Helsby weekly round-up to 30th July 2013

Hi all

Lots to report this week.

Race report from up north by Andy Smith for a fell race Tuesday 23rd July

“Tuesday night, just as the summer weather broke, I headed out for the Fellside race in the Caldbeck fells, north of Skiddaw. An A-medium race, 7 miles with nearly 2000′ foot of climb in it, threatened to be a bit of an epic for an evening race. A tremendous thunderstorm and lashing rain as I drove towards race HQ didn’t bode well. Fortunately the storm passed before the start of the race, but the hills remained shrouded in cloud. 15 minutes after leaving the start (Fellside farm NY304372) we entered thick clagg with visibility of only a few yards and little in the way of defined paths over the bog and heather. It was then a case of hanging onto the shadowy figure in the mist in front and hoping that they were following someone who knew where the hell they were going. This worked ok for the first summit (Brae Fell NY288352), our little group of 4 made it safely to summit 2 (Great Sca Fell NY292338) – we think, and eventually to summit 3 (Knott NY296329) with only a minor detour. The need to hang onto others spurring me on to better running than I thought I was capable of. Leaving Knott, our group grew considerably and eventually the policy of following someone who knew where they were going came unstuck. After some ominous rolls of thunder, the cloud lifted a bit a revealed a large valley. This was met by a consensus of opinion that we’d all gone astray. A route back to the race course was plotted. Here I made a mistake in electing to remain high and contour round, rather than drop down and back up, loosing quite a bit of ground in the process and dropping – it transpired – to the back of the field. Back onto a definable track and following vests in the distance brought me onto the 4th summit (High Pike NY318350) and the long run back to the finish, passing the tail end marker in the process ! I finished 44th in 1hr 41m 33sec, clearly completely out of my league. Nevertheless it was another good outing on the fells and I did feel as though some of my fitness and strength is returning. It’s all good training. And more of an epic than I originally envisaged.”

On Wednesday Jo Farwell competed in the ‘Blues and Twos’ Multi-terrain 10k in Preston (this was after cycling 18 miles to get there!).

Full results for the Blues and Twos can be found here


Also on Wednesday was the Green Green Grass of Home Fell race, race 6 in our club fell series. Photos are available at the Welsh Fell Runners website www.wfra.org.uk. First home for Helsby with another fine performance was Jim O’Hara and first Helsby lady home was Jane Ashbrook. Lots of Helsby prize winners on the night including Roy, Laura and Jane. It should also be noted that this was Laura’s first fell race which is a fabulous performance

No official results as yet on the but Helsby positions and times (should be) as follows

5th Jim O’Hara


6th Adair Broughton


17th Colin Thompson


26th Gareth Boyd


30th Roy Gaskill


31st Steve Riley


38th Tom de Jong


44th Paul Porter


49th Paul Foster


65th Jane Ashbrook


67th Jim Jones (2nd claim)


71st Adrian Jackson


78th Laura Baynham Hughes


85th Chris Hatton


86th Nesta Hawker


93rd Jackie Keasley


95th John Hardman


Saturday as normal saw the green vests at the Delamere 5k Park Run where Derek Morris saw a podium result for 3rd overall and we also had three PB’s on the day. Carol Shaw first home for the Helsby ladies in 40th overall.


3 Derek MORRIS 19:02 SM35-39 70.67 % M 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:18:55 3  
33 Stephen WIGGINS 22:39 SM20-24 57.54 % M 28 Helsby RC New PB! 3  
34 Benjamin John WILLIAMS 22:44 SM35-39 58.36 % M 29 Helsby RC New PB! 9  
40 Carol SHAW 23:25 VW50-54 72.46 % F 6 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:24 10  
68 Ian HILDITCH 25:32 VM70-74 70.82 % M 55 Helsby RC New PB! 10  
73 Alison MEAKIN 25:51 VW55-59 72.99 % F 15 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:45 8  
90 Tanya Elizabeth DOWNES 27:11 VW35-39 55.67 % F 20 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:08 3  


Full Results here


Paul Foster had a fell race at Beetham in Cumbria which formed part of the village fete on Saturday which was a 6 mile race with 1000ft climb. Paul had a great run for 46th overall in a time of 52.50

Also out on the fells for the Push-up the Pincyn fell race near Ruthin were four Helsby vests with Phil Gillard in his first race back, so was good to see Phil enjoying his hills. Helsby positions and times as follows. Well done to Tom DeJong for first under 23 and prize winner Mario for 2nd in his category.

