Round the walls race results 26th Dec 2011

Hi all

Please find attached the results for the 40th running of the Boxing Day Round the Walls race at Chester Racecourse.

Due to wall repair and bad weather in previous years, this was the first running round the walls since 2006 on what was a slightly extended course (basically two laps round the racecourse rather than one).

Strong winds and excess mince pies didn’t deter the four Helsby runners with the standout performance from the ever improving Jayne coming in as 2nd senior lady on the day. Over 420 runners completed the course.

13th         Adair Broughton               30.16
86th         Jayne Joy                           36.05
107th      Geoff Shaw                         37.13
310th      Janet Shaw                         47.09

Full results can be found here:

If there were any races I’ve missed and someone would like to post a report or send a link to results it’ll be great to put them on the blog.

Please remember for those wishing to do a recce of the Helsby Half Marathon it’s scheduled for 9.45am to 10.00am on Friday 30th December at the club.



Club Xmas Handicap

Another traditional pre-Christmas blast, a 3.5 mile dash (santa hats optional, but great to see a number in evidence plus at least one in full santa gear) before returning to the club house for mince pies and the presentation. Congratulations to Dave Madders for winning the handicap, fastest time of the evening being recorded by Adair. Good also to see a couple of ‘old’ faces who we haven’t seen for a long while. Weather was surprisingly mild and dry for December.

Pos. Name Time Handicap Run time H.Pos.
1 Dave Madders 24:38 00:45 23:53 10
2 Gareth Boyd 25:20 03:30 21:50 3
3 Hannah 25:38 00:00 25:38 14
4 Jayne Joy 25:44 03:15 22:29 5
5 Dave Feakes 25:56 01:00 24:56 13
6 Carol Shaw 26:07 01:30 24:37 12
7 Jane Ashbrook 26:19 04:00 22:19 4
8 Adrian Jackson 26:21 02:30 23:51 9
9 Albert Berry 26:26 02:45 23:41 8
10 Adair Broughton 26:29 07:15 19:14 1
11 Vanessa Griffiths 26:50 02:30 24:20 11
12 Chris Igoe 27:14 00:00 27:14 19
13 Lesley Feakes 27:15 00:15 27:00 18
14 Rachel Arnold 27:37 01:45 25:52 15
15 Chris Ashbrook 27:39 00:45 26:54 17
16 Alex Fitzmaurice 27:45 06:00 21:45 2
17 Ivan Davies 27:53 05:00 22:53 6
18 Steve Riley 28:17 04:45 23:32 7
19 Roy Gaskill 31:00 04:45 26:15 16
20 Graham Lloyd 31:10 01:45 29:25 20
21 Karen 31:11 01:00 30:11 22
22 Andy Robinson 33:20 03:30 29:50 21
23 Andy Todd 34:11 00:00 34:11 23

4 villages recce

You’re welcome to join us for a 4 villages recce on Friday 30th December. Perfect for blowing away the pie-induced cobwebs and a chance to get some mileage in and learn/remind yourself of the course.

10am, Helsby Sports and Social Club. Depends who turns out (ie if there’s demand for a faster group!) but pace will be more social, around a 2 hour round. See you there!

Border League Race 3 – Tattenhall

Sunday morning and Tattenhall hosted round 3 of this years Borders League.

Saturday’s forecast was for driving rain from the West and passing over Tattenhall at around 10am. Well nearly correct the rain  reached Tattenhall at about 1030 am and stayed there for a couple of hours. So the shivering runners started in a shower and progressively got wetter and wetter. If not from above it came from below as the tide of water rolling down the hills soaked into the progressively heavier and heavier trainers. Even Joe and Mario looked soaked as we past them once and then twice as they, as always, cheered on the Helsby contingent.

Like Helsby the running club at Tattenhall has the great advantage of being near the central Sandstone ridge of Cheshire and they made good use of it. The only flat part of the course was the bit used for the first and last miles which follows the same route as that for the Tough Team Challenge. The other 4 miles of the course were much more interesting taking an undulating circular route past the entrance to the grounds of Bolesworth castle. Having done quite a few of the Border League courses I can safely say that this is one of the toughest.

The race was excellently organised. For those feeling a little bit peckish and needing to warm up hot soup and sandwiches were available in the club house after the race. I must admit they did look very tempting but I had to dash back home to catch the European X Country championships on the tele.

So how did we get on

Helsby positions and placings as follows

42nd   Ian Landucci  37.35

104th  Jim O’Hara  41.40

124th  Jane Ashbrook   42.41

144th  Geoff Shaw  43.30

154th Albert Berry  44.41

163rd  Vanessa Griffiths  45.20

180th  Carol Shaw  46.25

221st  Andy Smith  51.22

265th  Janet Shaw  57.53

266th  Robbie Webster  59.13

Full results can be found at


Some great runs were had, Ian Landucci 1st home for Helsby, Jane top ten finish with a 4th in her age category, Albert and Robbie maintaining great form for a 2nd in their respective category, Vanessa on the podium with 3rd.

Special congratulations surely has to go to all the Helsby ladies who managed to place Helsby ladies top of Division Two on the day, something for everyone in the club to be very proud of and for the guys to aspire too.

Thanks to Joe and Mario for turning out to support despite the conditions.


The next Border League is 8th January at Abergele. Details will be sent nearer the time and maybe a good race to banish a few Christmas cobwebs before the Helsby half.


Ian, Geoff and Adair



Stadt Moers cross country

Saturday afternoon saw Paul Porter and Steve Riley line up for the Stadt Moers (sounds much more exciting than Huyton) cross country, with a light drizzle threatening to turn into rain. Another in the Liverpool and District league, and one of the better courses in my opinion. The country park doesn’t look initially promising, but a clever course design and some interesting terrain, makes for a good outing. In the event it stayed dry for the race, but there was still plenty of mud on the ground.

We started off with a smaller loop of around 500m to thin out the 140-ish strong crowd, and then moved on to complete 3 laps of the full loop. Around 5.5 miles all in, I’d guess. Paul had a good run in his very first cross country outing and now I think it’s safe to say he’s got the bug. Steve was able to capitalise on the mud by wearing spikes and pushing it a bit more on the corners and descents to just stay ahead of the stronger runner. If you can’t be fast, be cunning!

One of the reasons this I like this course is that it’s fairly intricate and loops back in a couple of places, so there’s always something to see — faster runners to chase or slower runners to stay ahead of. Recommended for next time.

Thanks to the organisers and thanks again to Dave Pinnington for the pic. See you at the next one!