Helsby weekly round up 25th – 26th July 2012

Hi all

Saturday 25th saw the Push up the Pincyn fell race which forms part of the Clawddnewydd show, details here which provides a good race description http://www.clawddnewydd.org.uk/pincyn.html

Full results and race report as well as a link to some great photos are all available on the Welsh Fell Runners website www.wfra.org.uk .Three green vests were out for this one, Jayne, Phil and Adair.

The advertised distance is just over 6 miles with 1300ft climb but due to recent weather and the race organisers unable to utilise the show field this distance was increased to just over 7 miles as the start and finish were at the village hall instead. The first false start I’ve been involved in made for some light hearted banter and smiles were still evident as runners attempted to leap the hay bale which has become a common (or defining) feature of this race at just over the mile point. In some ways it is a tough trail race rather than a more traditional fell race but there are certainly some sustained climbs in it even if they are not as severe as experienced recently. It is a low key race and with a great atmosphere so certainly one I would recommend for Helsby runners.

Jayne stayed close to Welsh International and record holder for the 6 mile course Andrea Rowland’s to secure a fabulous 2nd place and be in with a shout for the raffled prizes. Jayne’s raffle ticket was number 13, unlucky for some, as her prize was a tin of corned beef! Maybe next year for the gnome or the lollipop? Alistair Tye’s photos of the event here below.


Hay there!

Helsby positions and times below and thanks also to Helen for her support on the day.

5th        Adair Broughton          53.55
12th      Jayne Joy                   59.30
26th      Phil Gillard                   68.54

Sunday 26th was our 7th road counter and 3rd ten mile event. I’ve had some race reports for this event from Helsby runners so please find Geoff’s and Ed’s reports below.

Geoff said “Well the initial discussion was about the men’s 20 points as Mr Adair wasn’t there and where were the ladies? Not one ladies green vest in sight. So off we all went down the first decent and up the first climb before the three climbs to be known as Box Hill for reasons going on in a parallel activity. The sun shone, for a while, it rained, for a while as mile by mile went by. Joe, Mario and Janet shouted their cheer as we passed them by, again and again. Finally the finish was in sight, after of course the final assent of Box Hill, to a bottle of beer named Joggers Tipple which is yet to be sampled. Top points went to Colin, with Ian not far behind. A good run for the men but a ghost run for the ladies.”

Ed states “The Great Warford 10 was both a club counter and in the Cheshire Grand Prix for 2012. Helsby’s turnout was six men and no ladies, so some big points going begging!  It was my first run over the course, and I’d been warned that there were some little hills involved, but after Moel Famau on Wednesday night they weren’t anything to be worried about.  The course was over three laps of 2, 4 and 4 miles, which proved to be an interesting variation on normal runs.  I liked being able to mentally break the race down into chunks and knowing what to expect on the other laps, but the first 4 mile lap after the 2 mile one did seem to go on for a while.  The setting was beautiful, nice country lanes and the start/finish at the David Lewis centre was really nice for warm-up and warm-down.  Plenty of parking, flapjack and a bottle of beer afterwards made it a very nice morning out, and thankfully the rain held off until the journey home.

As for the race, a great battle between Ian and Colin for the rare 20 points freed up by Adair’s absence, results as follows:

Name Time Position
Colin Thompson



Ian Landucci



Edward Halliwell



Geoff Shaw



John Thompson



Tom DeJong



345 runners completed the course (a record I think I heard).

Thanks to Mario and Joe for the support.”

Full results and link to photos available below

Race Results can be found at http://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2012/warford.pdf

Race Photos can be found at http://www.racephotos.org.uk/  or  http://www.mickhall-photos.com

Many thanks for the race reports.

Please note the next road counter is already upon us, the popular Pie and Peas race www.valeroyalathleticclub.co.uk and according to the website places still available. Hope to see you there


GGGH fell counter race 7 results 25th July 2012

Results for the Green Green Grass of Home are now available on the Welsh Fell Runners website.

A brief report from Martin, results and some outstanding photographs all available from the following link


This race was our 7th club counter and it is great to see so many Helsby runners turning out for the fells this year, which has definitely built on the enthusiasm shown from last year. Certainly the race on this particular night could have been called the Green Green of Helsby with 17 vests on display from the 90 taking part and 87 finishers.

I have to agree with Andy Robinson that the GGGH is the best of the three races in the Clwydian series (the others being Hotfoot and the Druid) as the route is varied but tough and always somehow slightly different each year, whether purposefully or not!