2nd        Adair Broughton            50.13
21st       Mario Foschi                 60.46 (2nd in age cat)
23rd       Tom DeJong                 62.00 (1st u23)
24th       Phil Gillard                    62.39
26th       Jim Jones                     63.10 (2nd claim Helsby)

Full results on www.wfra.org.uk with links also to Photos on the day available from Alistair Tye and Pete Douglas

As you know this weekend was Lakeland 100. Chris has written a good account of the day (and night) here


Results for Lakeland 100 here.

Sunday was the Gritstone Tryal. Race report received from Andy Robinson below

“Jackie & I ran the Gritstone Tryal race yesterday. It was a really good event again: this year 11 miles through the hillsfrom Flash in the Staffordshire Peak (south of Buxton). A new route every year, and you don’t find out where you’re going until the morning of the race. The rain held off so we had great running conditions, the views were excellent & the running was pretty good underfoot too. Winning time was 1:50:22, I came in 15th in 2:09:30, and Jackie was 24th in 2:37:32 (not 3:37:32 – there’s a typo in the results). Jackie was first female vet as well, beating all the other ladies over 40, so she got a prize for that. Results are here.

Some things to note

       It’s the next Interclub and Club Counter this weekend, the Teggs Nose race near Macclesfield. The race is 2.30pm this Saturday and is just under an hours drive from Helsby. Details and information available from www.macclesfield-harriers.co.uk We are competing very well in this series so far so as many runners as we can muster will really help our progress.

       Don’t forget to let Phil know your 5k and 10k times if you are running in the summer handicap which also includes the BBQ. Helsby Running Club will provide the meat and veggie options but if anyone can bring a savoury salad or side dish or sweet that is really helpful. Please let Jackie know what you will bring so we can have a balanced BBQ!

       Pie and Peas is filling up, is a popular event and places are limited, don’t miss out. Please visit the Vale Royal website for more details. http://www.valeroyalseniors.com/

       We now have a date for the Robbie Webster Wobbler, which will be the third and final race in our inter-club series. This race will be on Wednesday 4th September 2013 at 6.45pm, Frodsham Hill. Details to follow..

Keep on running



Helsby weekly update 17th July – 22nd July 2013

Hi all

I believe some people are still not aware of Ian Landucci’s blog warning of Hyponotremia posted a couple of weeks ago. Please read when you get the chance and let’s hope Ian is well soon and all from Helsby wish him the best in his recovery.


There were two races last Wednesday night, the Sefton Park 5 Miler and The Druid Fell Race. Colin Bishop running his first of two Five mile races this week was the sole Helsby representative for the Tony Barnes Memorial Race. Colin is in fine form highlighted by him securing a PB on the night. Full results as below.


13th                  Colin Bishop                29.04

The Druid Fell Race was a club counter but also the first of three in our Inter-club fell competition so it was great to see such a fantastic turnout for Helsby including some fell virgins…..but will they be back for more? Twenty out for Helsby with the ever improving Jim O’Hara leading the cause in blinding aplomb finishing in 6th place overall. Prize winners on the night included Janet Robertson picking up a well-deserved age category position. Thanks to Joe and Mario for support and marshalling on the night. Well done also to those that managed to dodge the cows on the night. Over 150 runners were out for this race and the race organiser was able to donate £400 to the local hospice which shows supporting these low key and cheap races is really worthwhile.

