Blackrod half marathon race report – Dave Madders

Report of Dave Madders weekend half marathon

Just a brief report on the blackrod half marathon I did on Sunday.

As prep for the Manchester marathon I’m doing on Sunday I decided to enter on the day the blackrod half marathon on Sunday just gone. a very small race of aprox 50-100 people near Bolton. The weather was atrocious and the terrain a mix of paths and very muddy trails made the going tough.

My aim was to complete the course in around marathon pace a feel pretty good at the end.

There were only mile markers at 5, 8 & 10 and when I went through 5 miles in a new PB I was pleasantly surprised ( no garmin ) however very bad signposting meant about 25 of us went a mile in the wrong direction!!

Nevertheless I felt really strong and despite the torrential rain and thick mud I really enjoyed it.

I finished having done closer to 15 miles than 13 and time didn’t matter but was about 1.49 and gave me confidence for the forthcoming marathon this week to break 4 hours for the first time. ( I’ve done 4.02 in my last 3 marathons!! )

Map of the route attached

Results now available


2 thoughts on “Blackrod half marathon race report – Dave Madders

  1. i also took the wrong route dave,and ended up doing just 11 miles.i turned at the gate with the u turn arrow on it and ran back down the path,i had 8 miles on my watch at the 10 mile marker.very bad marshalling of the course i thought.

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