Runners meander from the registration at the Golden Lion nr Llangynhafal to the start of the race (also the start of the Llangynhafal Loop race earlier in the year) and wait patiently and possibly nervously till Martin stands tall and describes the route, setting us up for the first short steep climb up the green grass which quickly hits a fairly wide stony track, seemingly innocuous but with enough incline and distance to separate the field early on, which then presses us on to a crossroads at the Offas Dyke path.

About three-quarters of the way up that first path we see head past Alistair Tye taking photographs (bonus points available if anyone could smile at this point) we then encounter Joe marshalling and supporting, where runners then contour round the side of Moel Famau before heading to the atmospheric summit, clouded in mist where Huw, the apparition in yellow, sent us back down the Offa’s Dyke path to again be deviated away from runnable trail to bracken, heather and fern, ‘where even the sheep don’t tread’ as Steve Riley has written previously. A final and stiff climb soon beckons where Helsby’s Chris Hatton positioned himself for photographs. Look forward to seeing those!  Fun but energy sapping downhill, seeing Joe and his yellow marshals flag in the distance, trying not to face plant again as your foot mysteriously disappears into a boggy trap, runners then hit the same stony trail from the start of the race, turning left into the ferns before the splendid short and sharp descent and cheers from the more sensible watchers and a group of children doing Mexican waves means you have finished a race and an accomplishment.

But really that’s just the start of the night as prize giving is an entertainment show all in itself.

(It should also be noted that Martin mentioned runners should check for ticks, especially after the wet weather, so always worth remembering to do that when you have been out in the fells.)

Some great runs and battles on the night with standout performance once again going to Jayne who was first lady by a good margin and also beating talented local runner and last year’s winner Lisa Grantham.

Helsby have now also been contacted by Easyjet as they want some consultation by Jayne to teach their pilots how to do a perfect take-off and landing. Photo evidence below. Brilliant.



Helsby ladies stole the spotlight with Jackie showing her class in winning her age category convincingly, holding off other runners at the finish. Jim O’Hara is on good form and great to see Adrian pick up a prize of a horn too. (Martin said it was because he’d heard about Adrian’s sprint performances at track and thought Adrian could use it as a warning to other runners as he tears round the track on his 200m relays). Best prize of the night surely the scouse earring collected by Jayne, it almost looks like a hula-hoop.

Helsby position and places as follows

4th Adair Broughton 45.09
9th Jim O’Hara 47.03
13th ChrisBaynham-Hughes 48.15
20th Jayne Joy 50.50
22nd Ian Landucci 51.56
26th Steve Riley 52.35
29th Colin Thompson 52.51
30th Edward Halliwell 53.16
33rd Mario Foschi 53.52
35th Andy Robinson 54.07
46th Phil Gillard 55.59
49th Paul Porter 56.18
52nd David Feakes 57.08
64th Tom de Jong 62.03
66th Adrian Jackson 62.34
75th Jackie Keasley 67.32
78th Andy Smith 67.58

Many thanks to all who turned up for such a great night and hopefully this green ocean can continue onto Whittle Pike, the next club counter and also Race 2 in our Inter-Club Fell running series. Whittle Pike is the Spectrum nominated race on Wednesday 8th August. Details courtesy of Spectrum are below. It should be about an hour’s drive from Helsby and I will send some more details and a reminder out a few days before the race.





Helsby weekly round-up 18th to 22nd July 2012

Hi all

Colin, Geoff and Janet ran in the Sefton Park 5 Mile on Wednesday 18th July which saw a big field of 334 on the night. Colin was showing his good form again managing a new PB of 31:16 and position 38. Full Results in the following link:

Dave Pinnington was also out on the course for some great action shots, link below


38th      Colin Thompson          31.16
102nd   Geoff Shaw                35.22
243rd    Janet Shaw                 43.34

Saturday saw Jayne and Adair head to the South Pennines for the Turnslack Fell race. Some interesting details here


Although an 8 mile race with 2000’ climb thrown in this was not a race that allows you to gain any momentum due to the boggy nature of the course. Apart from a little track leading from the church at the start of the race it is all on undulating or hilly tussocky land full of hidden bog traps. For most of this race you are one footstep away from a face plant! Great run in though once the last wall has been climbed and a race I’d love to see in the club counters due to its uniqueness all round. (Terrain, Location, Prize giving) It also included team prizes so possibly one for Helsby ladies to do in the future?