(Race organisor would also like to thank Adnow Jackson who drove to his house to offer him a lift to the race, very kind!…sorry Adrian, couldn’t resist)

6th   35.52   Jim O’Hara
9th   36.13   Chris Baynham Hughes
14th   37.27   Adair Broughton
30th   40.22   Colin Thompson
46th   42.31   Roy Gaskill
55th   43.32   Steve Riley
58th   43.36   Gareth Boyd
59th   43.41   Andy Robinson
64th   44.26   Paul Porter
78th   45.48   Janet Robertson
81st   46.10   Tom De Jong
84th   46.17   Adrian Jackson
89th   46.42   Paul Foster
97th   47.14   Vanessa Griffiths
99th   47.25   Jim Jones (2nd Claim for Helsby)
111th   48.43   Rachel Arnold
120th   50.19   Ben J Williams
123rd   51.10   Chris Hatton
134th   54.38   Joanne Lacking
135th   54.40   Helen Owens


For full results please check out the Welsh Fell Runners website here 


Also, Pete Douglas was once again out on the course finding our best gurning shots here


In terms of the Inter-Club competition between the four clubs of Helsby, Spectrum, Tattenhall and Pensby we are now in 2nd position and only 12 points behind Spectrum. Let’s hope we have a good turnout at Teggs nose on Saturday 3rd August, especially with a couple of our good runners back in action to complement what was a brilliant achievement by all involved on the night, which should hold us in good stead. Remember if you turn up, no matter what your ability you will help Helsby score points.

Saturday morning saw the Delamere Park Run where seven Helsby members were led home by the sub 20 minute man Roy Gaskill. Four new course PB’s were also achieved on the morning so well done to all taking part and special congratulations also to Laura Baynham-Hughes not just first lady home for Helsby but 1st lady overall on the day. Chris will have to watch out!

8 Roy GASKILL 19:53 VM45-49 73.01 % M 8 Helsby RC New PB! 8  
13 Andy ROBINSON 21:24 VM55-59 74.30 % M 13 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:01 2  
27 Benjamin John WILLIAMS 22:50 SM35-39 58.10 % M 27 Helsby RC New PB! 8  
29 Laura BAYNHAM-HUGHES 22:53 VW35-39 65.55 % F 1 Helsby RC New PB! 8  
41 Carol SHAW 23:54 VW50-54 70.99 % F 5 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:24 9  
64 Tanya Elizabeth DOWNES 27:08 VW35-39 55.77 % F 15 Helsby RC New PB! 2  
109 Jane ASHBROOK 36:25 VW35-39 41.33 % F 49 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:53 10  

Saturday afternoon was the Burtonwood 5 Mile road race, our 8th Road Counter of the season and a race which is now a common fixture in our Calendar. This year it was also part of the Cheshire Grand Prix series of races so a quality field was expected. Colin Bishop showed his class with a top three finish in his age category and first male home for Helsby and extra kudos goes to Jo Farwell who biked there and back from Helsby also securing top points for the club counter. Well done to all runners on what was a warm day.

I should also mention the great support on the day from Joe, Jane and Louise. Photo’s of the day courtesy of Louise will appear on the Helsby blog. And just to make it clear we always appreciate your shouts of encouragement, keep them coming!

Full results can be found here courtesy of Spectrum Striders


Helsby position and times as follows:

22nd                 Colin Bishop                29.05
                 Colin Thompson          29.52
                  Adair Broughton          30.07
                  Gareth Boyd               33.30
                Adrian Jackson           35.38
                Tom DeJong               36.58
               Andy Smith                 38.15
th                Jo Farwell                   43.58

For standings in the Cheshire Grand Prix please check the following link in the next few


Keep on running everyone, and don’t forget it’s the Green Green Grass Fell Counter this Wednesday, details here in the upcoming races section, and luckily race organisor only lives a few metres away from the course start!


Please let me know if I’ve missed any results as I’ll update the blog accordingly.


