Across wales walk & the dragon bites

Well done to Andy Robinson, continuing with his now legendary and consistent long distance runs, he attempted to run across Wales in one day, last Saturday! Some details here

This event sees walkers and runners heading from the England/Wales border near Clun to the coast near Aberystwyth. At 45 miles this is some challenge. Andy didn’t just complete it he came in 3rd place with a time of 8 hours and 50minutes. The joint winners were not too far ahead with 8 hours and 38 minutes. By all accounts the fastest recorded time is 8 hours so a great effort by Andy (although he has been quicker on the route by 20 minutes in much better conditions)

So if that’s navigating Wales East to West Chris Baynham-Hughes is still heading from North to South via every mountain in site, now on his 2nd day of the Dragons Back (I’d wrongly stated he was already on Day two yesterday, ooops). Reports from the website are stating it was a lot more difficult than expected for the top runners and eagled-eyed Ed has spotted who we think is Chris from the Day one photos here…can you see him too

Day one report here

Chris is still accepting donations so have a look at his profile page

or offer a good luck message to him on the Helsby blog here

Don’t forget it’s the start of the Wirral Multi-terrain series tonight at 7pm Royden Park, Frankby. Race is only £1 is all off road and is also a team event so the more green vests we have the better!


One thought on “Across wales walk & the dragon bites

  1. Great work Andy!

    Great work Chris! Chris will know the Day One route, so it shouldn’t have been too shocking for him …sounds like it came as a horrible surprise to some of the International runners, from reading that Sleepmonsters report.

    Tough day, but not the end of the mountainous difficulties – the Rhinogs are truly awful to try and make progress over. Doubly so if you’re trying to move quickly! Hats off to them.

    I suspect this event is going to have quite a drop-out rate!

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