Helsby weekly round-up 5th – 6th January 2013

Hi all

Many thanks to Andy for distributing Saturdays amazing results. I’ll reiterate part of them here as I’ll use them as the basis for the round-up email and blog article.

Saturday was the Cheshire County Cross Country Championship which saw Jayne Joy finish in third position and securing her selection to represent the county in the inter county championships later this season. Jenny and Jane were also given county forms to fill in. The Helsby ladies team also scored a third team position in a closely fought contest with only 5 points separating the top 4 teams of Vale Royal, Chester Tri, Helsby and Wilmslow.

The ladies and men’s courses were slightly different in distance but utilised the same parts of the area. Very muddy field made contouring corners difficult and parts of the fields were very wet to sap energy but this was a good course for spectators who could watch a lot of the race from one or two locations. It was great to see how much effort everyone was putting in and I think Helsby ladies are punching well above their weight for the size of our club, something we should all be proud of.

Jayne’s results is a perfect example of what hard work and dedication can achieve.

3rd       Jayne Joy.             31:06
13th      Jenny Illidge.         34:29
14th      Jane Ashbrook      34:43
34th      Janet Robertson.   37:52
41st      Carol Shaw.           38:48

Representing the men at the Cheshires were Adair, Steve and Andy – although with less glory than the ladies. 

26th        Adair Broughton.  44:53
89th        Steve Riley.          54:17
120th      Andy Smith.          61:03

Full results can be found on


There was also fantastic support on the course from Richard and Rachel, Phil and Helen, Jenny’s parents and of course Joe and Mario.

Thanks to Jenny for photo

Medals ahoy! 3rd Team

Medals ahoy! 3rd Team

Colin Thompson  and Tom were out on Saturday at the Halewood 5k (free race 1st Saturday of every month) with 41 runners out in total and Colin writes “No PBs for either of us but we still had a solid race on a nice course”. Tom also ran Sunday so well done to Tom for his double that weekend.

13th       Colin Thompson            20.20 (2nd in category)
25th       Tom De Jong                22.39 (age category winner)

Full results for Halewood below

Sunday was the final Sunday league cross country event, held at Walton Hall Park in Liverpool, where the joint Helsby, Lymm, Warrington RR ladies team won the series trophy for the second consecutive year with Jayne winning the ladies individual trophy. Once again, a terrific performance from the ladies over all the races.

Both Lesley and Jayne were in the top half of the field for the 5.25 mostly flat course and Helsby had two men in the top ten which bodes well for next season. It was also a bigger field than the previous race with 132 men and 51 ladies.

Well done to all who ran, especially those doing the double. A strong performance by the men saw them 4th team on the day (rather than the usual 5th). Let’s build on this for next year!

3rd         Jayne Joy
21st       Lesley Feakes

8th         Adair Broughton
10th       Colin Bishop
37th       ChrisBaynham-Hughes
82nd       David Feakes
88th       Adrian Jackson
102nd     Tom De Jong
112th     Andy Smith

Once again many thanks to Dave Pinnington for showering runners with great photos of the day


Please note the further chapters in Chris Baynham-Hughes Dragons Back blog are now available here http://baynham-hughes.com/Blog/

(There is a link to Steve’s and Chris’s respective blogs on our Helsby wordpress site too)

And for everyone who likes planning their racing year in advance I’ve now done the first draft of this year’s events listing on the blog is now available here:


If you know of any other races I need to add just send me the details. It’s definitely time to start thinking of your favourites as over the next few weeks we’ll hopefully get the summer calendar sorted. By summer, we mean from March to November!

If anyone would like to add their choices for the Long Distance Trail Series please let Andy Robinson know too.

Also, Joe has asked if anyone has a car or has a family member who has access to a car with roof bars who will be able to take the race clock for the half marathon after the start. Please contact Joe Beswick if you can help (or contact me and I can forward the relevant details)

Reminder that this Sunday is already the 4th Border League Race, the laps of Birkenhead Park. See you there at 11.00am. For details please visit www.bordersleague.org.uk




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