Inter-club fell race 1 results

Hi all

Results are now in for Race 1 of the Inter-Club three race fell series between Helsby, Tattenhall and Spectrum.

Just to recap on how the points are scored


These are the rules for 2012. (There will be a review after the first season to see how they are working and see if any tweaks to the scoring are necessary.)

  1. Up to 7 men and 3 women will be counting runners for each club.
  2. Men score 21 points down to 1 point.
  3. Women score 21 points down to 13.
  4. There are extra bonus points in every vet category – 5, 3, & 1.  Vet categories are those used by the race organiser. *
  5. There are also 2 bonus points for each male or female runner above the scoring team of 7 men and 3 women.
  6. 2nd claim members do count in this league.

*For those that like numbers and study results The vet categories are intended to give 5 points to the club which is first home then 3 points to next of the other two clubs…and 1 point to the third club if they had a runner in the category, the aim is to rank the clubs in each age category.

And it’s great news as Helsby are currently leading:

Helsby         187 points
Spectrum       166 points
Tattenhall     157 points

But it’s still very close, which I hope adds to the excitement, as there are only 20 points in it which in some ways can come down to one runner (Jayne was our biggest scorer with 21 points for example).

By looking at the results, and please don’t take this too seriously, maybe there is someone from a rival club you can beat next time to gain an extra few points…We were also helped on the night by having the most runners and everyone on our team above the scoring team of 7 men and 3 women scored us 2 points each. If you have any thoughts on the competition please let me know as we’ll do a review at the end of the season.

Next races are

Wed 8 Aug

 Whittle Pike  (nr Rawtenstall)


 5.1 miles/1400ft

Sat 22 Sep

 King John’s Castle  (nr Mold)


 4.6 miles/850ft

(Each club has these races in their club fell race championship).

Whittle Pike will be an hour’s drive so I’ll send some information out nearer the time as it is also our club counter. There may well be lower numbers due to the Olympics and holidays but if you can run it will be great for the club to have another sea of green out there.

Full results are attached as a pdf file.

Race 1 Results

Any questions just ask