Capenhurst 5k road counter 9 wed 22nd august

Good turnout for Helsby at last Wednesdays 9th club road counter of the season, the Capenhurst 5k organised by Ellesmere Port Running Club. Conditions were good for running and it was a particularly strong field with the course record being broken by nearly half a minute with an astonishing run from Liverpool’s Johnny Mellor. 15 out for Helsby with good runs from Jane and Janet that saw podium finishes for their respective age categories. 229 runners completed the race so a big field this year meaning the race also filled up on the night, so unfortunately a few people had to miss out.

Results available from their website as below

Helsby positions and times as follows

25th                  Adair Broughton          17.01
64th                  Ian Landucci               18.31
73rd                  Gareth Boyd               18.45
80th                  Colin Thompson          19.03
95th                  Roy Gaskill                 19.38
103rd                Jane Ashbrook            20.08   (3rd in category)
121st                Adrian Jackson           20.58
131st                Geoff Shaw                21.27
146th                Helen Owens              22.09
149th                Tom DeJong               22.17
151st                John Thompson          22.19
171st                Nesta Hawker             23.32
172nd               Jackie Keasley           23.43
193rd                Janet Shaw                 25.35   (2nd in category)
194th                Betty Grieve                25.39

The next road counter is the Lake Vyrnwy half marathon on 9th September although this is a pre-entry race only.




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