Helsby weekly round-up 29th May – 2nd June 2013

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Jura Fell Race was on Saturday 25th May and our Chairman Jackie was in attendance and which she completed brilliantly in just over 6 hours for 207thplace…. Please note this race is 28km with 7 mountain summits and total climb of 2370m! Huge congratulations to Jackie for that one. For full details of the race see here or to see Jackie’s full report of the race please visit the separate blog article



Saturday morning was the Delamere Park run with another convincing win by one of the fastest runners in Cheshire, Colin Bishop. First lady home for Helsby was Vanessa for a fantastic 26th place.

1 Colin BISHOP 17:50 VM50-54 84.77 % M 1 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 6  
26 Vanessa GRIFFITHS 21:59 VW45-49 74.45 % F 4 Helsby RC New PB! 3  
39 Carol SHAW 23:05 VW50-54 73.50 % F 9 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:24 7  
47 Helen OWENS 23:57 VW35-39 63.19 % F 11 Helsby RC First Timer! 3  
79 Derek GALLAGHER 27:22 VM60-64 58.59 % M 54 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:49

For full results see here


Saturday was also the Welsh 1000m peaks race, certainly a tough one in the Calendar. Chris Baynham-Hughes was the sole representative for Helsby. Please find Chris’s race report below

“Cracking weekend out in Llanberris with the family. Reliably woken up by the boys I headed out to my 3rd attempt at the Welsh 1000m peaks race. Two years previous I’d had my worst showing in a Helsby vest which saw me sat down half way around realising I’d bitten off more than I could chew. Once the pain had faded a couple of weeks later I vowed to return and get my dignity back. Alas last year was a wash out and revised course, so the good weather forecast was very well received.

The truth was that I had it easy, I just had to get to the top of Snowdon taking in all five 1000m peaks in Wales starting from the coast. Laura on the other hand was attempting to climb Snowdon from LLanberris with Rhys (4 in August) and James (2 in July). All was going well until the descent from the Carneddau to Llyn Ogwen where I badly rolled my ankle. I hobbled down in serious pain and my heart sank as 15+ people passed me. On the verge of my first DNF in order to limit the damage I decided to run the flat road and see how it was. I was able to isolate it so I figured I may as well try the up. It wasn’t too bad so I cracked on up the knarly Gribin ridge which turned into a semi-rock climb. Agony down the red spot path lead to salvation on the way up Snowdon. Genuinely running up the PYG track with good form was a world away from the sorry excuse for a shuffle that I had managed two years previous. Descending from Garnedd Ugain I tripped and narrowly missed my face on the rocks; at the same time my leg cramped and I let out a yelp much to the distress of those around me who thought I’d cracked my face on the rocks. Thankfully not so just enough left to push (literally with the tourists) to the end.

The real hero of the day was Laura though, whilst they didn’t make it to the top, they did get well over half way! All that was left was to enjoy the sunshine of the weekend. Turned out we were camping next to the chap that came second; he was in the lead on Snowdon before Colin Donelly passed him “like a very relaxed train”… not bad for a vet 50

Whilst I lamented what could have been I was also really pleased with the end result all things considered. 16th in 4:52:25. “

16th       Chris Baynham-Hughes  4.52.25

For photos of the day please visit www.wfra.org.uk

Official website and full results available here http://www.welsh1000m.org/

Saturday afternoon Hollin’s Green 5k race was our 6th road counter of the season. Nine men were out and the two men’s teams finished 8th and 15th. 1st lady home for Helsby was Janet Shaw.

Helsby positions and places as follows

40th       Adair Broughton            18.47
51st       Gareth Boyd                 19.04
61st       Ivan Davies                   19.29
66th       Ian Landucci                  19.53
106th     Dave Madders               21.05
114th     John Thompson            21.48
120th     Geoff Shaw                  22.01
130th     Andy Smith                   22.27
169th     Ian Hilditch                    24.44
197th     Janet Shaw                   26.34

For full details and results see here


Sunday was the brilliant Hospice run and hopefully a full report and photos will be in the Chronicle shortly as well as an update on the blog.

Elsewhere on Sunday three Helsby runners were out enjoying the weather at the Edenfield Fell Race, organised by Rossendale Running Club. Jayne Joy on winning form in the fells has continued that success even further from home. Jayne was first lady home, first home for Helsby and was three seconds off the course record. The great achievement shows Jayne is now turning fell running into an art form. Also running were Adair Broughton and Paul Foster.

20th       Jayne Joy                     53.11
43rd       Adair Broughton            56.51
80th       Paul Foster                   65.35

For a map and previous race report please see here


Full Results availablehere here


Also out on Sunday was the Helsby long distance trail winner Andy Robinson in the Northants Ultra 35. Andy’s race report as follows “too flat and too much road”!

15th       Andy Robinson 5.36.03

Results available here


Well done once again to everyone getting the Helsby vest out on display