Helsby weekend round-up 16-17th February 2013

Hi all

It was the 43rd Parbold Hill Race on Saturday. Please find attached a muddy report from Andy Smith below.

“A warm, sunny, almost spring like day made for ideal running conditions for what would turn out to be a race of two halves. If the first half of the 6.8 mile, largely off road race was challenging enough, comprising as it did a roughly equal mix of road, track and field, including the long slog up to the cheering crowds outside the Miller and Carter pub; this was nothing compared to the copious quantities of mud laid on by the organiser’s in the second half. Not even a full season of cross country races had prepared me for the gloopy, sticky fields the race went across. Even with a new pair of studded fell shoes on, it was hard just to stay upright in many places, let alone make progress. I have no idea how those behind in ordinary trainers were coping.

Mud, more mud, a couple of straw bale fences to vault / fall over, yet more mud, a muddy gully full of rocks (hidden under the mud naturally), still more mud, a stream shin deep in soft mud with a slippery bank it was almost impossible to scale, further mud. Finally we hit the last stretch of road to the finish and with a solid surface underfoot again, a chance to see whether the legs were still capable of working. A sprint for the finish and it was all over. A long queue for the hosepipe gave ample opportunity to compare notes and bragging rights with other runners as to who was the most covered in mud. 

An excellent run out, highly recommended for next year – it can’t get any muddier than this year.

Photos from Pinno can be found at


…..And somehow fail to show the full muddy horror of what had been an cracking day out

Results for Parbold here


186th                 Janet Robertson                        61.49 (3rd in age cat)
242nd                 Andy Smith                               65.47

It was the Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon on Sunday morning with full results below



It was a great day for running at the Industrial estate, blue sky welcomed all runners which maybe helped for the fantastic results and times experienced by the majority of the Helsby runners on the day. PBtastic!

There was a slight headwind on the course which surprised many runners on the course as it felt in the car park that there was barely a breeze.

Great to see Joe and Mario on course in support as well as lots of familiar faces cheering the Helsby vest.

Carol Shaw was the standalone prize winner on the day with a fabulous 3rd in her age category showing the consistent and great form she is in, although Carol probably had to work just as hard after the race carrying and sorting Helsby Half Marathon memorabilia.

Four PB’s from the eight Helsby runners with another step forward from Jayne taking 7th lady securing a PB. Jayne was also 3rd in her category but somehow it’s been missed on the day (Power of 10 results don’t show her category position but ukresults does – looks like race organiser missed it too)

Unfortunately Alison Meakin is down as a prize winner as Tom took her place (organisors have been contacted). It’s important to change your name officially as it does other people out of genuine prizes if not!

Helsby positions and places as follows

39th       Adair Broughton                        81.28
48th       Colin Thompson                        83.15 PB
87th       Jayne Joy                                 86.52 PB           (3rd in cat)
106th     Gareth Boyd                             88.44 PB
203rd     Tom De Jong                            99.09 PB
206th     Carol Shaw                               99.21                (3rd in age cat)
227th     Helen Owens                             1.41.26 PB
279th     Dave Madders                          1.47.03


Castle Park training still on-going on Monday nights 6.30pm, will be great to see some new faces if anyone fancies it.

As always, if anyone else has been participating in any other events please let me know as it is great to include them in the round up emails or on the blog.

Keep up the good work and the PB’s everyone!



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