Border league results 11th Nov 2012 – Tatton 15k

Hi all

Results are out for the Borders although not all age category positions have been added or team results or times.

It was a fine morning for the 19 Helsby members who headed to Capenhurst for the 2nd race in the Border League. It was ideal running conditions, cool with little wind and no rain so good times were hopefully assured for the 5.4 mile course.

Utilising the same run as the Capenhurst 5k in August but doing two laps instead of one this was always going to feel like a fast race with no undulations like the previous race at Caernarvon. In some ways it was a pity it was not a 10k course as a few people would have had pb’s I’m sure

After a respectful minutes silence for Remembrance Sunday Colin Bishop in his first foray into the Border league gave a commanding performance to be first in for Helsby and Jane Ashbrook ran well for a superb top ten ladies finish. As mentioned 19 were out for Helsby in total with 13 men and 6 women from a huge field of over 350 in total, near enough 100 more than at Caernarvon so hopefully no-one is too disappointed with their placing’s and thanks to every runner out as hopefully this helps consolidate our league position for both teams.

It was great to watch the race unfold from the perspective of my bike, and I have to admit somewhat easier!! and it was fantastic to see the efforts put in by Helsby runners.

Also out on the course in support were Joe and Mario so many thanks to them.

Positions only below (blog to be updated when full results are out)

43rd       Colin Bishop
80th       Colin Thompson
120th     Jim O;Hara
136th     Roy Gaskill
141st     Jane Ashbrook
173rd     Steve Riley
176th     Adrian Jackson
177th     Dave Feakes
179th     Albert Berry
190th     Vanessa Griffiths
191st     Dave Madders
209th     Geoff Shaw
219th     Carol Shaw
263rd     Andy Smith
269th     John Thompson
288th     Lesley Feakes
326th     Mike Searle
330th     Janet Shaw
337th     Betty Grieve

Next Borders is also a local one, Christleton, on Sunday 16th December at 11am, a good time of year to put some of the soon to be Christmas calories in the bank.

And don’t forget Castle Park training continues Monday nights 6.30pm



Below is also a race report from Ed Halliwell who ran in an awesome 17th at the Tatton 15k. I will leave you in his capable hands….

The Stroke Association Resolution 15k – Tatton Park – Sunday 11 November

Anyone who has read running magazines (or sat next to Mike Searle in the bar) will know about the vast number of studies done into how to best prepare for a race in the final few days before it.  I think they are missing a trick.  I think they have exhausted trying to find the best way to best way by trial and error, and should take a new approach – find the worst way to prepare, and then simply do the opposite in future.  I accidentally trialled a ‘worst way’ approach this weekend.

Had took it easy during the week, and was going to have a nice restful Saturday taking my Scouts to the Distict 5-a-side cometition.  Unfortunately one of the sides didn’t turn up, so rather than having gaps in the programme a scratch side of leaders was put together to play five 7-minute friendlies against Scouts.  It doesn’t sound that bad even when I type it now, but playing against thirteen-year-olds who were still in nappies the last time I played was seriously lung-bursting.  And I was in jeans for the first two matches before I found a pair of shorts in the car.

So when I woke on Sunday morning my ‘race-face’ was very much absent, and replaced by a ‘please-don’t-make-me-do-it-face’, but I’ll never go sub-90 for the half with that attitude, so I dragged myself off to Tatton Park.  It is a good point here to apologise for not going to the Border League race – I don’t get to race much so wanted something more suitable for Half Marathon training, so 15k was perfect.

The Stroke Association Resolution 15k is probably more of a fun runners run than a serious race, but it’s advertised on Runners World and hence still gets a good few serious runners in it.  After DJ Dave had given us all the motivation we needed to run as far away from him as possible (playing Bruce Springsteen ‘Born to Run’ when I got there), we set off round the paths of Tatton Park.  After the rain recently and a final shower on Sunday morning, these were not in the best shape, and in many places resembled some of the squishier parts of our Summer Run, but it was a lovely course all-in-all, and definitely a good work out for the legs.  We generally went around the outskirts of the park, so didn’t get in the way of walkers/day-trippers (and vice-versa).

Overall the organisation was excellent, but as it was a primarily a run for charity and not a race you had to deal with timing yourself. However, one of the Marshalls in the last couple of kilometres had been keeping count so I knew my position on the run in.


Football – W4 L1 – Lost our heads against Frodsham Scouts

Running – 1h 6m 50s – 13th out of about 250.  More importantly only 17 seconds behind the magic 6m 51s mile pace, which is alright given the terrain.


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