Your new executive

Congratulations Jackie on her election as Chair — the people’s choice! Andy Smith leaves big shoes to fill, and we all wish him the best of luck in his new Lakeland life (anybody else jealous?), but Jackie has always done much more for the club than she takes credit for, so the new job should be like shelling peas for her.

Other names for you:

Chairman         Jackie – proposed Phil, seconded Chris H
Secretary         Phil
Treasurer         Jo
Men’s Captain – Adair
Men’s Vice captain – Steve
Ladies’ Team Manager – Joe
Ladies’ Vice Captain – Jane A
Press Officer – Carol (+Adair)
Social secretary – Dave and Lesley
Half Marathon Director – Gareth
HCSC – Betty
Border League Co-ordinator – Adrian and Vanessa
XC Co-ordinator – Jayne J
This isn’t an exclusive group though – plenty of people help out in significant ways without official recognition. The ‘committee’ is always ready to hear from you so if you have an idea, share away!