Border League final race and standings April 2013

Hi all

Full Border League results are now available online

Andy Smith states “excellent showing from Helsby for the final Border’s League race of the season. Just over 4 miles made for a sharp and fast race. Conditions were cool, but ideal for running.”

Colin Bishop led the Helsby charge also securing a fantastic 1st for his category on the night but also for the series overall so make sure you congratulate Colin when you see him. Jenny Illidge was 1st Helsby lady home. But Colin was not alone in securing honours as Albert Berry was also 1st for his category, Carol Shaw 2nd in hers and Tom DeJong 3rd in his. Great to see the hard work from individuals transferred to silverware and to help show the talent that currently resides in the club. But the Border League is a team event so thanks to everyone who participated whether in one race or in all.

The Helsby ladies secured 4th team in Division one on the night and the men 4th in Division two. However, over the season we are definitely getting more strength in depth as Helsby men were 2nd in the improver’s trophy. Overall the ladies team were third in Division One and the men third in Division Two.

Helsby position and times as follows

22nd BISHOP,   Colin 22:41
51st THOMPSON,   Colin 23:35
52nd BAYHAM   HUGHES, Chris 23:40
93rd LANDUCCI,   Ian 25:12
115th GASKILL,   Roy 26:23
141st ILLIDGE,   Jenny 27:13
144th ASHBROOK,   Jane 27:21
148th JACKSON,   Adrian 27:27
171st SHAW,   Geoff 28:05
173rd DeJONG,   Tom 28:07
187th ROBERTSON,   Janet 28:57
197th SMITH,   Andy 29:32
204th BAYHAM   HUGHES, Laura 29:47
213th FEAKES,   Lesley 30:32
230th MILLER,   Claire Louise 31:44
232nd WILLIAMS,   Ben 32:00
238th FARWELL,   Jo 32:44
255th SHAW,   Janet 34:44

Please note any uncollected trophies will be awarded on the night of the AGM.

Once again thanks again to everyone participating in the series and helping the teams do so well.


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