Race leaders ran brilliantly and took a commanding lead but a second race broke out for positions 4th to 7th which was fun to be part of. It was a flagged course but was still possible to go the wrong way and there was lots of talking in the race to choose the optimum route between that particular group of people. Majority of the 85 runners in the race were from Calder Valley, Todmorden and Horwich which even included some people asking where Helsby was. Hopefully with the likes of Jayne winning these races outside her own territory it could help to put Helsby on the map.

Also Great to see Jayne rescuinga vole that was about to be ironed by a tractor after the race and she certainly didn’t ‘Doolittle’ during the race either with possibly her best run to date to secure 1st lady on a very tough course. Interestingly lady in 2nd from Preston Harriers has worn an International vest.

A welcome hose down in the church after the run to wipe off the best of the Pennines (was it holy water?) and then the hardest part of the day choosing which cake to eat. Or cakes I should say. Prizes included toilet rolls, baked beans, rice but no alcohol this time so ladies winner went for the multi-coloured water pistol. Maybe it’ll be seen on Helsby hill sometime on a Wednesday run?

4th        Adair Broughton          1.14.17
28th      Jayne Joy                   1.22.59

Full results here http://fellrunner.org.uk/results.php?id=1408

Phil Gillard headed to Bowland and did the Warton Crag race, also on Saturday. This race is advertised as approx. 6 miles and 180m of climb – no results yet but should appear on the event website shortly http://wartonfellrace.blogspot.de/

In Phil’s words “Another race from a village carnival, I really enjoy the atmosphere of being around people enjoying themselves and their sense of community, it was also good to meet up with Martin Contrviend but wasn’t able to learn anything further about the GGoH route for Wednesday because he hasn’t thought of it yet.

The race route followed a short steep road out of the village before hitting the climb up to the crag with the terrain being similar to “our hills”, once over the top of the hill, there was a gentle descent through woods and back into meadow land, which followed an undulating route by Leighton Hall and then back up the other side of the crag via the woods. Once we were back over the hill again, the sound of the PA system from the carnival indicated we were on the final run in and thoughts of tea and cakes permeated the need to concentrate on the descent.

A very runnable fell / trail race suitable for anybody who does our Wednesday runs with the carnival atmosphere being a real bonus. There is a similar race on Saturday; the Push up the Pincyn”

(For details on the Pincyn see the Welsh Fell Runners website www.wfra.org.uk and click on upcoming race)

This is what the race organisor sent out


The route may have to be adjusted slightly but runners will still have to negotiate soggy fields, The Bale!, climbing The Pincyn and challenging, rooty forest tracks. 6 miles of mmmmmmm pleasure!

Start will now be at the Canolfan Cae Cymro (village hall) far end of the village: LL152NF.
£4 doesn’t get you much these days but I can guarantee a good sweaty hours
entertainment and a cuppa!.


Hope to see you there, whatever the jet-stream throws at us. Neil Coppack”

This coming Sunday 29th July also sees the Great Warford 10 Mile which is our 7th Road Club Counter.

However, this Wednesday is our 7th Fell Counter the Green Green Grass of Home. A race whose course morphs each year into a topological treasure trove and often feels like a Mobius Strip but if you like the Clwydians this is the race for you. Details once again on the upcoming race listing on the Welsh Fell Runner website www.wfra.org.uk

As always if I’ve missed anything please let me know so I can update the blog.

Still having track sessions with Joe and Mario 6.30pm Monday nights Helsby High School. Good time to make the most of the weather!


Inter-club fell race 1 results

Hi all

Results are now in for Race 1 of the Inter-Club three race fell series between Helsby, Tattenhall and Spectrum.

Just to recap on how the points are scored


These are the rules for 2012. (There will be a review after the first season to see how they are working and see if any tweaks to the scoring are necessary.)

  1. Up to 7 men and 3 women will be counting runners for each club.
  2. Men score 21 points down to 1 point.
  3. Women score 21 points down to 13.
  4. There are extra bonus points in every vet category – 5, 3, & 1.  Vet categories are those used by the race organiser. *
  5. There are also 2 bonus points for each male or female runner above the scoring team of 7 men and 3 women.
  6. 2nd claim members do count in this league.