Lakeland 100 Challenge

Hi all

Thought many of you should get to know about Chris’s upcoming challenge….


and for such a worthy guy and cause please find details of his just giving page below


every little helps and all acts as more motivation for this talented athlete

Adair Broughton


Helsby weekly round-up 10th – 16th July 2013

Hi all

Delamere Park Run on Saturday saw a good turnout for Helsby with Colin Bishop once again leading the charge for the green vest and Vanessa for the ladies. Twelve out for Helsby in total with a quarter obtaining Helsby PB’s on the day too so well done for those. Results below but for full results see here


4 Colin BISHOP 18:00 VM50-54 83.98 % M 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 8  
7 Colin THOMPSON 18:37 SM30-34 70.46 % M 7 Helsby RC New PB! 23  
24 Vanessa GRIFFITHS 22:01 VW45-49 74.34 % F 2 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:59 4  
32 Benjamin John WILLIAMS 22:56 SM35-39 57.85 % M 30 Helsby RC New PB! 7  
33 Laura BAYNHAM-HUGHES 23:01 VW35-39 65.17 % F 3 Helsby RC New PB! 7  
34 Janet ROBERTSON 23:05 VW45-49 70.18 % F 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:36 3  
43 Mike SEARLE 24:02 VM50-54 61.37 % M 37 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:47 3  
45 Rachel ARNOLD 24:18 VW50-54 69.82 % F 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:39 4  
51 Stephen WIGGINS 24:44 SM20-24 52.70 % M 41 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:33 2  
52 Louise MCEVELEY 24:44 VW45-49 65.50 % F 11 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:35 3  
58 Lesley FEAKES 24:59 VW45-49 65.51 % F 12 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:15 8  
77 Alison MEAKIN 26:24 VW55-59 71.46 % F 19 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:45 7  

Saturday was the Tal Y Fan fell race near Conwy, held in conjunction with the Rowen village carnival and a race forming part of the North Wales series. Results and race report here


With no Jayne Joy to put Helsby on the map due to cycling across Mongolia it was up to Jim O Hara to take the honours for Helsby with a cracking run for a top ten finish. Adair Broughton was 11th followed by Mario Foschi for a great 2nd prize in his age category. Needless to say it was a hot day indeed but a great atmosphere made the trip worthwhile. Thanks also to Joe for support on the way out and the way in. Possible photos to follow here


8th                     Jim O’Hara                    1.19.25
11th                   Adair Broughton            1.21.41
37th                   Mario Foschi                 1.33.05

I knew it seemed quiet this week and Helsby has a trophy winner that I hadn’t sent out in the results

Well done to Andy Robinson who ran the 26 miles of the White Peak Walk on Saturday and came in first. What a brilliant result and huge congratulations to Andy to achieve a 1st place in an event of well over 250 people and powered purely by Kendal Mint cake (and in that heat too).

Brief race report from Andy below but please congratulate him when you see him.

“…I ran the White Peak Walk on Saturday. 26 miles in the Derbyshire Peak, in temperatures up to 31 degrees. 385 entered, only 265 showed up, mainly due to the hot weather. 67 DNFs & I came in first. I’ve got the trophy to prove it. Runners & walkers were dropping like flies. It wasn’t much fun, to be honest, trying to push yourself in that heat. Hoping to be at the Druid on Wednesday, but my legs are pretty stiff at the present”


It was the Bollington Nostalgia this weekend, I’ve seen no results yet but will update the blog if any Helsby members attended.

We love Manchester 10k was on Sunday where there were four out for Helsby. Results can be found on the TDL website


54th                   Colin Thompson            38.56
116th                 Roy Gaskill                   42.12
445th                 Joanne Lacking              48.09
530th                 Clare-Louise Miller         49.07

Brief race port from Clare below

“A few of us also did the we love manchester 10k. I did 49.07 but it wasn’t enjoyable at all, far too hot and it’s testament when by half 10 I have a burnt forehead and burnt shoulders within that time. The course was also inaccurate 10k turned into 10.36k! I know a few club runners were angry about this on twitter!”


Please don’t forget its ‘The Druid’ this Wednesday which is a Helsby Fell Counter but also part of our three race Inter-Club competition with Spectrum, Tattenhall and Pensby. For those who can make it you will score points for Helsby if you turn up and for those who don’t like competition just enjoy it as a training run as it is a fantastic introduction to fell running for those who haven’t really tried off road running to any extent. Plus it starts and finishes at a pub!

