Border league race 1 results – prestatyn october 2011

Border League

Prestatyn Results Race 1 Sunday 16th October

Results are now out and can be found at the link below

Helsby managed to field both a men’s and women’s team which has placed us currently mid table in division two for both teams so many thanks to all runners who turned up in what was a very big field for a Borders race with 310 runners finishing on a roughly 5.1mile course.

This race starts at the Nova centre in Prestatyn and heads towards Rhyl and back mainly along the promenade. With wind facing you on the first half of the course and behind you on the way back in it was to be a tactical race for most. It is also very flat so a very different proposition to Kettlewell the day before.

Once again thanks to Joe for his support on the course.

Helsby runner’s positions and placing as follows:

19th       BROUGHTON, Adair        28.54

66th       LANDUCCI, Ian                  31.07

102nd    O’HARA, Jim                       33.15

123rd     GASKILL, Roy                     34.22

172nd    SHAW, Geoff                     36.19

175th     SMITH, Andy                      36.31

188th     JACKSON, Adrian             37.01

193rd     SHAW, Carol                       37.14

240th     GRIEVE, Betty                    40.21

283rd     SHAW, Janet                      43.51

297th     WEBSTER, Robbie            46.15

Next race will be closer to home at Wallasey so details will follow.

Some hill training Monday night at the club 17th October 6.45pm if you fancy it



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