*For those that like numbers and study results The vet categories are intended to give 5 points to the club which is first home then 3 points to next of the other two clubs…and 1 point to the third club if they had a runner in the category, the aim is to rank the clubs in each age category.

And it’s great news as Helsby are currently leading:

Helsby         187 points
Spectrum       166 points
Tattenhall     157 points

But it’s still very close, which I hope adds to the excitement, as there are only 20 points in it which in some ways can come down to one runner (Jayne was our biggest scorer with 21 points for example).

By looking at the results, and please don’t take this too seriously, maybe there is someone from a rival club you can beat next time to gain an extra few points…We were also helped on the night by having the most runners and everyone on our team above the scoring team of 7 men and 3 women scored us 2 points each. If you have any thoughts on the competition please let me know as we’ll do a review at the end of the season.

Next races are

Wed 8 Aug

 Whittle Pike  (nr Rawtenstall)


 5.1 miles/1400ft

Sat 22 Sep

 King John’s Castle  (nr Mold)


 4.6 miles/850ft

(Each club has these races in their club fell race championship).

Whittle Pike will be an hour’s drive so I’ll send some information out nearer the time as it is also our club counter. There may well be lower numbers due to the Olympics and holidays but if you can run it will be great for the club to have another sea of green out there.

Full results are attached as a pdf file.

Race 1 Results

Any questions just ask



Free Nike events – 12 August

The Nike Outlet store have been in touch with news of some free events next month:

Hello, I am Anthony Robertson and I am the Assistant Head Coach at Nike Cheshire Oaks. I am emailing to ask if any of your runners would like to be involved in a free running event we are hosting on the 12th August, with 3 distance disciplines — 2.5km, 5km, and 10km.

Usually these distance events would require an entry or admin fee, ours does not. This presents a great opportunity to the runners of Wirral and Cheshire to benefit from either a new experience of running in an event either for the first time, using it to test themselves in an already accomplished distance, or challenge themselves to run harder and further than before in a competitive environment.

The event itself is being run by a professional race day orgainiser, and there will be free bibs and medals for all runners. That, coupled with the fact that there will be free refreshments, running advisors and personal trainers on site to assist or dish out advice should make it a great day for all involved. I have attached the map of the route and the information posters for you.

The 5 and 10k start at 11am, the 2.5k starts at 1pm. Please arrive in plenty of time beforehand.

Kind Regards

Anthony Robertson/Adam Smart

Nike Cheshire Oaks

0151 3571252

Watch the olympics at Cheshire Oaks for free

If you want to watch the Olympics on the big screen for free at Cheshire Oaks (I’ve just received an e-ticket for the mens 200m final), all you need to do is register and choose an event, e-ticket is sent straight away

Might keep kids occupied for a few hours over the holidays!




Weekend round-up 14th – 15th July 2012

Hi all

After last weekend’s green sea of vests (Steve’s apt description) at the Druid, maybe it was a weekend of relaxation for majority of Helsby runners with a quiet calendar of road and fell, or a weekend of secret training! As far as I can tell, only one race….

Helsby’s Phil Gillard, always looking for the next challenge was in North Wales at the Tal-y-Fan race on Saturday at Rowen, nr Conwy. This is advertised as 12.8km distance with over 2500ft of climb. Some great pictures already available here http://www.fellrunningpictures.co.uk/talyfan2012.html but no results as yet. From the photos looks like Phil had a strong run. Technical course with distance surely suits him.

Phil said “it was good weather conditions but very wet underfoot – all the tracks were very soggy although the long trek over the moor to the stone circle was comparatively dry. A nice atmosphere in the carnival with all runners being cheered into the main field, Helen enjoyed the dog show!”

This race has been a club counter in the past so always worth having a go in case it gets chosen again. Tal-y-Fan is a fairly tough race and navigation skills are often necessary. Results for Tal-y-Fan should appear on the Welsh Fell Runners website www.wfra.org.uk or race organisors  www.eryriharriers.org.uk

If anyone else was out racing at the weekend please let me know as I’ll update the blog as required. Talking of which, feedback would always be good so why not add a comment about the Druid last week here https://helsbyrunningclub.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/druid-fell-counter-6-wednesday-july-11th-2012-also-inter-club-competition/

Enjoy your running


Spectrum, Tattenhall, Helsby inter-club series

A quick reminder of the three-way champs we’ve started with our friends at Tattenhall and Spectrum Striders. One race down, two to go…


There are 3 races for the first season, one chosen by each club:

Day  Race Distance
Wed 11 Jul  The Druid  (nr Mold)  8k/366m  5 miles/1100ft
Wed 8 Aug  Whittle Pike  (nr Rawtenstall)  8.2k/488m  5.1 miles/1400ft
Sat 22 Sep  King John’s Castle  (nr Mold)  7.4k/264m  4.6 miles/850ft

Each club has these races in their club fell race championship.