Details on upcoming races list here www.wfra.org.uk

Keep on running everyone


Warning – Hyponotremia

As a warning to everyone in the club I thought I should share my experiences of this week with you all.


Spent the day laying a patio in hot summer sunshine making sure I was drinking plenty of water.


Went for a 2 hour training run in the morning, again drinking plenty of water and took a sports gel to keep me going. Spent the rest of Sunday working on the patio, again making sure I was drinking plenty of water to cope with the hot weather.


Collapsed in work and needed CPR to get me round. I was then rushed into Macclesfield hospital where I spent the next 2 days recovering.

The diagnosis was Hyponotremia, which basically means my sodium levels had dropped down far too low. The combination of very hot weather and drinking lots of water meant that I had sweated and diluted too much salt out of my system. When this reaches extreme levels it can, as in my case, cause you too collapse.

Thankfully I’m still here but I do have a couple of cracked ribs from the CPR which are rather painful.

Thankfully this doesn’t seem to be a very common situation but given the potentially serious outcome I thought it would be worth sharing with you all.

The solution to the problem is to make sure you re-hydrate properly using sports drinks which provide electrolyte replacement and don’t just rely on water alone.

I will hopefully be back running in a few weeks time and will be making sure I have car boot well stocked with electrolyte drinks.



5k Cheshire Grand Prix Series results

Hi all

Congratulations to Geoff Shaw winning his age category in the 2013 Cheshire Grand Prix 5k series of races.

Be sure to congratulate him when you see him

Details can be found here


2013 5k Series – Mens winners

MSen: Matthew Shaw (Salford Harriers)
M40: Stuart Doyle (Vale Royal AC)
M45: Graham Green (Warrington AC)
M50: Andrew Green (Warrington AC)
M55: Colin Martin (Spectrum Striders RC)
M60: Geoff Shaw (Helsby RC)
M65: Dave Tomkins (Northern Vets AC)
M70: Simon Fenton (Wilmslow RC)
MJun: Leighton Sharman (Warrington AC)

Helsby Weekly update 2nd – 8th July 2013

Hi all

Updated results with information about the Delamere Park run changed (didn’t sort in position or times, sorry for the confusion).

Wednesday was the Forest Park Ladies 5k with a good showing for Helsby from the 170 runners out in total. Great running from Vanessa meant she was first lady in for Helsby. Full results below


21st       Vanessa Griffiths          22.06
23rd       Joanne Lacking             22.21
25th       Janet Robertson            22.24
32nd       Jane Ashbrook              22.37
43rd       Clare-Louise Miller         23.36

Thursday was Race 2 in the Deestriders Multi-Terrain Summer series. Colin Bishop stormed round the course to finish 6th overall and easily first in his age category.

6th         Colin Bishop                 27.42
14th       Jim O’Hara                    28.47
18th       Adair Broughton            29.18
23rd     Colin Thompson           29.42

36th       Ivan Davies                   31.31
39th       Gareth Boyd                 31.47
52nd       Tom DeJong                 34.51

Full results for the first two races here


Saturday morning was the Delamere Park Run with first in for Helsby Ivan Davies for 17th in 20.02 with a tight finish with Roy Gaskill for 18th in 20.03. First lady in was Joanne Lacking for 56th in 22.49 then Stephen Wiggins next in with 24.33 and 75th place followed by Louise McEveley in 76th in 24.35 .

