Walking the walk – Edinburgh 2013

Hi all

Please find race report from Jo Farwell regarding here marathon moonwalk for charity. The Fundraising page is below


Walking the walk – Edinburgh 2013

A few photo’s from Saturday nights / Sunday morning’s marathon moonwalk.

We didn’t start until 11.45pm, so a little frustrating waiting around for 3hrs, but a good time was had by all. Even my trotters survived, with just one blister on my heel and that didn’t stop us romping home the last 4 miles, taking numerous scalps along the way!!

It was a bit miserable in the wee small hours of Sunday morning between 2 and 4am, it got quite cold and there was a bit of drizzle but there was something quite special about seeing the sun come up over the coast in the quiet of the morning….saying that the hot chocolate helped!!

Finished in just short of 7hrs, and we were so glad that we didn’t have to go around again, unlike the crazy ladies that were doing the ‘Over the Moon’ double marathon!

So all in all a good weekend, the weather was kind to us and we managed to raise a little bit of money for a great cause.

Jo xx

Walking the WAlk 2 Walking the walk 3

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