These are the rules for 2012. There will be a review after the first season to see how they are working and see if any tweaks to the scoring are necessary.

  1. Up to 7 men and 3 women will be counting runners for each club.
  2. Men score 21 points down to 1 point.
  3. Women score 21 points down to 13.
  4. There are extra bonus points in every vet category – 5, 3, & 1.  Vet categories are those used by the race organiser.
  5. There are also 2 bonus points for each male or female runner above the scoring team of 7 men and 3 women.
  6. 2nd claim members do count in this league.

Druid fell counter 6 wednesday july 11th 2012 (also inter-club competition)

Hi All

As at least 22 of you know, Wednesday was our inter-club as well as 6th fell club counter race, starting and finishing at the Druid Pub at the base of Foel Fenlli.

A delicate warmth welcomed the rainbow of vests congregating at the pub car park and the blue skies gradually gave way through the evening to cloud. It was cold by the time of prizes and many Helsby runners enjoying their pint were wearing their Helsby hoodies and pondering on a missing summer. However, there was still lots of banter and smiles and talk of close races, especially between Helsby runners!

Thanks to everyone for taking part in what is the biggest Helsby field in a fell race I’ve known and hopefully will help us in our bid for points against the Tattenhall and Spectrum runners. Tattenhall had 17 out and Spectrum 15. Jayne Joy was our only prize winner, with an impressive turn of speed at the end in a tight finish with Clywdian runner Mary Gillie, not a bad scalp to have. Guess that’s the Monday night track sessions paying off. There were some unique prizes available as usual with this series of race, ranging from water pistols to umbrellas but probably best to stick to the wine Jayne!

Foel Fenlli is the 2nd highest peak in the Clwydians coming in at 1677ft, race is advertised at 5 miles with 1200ft of climb. Muddier than some years and dark in the forest of doom but it all adds to the atmosphere. Biggest field ever for the race as a whole with 135 finishers tightly packed into a small country lane doesn’t make for the easiest of starts but the stiff climb before the farmers fields helps to spread out the field early on. From then on you dodge cow pats and cattle-grids, catch your breath to say hi to Joe who is already cheering the next runner behind, mince over some styles and dig in for the climb up Fenlli.

Great views if you could spare a moment to look round and was fantastic to see a multi-coloured trail of runners heading up the offas dyke path. Once you hit a ridge you then head to the new stone steps and contour around the top of Fenlli. Route changed slightly this year with an additional climb up Fenlli instead of back onto the ridge, before the fast downhill back to the styles and farmers fields and a chance to hold on or even gain a few positions now the back of the race has been broken.

John Thompson’s first fell race and what a stirling effort, seconds in it for many Helsby runners, so I’m sure there will be interesting battles in the green vest ahead. Results will be available soon on the www.wfra.org.uk

Thanks to Joe out on the course and to Chris Hatton taking photos on the night. Positions and places below. 

4th Adair Broughton


11th Chris Baynham-Hughes


12th Jim O’Hara


31st Mario Foschi


32nd Jayne Joy


2nd lady
34th Steve Riley


37th Ian Landucci


51st Gareth Boyd


56th Roy Gaskill


59th Jane Ashbrook


66th Andy Robinson


68th Paul Porter


69th Adrian Jackson


70th Phil Gillard


75th David Feakes


108th Vanessa Griffiths


109th Andy Smith


112th Jackie Keasley


115th Nesta Hawker


116th Lesley Jane Feakes


119th John Thompson


130th Betty Grieve



Please note the next fell counter is the Green Green Grass of Home, a little bit tougher than the Druid but a good race and anyone from Helsby will be more than capable to run it. I’ll send more details out nearer the time. The next inter-club race and also club counter is the Whittle Pike on 8th August. 



Lakeland Saunders 2012 – Jackie Keasley report

Hi all

Please find a brilliant description and summary and some fantastic photos of Helsby’s weekend at the Saunders Mountain Marathon 2012

Attached as a pdf document below