Please note results below not in order

18 Roy GASKILL 20:03 VM45-49 72.40 % M 16 Helsby RC New PB! 7  
76 Louise MCEVELEY 24:35 VW45-49 65.90 % F 10 Helsby RC New PB! 2  
75 Stephen WIGGINS 24:33 SM20-24 53.09 % M 66 Helsby RC First Timer! 1  
56 Joanne LACKING 22:49 SW30-34 65.16 % F 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:45 3  
17 Ivan DAVIES 20:02 SM35-39 67.14 % M 15 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:47 3  

Full results for the Park run here


Also on Saturday was the Moel Siabod Fell Race at Capel Curig with Jayne Joy securing a brilliant 2nd lady overall in tough conditions. Adair Broughton also ran. Joe and Mario were also at the race offering fantastic support as always. Full results should follow in time here


Paul Foster ran in the Tockholes Fell Race (Darwin) on Saturday in the 6miles and 1000ft race where he achieved 34th place (from 58 runners), completing the course in 54.46

Sunday was the Leigh 10k. Website here but unable to find results as yet


Also on Sunday was the Fairy Freckled Cow Multi-terrain race at Alwen Reservoir with sole Helsby representative Ben Williams having a great run for 67th in 57.56 and first in for Helsby. 143  in total finishers so well done to Ben for that run.

Full results here


and please find an informative race report from Ben below

“Just a quick report on the Fairy Freckled Cow trail race which I ran today. It’s a really friendly race, very informal, round the Alwen Reservoir.  I recorded the distance at 6.75 miles, a bit shorter than the 7m I was expecting. It’s sort of home territory for me – Dad’s from Nantglyn, one of the nearest villages.

The main factor was the heat – some of the race was on forest trails, but people (including me…) were struggling on the open moorland section. The 1130 start didn’t help on that front. The lake sure looked tempting, and plenty of runners seemed to be taking a dip after the finish.

Most of the entrants seemed to be club runners, including what looked like most of Wilmslow RC (27 finishers), so I was worried that the standard might be a bit out of my league, but I managed to find a group who were around my pace and stick with them around the course.

Funniest thing about the day – the big official ‘toilets’ sign pointing into the woods. Well, it made me chuckle.


Cheers for the race report Ben, it’s always interesting to receive others perspectives on the many different races out there.

And as for race reports many thanks to Jackie for all the details on this weekend’s Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon

Pictures to follow on the blog and the race report is from three people, Andy, Jackie and Chris BH.

The 35th Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon 6th / 7th July 2013 – a challenging, hot, sunny & most memorable GB sporting weekend!

2 days of running with an overnight camp. Starting below Black Combe in the far south west corner of the Lake District competitors headed north onto Corney, Ulpha and Birker Fells. After an initial steep climb the area flattened out to give good running on all courses. The overnight campsite in warm sunshine was its usual mix of relaxing, meeting old friends and making new ones. On the Sunday the courses climbed back out onto the open fells before a fast run back down south to the finish.

words form Andy  Jackie & Chris

What a lovely weekend eh?  And a great area to run or walk in.  Good set of results too:

Chris B-H: Klets run in style, without getting lost too many times  (16th total time 12:14:20, a good workout for the Lakeland 100 in at the end of the month)

Jackie & Rachel:  First female vets in the Carrock Fell class. No prize for that I think, but a great achievement all the same.  We saw Jackie at the finish & she looked as fresh as before she started.  A great comeback mountain marathon race for Rachel after a knee op and achilles treatment over the last 12 months. Knee swelling on Sat evening left me thinking I was going to have an easier run in on Sunday, but that was not the case, a miraculous recovery meant a steady pace set by Rachel on Sunday with me on catch up all morning! Definitely back into form and looking for more as purchased a new pair of mudclawas from Pete Blands at the end of the race!!! (71st total time 7:39:13, age adjusted position 23rd 7:39:13)

Esther & I didn’t complete Beda Fell either day, missing out some of the controls as Esther found the rough ground hard work. Not surprising really, as she’d been so busy with GCSEs and music activities over the past few months she’d done virtually no physical exercise at all.  Before we’d finished she was already planning her campaign to get fitter & have another go next year.  (well done Esher, you look as fresh at the start as the finish, despite a covering a large distance on rough ground carrying an overnight pack in exhausting heat!)

Karen Nash (a british vet fell running legend):  Klets run & completed with cracked ribs, which is just bonkers

Chris V: (Andys friend)  Klets day 1 completed without actually training.  No idea how you did that Chris.  Wheels appear to have come off yesterday, but I haven’t had the full story of that yet, just seen the results.  We’ve still got your sleeping bag, Chris – no noodles or soup spilt down it as far as I know. Day 1 9:22:15

Fantastic work on both days, it was a tough course – would I be right in assuming that you decided enough was enough at Black combe? That heather around the side was enough to put anybody off – my shins are rubbed raw! Karen’s route around there was genius!

