly 4 Mile Helsby Fell Counter


A wet and windy night at the Ponderosa did not deter the Helsby runners for the Penultimate race in the Helsby 2011 Fell series.

Once again the ladies shone in the prizes, with Jane and Rachel collecting bottles of wine in reward.

Quote of the evening surely goes to Nesta, who incredibly, at the finish asked to go round again. Bare in mind this was Nesta’s first foray onto ‘the fells’!

Helsby positions and times as follows:

6th           Adair Broughton               28.17

13th         Jim O’Hara                        29.49

37th         Jane Ashbrook                  33.34 (?)

50th         Phil Gillard                        34.40

79th         Adrian Jackson                  37.31

80th         Rachel Arnold                    37.36

94th         Jackie Keasley                   40.50

105th      Nesta Hawker                    43.29

109th      Chris Hatton                       48.05

110th      Jon Hardman                      48.08

Support was provided on the night by Andy, also with Camera in hand, and to Joe and to Jayne, so many thanks to those prepared to get soaked and cold without even running!

A few pictures are available on the wfra.org.uk website or at the link as below


The next fell counter is not till Sunday 9th October , the Breidden Hills race so details will follow before that event.




Some of the soggy Helsby runners - still smiling - at the finish

One thought on “Ponderosa helsby fell counter 11 results 10th aug 2011

  1. Added a photo of some of the finishers – those who hadn’t dashed back to the warmth of their cars. Well done folks, a horribly wet evening to be out, but all part of the dark satisfaction of running on the fells.

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