Whittle Pike fell club counter 8 & inter-club fell race Wed 8th Aug 2012

Hi all

Very quick results for Whittle Pike, race 2 of our Inter-Club Fell series and race 8 of our fell club counters.

A tougher location than most to get to for a Wednesday night so was very pleasing to field 15 runners for Helsby. Spectrum had the most with 19 runners out and unfortunately for the competition Tattenhall only four. Hopefully we will try and select a closer race next year.

This race was advertised as 4.5 miles and 1400ft and has been a championship course in the past. For those who can visualise the course from a map there is a link below

Map link http://www.rossendaleharriers.co.uk/Whittle%20map%20001.bmp

As a brief race description taken from the Rossendale website

‘You will be climbing for the first two k; Descending for about 1 k; climb again for 1 k to Whittle Pike; drop sharply down hill for half a k; short sharp climb followed by a more gradual climb and then a long run in, all downhill. More or less if you are running on the flat you are off route. ‘

But for those who want a more detailed description please see the following link


If I can add anything to that I’d say it was also boggy! Not many clean legs after the race and a tricky course in that hitting a bog instantaneously loses you momentum but we had fantastic support from Adrian and Joe on the course which helped.

Helsby were in the prizes with Jimmy and Adair picking up a team prize, surprising considering we went the wrong way! Ian Landucci, Jayne, Mario and Janet had age category prizes. If I’ve missed anyone do let me know as I didn’t get to the prizegiving so hoping I’ve not missed anyone.

There were some great individual races out there and good to see Helsby faces with war paint too! You’ll have to ask Jayne about that. Jimmy and Adair were close all the way to the top and some brilliant runs from Helsby runners who have not attempted a race quite like this before. Hopefully the sense of achievement more than makes up for the smell of the south Pennines that takes roughly two or three showers to get off completely.

I’ll send a separate email for the Inter-club results when officially available, early indications are Spectrum will have won this one but it means it’s all to play for in the third and final race in September. Let’s have a big crowd out for what is a much less difficult race. Not sure Tattenhall can do much to catch up now but it is all still up for grabs.

Full results for Whittle Pike here


10th      Adair Broughton          47.59
18th      Jim O’Hara                 48.58
45th      Mario Foschi               54.46
53rd      Ian Landucci               55.38
62nd     Jayne Joy                   56.47
66th      Steve Riley                 57.15
80th      Roy Gaskill                 58.44
83rd      Paul Porter                  59.09
99th      Phil Gillard                   61.02
108th    Janet Robertson         62.18
143rd    Tom DeJong               69.25
148th    Jackie Keasley           71.25
152nd   Andy Smith                 74.07
155th    John Thompson          76.36
169th    Robbie Webster          83.28

Please comment on the race!



2 thoughts on “Whittle Pike fell club counter 8 & inter-club fell race Wed 8th Aug 2012

  1. Sorry, still too tired to comment…

    Good run that, burnt too many biscuits on the first long climb and found myself going backwards a bit on the 2nd and third. I had to wonder at the symbolism of the giant cross on the top 🙂

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