New Years Eve and New Years Day round-up 2012/2013

Hi all

Well done to Gareth Boyd for a sub 3 hour 30 marathon on New Years Eve. That’s one way of earning a pint.

A race report from the Liver New Year’s Eve Marathon 2012 from Gareth below

‘Despite being repetitive (4 laps of the prom) and being rather wet and windy – This was a really good race. It was local, low key, friendly and is defo a PB course.

Approx 100 runners competed – with great camaraderie throughout. It was fantastic to even get some support/clapping from passers by along the route – although, I’m sure one passer by did mutter the words “you’re just showing off” during lap 3!?

I’m informed that I did confuse some people (as I headed towards the finish ‘looking like the leaning tower of Pisa’ ) by running past the finish line, not stopping – running on for another 15 metres of so, before running back to the finish line -then running past the start/finish line and then heading back just to ensure I’d reached 26.2 on my garmin. Admittedly, this may have looked a bit strange…..

Anyway, I’m pleased to say that I did have a good run and managed to secure a PB of 3.29.38 and was smiling for the next 24 hours. The smile has now disappeared slightly, as I am doing a great cowboy walk impression

Two final comments :-

– hats off/respect to the brave brave runners who then turned up to race again on New Year’s Day

– the race was won in 3.00.12 by Frodsham based Dave Clamp

New Years Day was the Thornton Hough to Willaston Charity Race of 3.5 miles. All profits go to the Wirral Autistic Society with goody bags sponsored by Levers. Joe and Mario were there to offer support and great run from Jayne securing 2nd lady and Adair 5th overall. No results for this one though as fairly low key although does attract just under 100 runners, many from local clubs.

Hopefully see many of you on Saturday or Sunday this weekend for the two XC races.




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