Helsby’s double iron man !!

Hi everyone

I know that my arresting subject title for this email will have had you all scurrying to your computer in response to my clarion call for the Ironman race!!

Of course the reality is far different because in fact within the club we have only 2 official ‘Ironmen’; Ivan Davies & Dave Madders.

And it was Dave who last weekend put himself on the line for a second time in what is arguably the ultimate all-round endurance challenge of them all, namely swimming 2.4 miles (open water mind, no namby pamby swimming pools you know!), cycling 112 miles and running 26.2 miles consecutively in the salubrious surroundings of Dartford! And that’s not all! Just to put extra spice into the challenge (a standard Ironman for Dave is SO yesterday!), the race started at the ‘interesting’ time of 6 o’clock in the evening, which means that  competitors get the ‘opportunity’ to race right through the night, finishing around breakfast time the following morning! How attractive is that!

Well I’m delighted to report that despite those minor challenges, Dave knocked over an hour off his debut Ironman time from last year, finishing in an official time of 13:22:41 (that’s 13 hours by the way!).

Results here


I also know that Dave’s race build-up was far from smooth, with a dodgy hamstring and a chest infection which curtailed his training for 4-5 weeks; making his achievement all the more impressive. He also suffered a ‘clothing malfunction’ during the swim where his goggles kept filling with water and he lost time having to repeatedly stop and empty them. However in the second discipline, Dave’s bike strength really came to the fore and he averaged over 17 ½ mph for the entire 112 mile bike section (despite stopping several times to take on food). Now having been forced myself recently to take to 2 wheels in search of my cardiovascular ‘fix’, I can confidently report that 17 ½ mph is a damn good speed to maintain for an hour, let alone over 6 hours – and whilst I have the luxury of resting my saddle-hardened buttocks after my much shorter efforts, Dave followed up with a full marathon in a touch over 4 hours!


Now Dave is far too modest to highlight his impressive achievement – so I am! Hence BIG congratulations to Dave, our club double Ironman champion.

Best wishes                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Mike Searle, Training Director, body4life Health & Fitness

mike.searle@body4life.co.uk   www.body4life.co.uk

07986 483955 and 01244 301769

body4life donate 3% of profits annually to The MO FARAH FOUNDATION


2 thoughts on “Helsby’s double iron man !!

  1. Quite remarkable. Presumably done at night so you don’t see the trail of weeping bodies by the side of the road?

    I believe Dave tweaked his saddle position at the last minute and didn’t sit down for the last 50 miles!

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