Some photos courtesy of Jackie here

all_ready_for_off andy_&_esther_at_finish andy_&_esther_at_start camp_saunders chris_at_finish map_corrections_at_start rachel_jackie_at_finish



























Good to see you all!

Fantastic weekend topped off by the sport (and I managed to get back without knowing the Lion’s score so I could watch it pseudo live!)

The most nerve racking/exhausting part of the weekend was listening to the tennis final on the radio coming home in the van!  Great result for everyone!!! Saunders comes highly recommended as an intro to mountain marathons, ask any of us for more details!

Keep on running everyone and let’s not forget Chris Baynham-Hughes Dragons back talk, which will start 8.15pm after the club run this Wednesday. If you could let Lesley or Dave know if you are going too that would be great


Helsby weekly update 26th June – 1st July 2013

Hi all

Last Wednesday 26th June saw Paul Foster run the 2nd Harrock Hill race of the season beating last months’ time by over a minute. No results as yet but details here


It was the Delamere Park Run on Saturday morning which saw Steve Riley first in for Helsby and 24th place followed by three rising stars in Helsby ladies section all establishing PB’s for the course! Eleven out for Helsby so it was a good local showing of the green vest.

24 Steve RILEY 22:12 VM45-49 65.39 % M 21 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:21 4  
34 Joanne LACKING 22:45 SW30-34 65.35 % F 5 Helsby RC New PB! 2  
38 Laura BAYNHAM-HUGHES 23:07 VW35-39 64.89 % F 7 Helsby RC New PB! 6  
44 Helen OWENS 23:24 VW35-39 64.67 % F 8 Helsby RC New PB! 4  
54 David FEAKES 24:06 VM50-54 61.69 % M 42 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:37 7  
72 Lesley FEAKES 25:22 VW45-49 64.52 % F 17 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:15 7  
73 Louise MCEVELEY 25:25 VW45-49 63.74 % F 18 Helsby RC First Timer! 1  
80 Ian HILDITCH 25:44 VM70-74 70.27 % M 60 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:35 9  
86 Alison MEAKIN 26:23 VW55-59 71.51 % F 21 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:45 6  
131 Louise SPRUCE 42:41 SW30-34 34.67 % F 52 Helsby RC First Timer! 1  
132 Jane ASHBROOK 42:42 VW35-39 35.25 % F 53 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:53 9  

A little bit further than 5k in distance was the Lakes 10 Peaks race also on Saturday that saw the brilliant endurance legs and lungs of Andy Robinson on the tough 44 miles course. Brief race report from Andy below

I ran the Lakes 10 Peaks race on Saturday, which I think may be the hardest 1-day race in the country. 106 started, and 34 didn’t make it to the finish, which is the lowest drop-out rate they’ve had yet – conditions were quite good in the Lakes, which is probably why so many finished. 44 miles and 16300 feet of climbing (the way I went anyway), taking in the highest 10 peaks in the Lakes. It was a brilliant day out, and I’ll try to write a proper report for the blog when I’ve got a few minutes. I’m still pretty tired just now. I finished 8th out of 72 finishers, in 14:55:09, winner’s time 13:02:47, so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself!” Results here.


Sunday was Callow, a race which I’m sure is fondly remembered by those who did it as a club counter last year! Taking in the four climbs of Ashes, Yearlet, Grindle and Callow in Church Stretton were Jayne and Adair. Best not put ‘autopause when stopped’ as a setting on your Garmin though as your Garmin thinks you have actually stopped as you trundle your way up the climbs.

No results as yet but they should appear here shortly


Photos on the day were taken by Alistair Tye


Sunday was also the Penny Lane Striders 10k in Liverpool

Full results here


Helsby position and times as below (with chip time)

48th                   Roy Gaskill                   41.25
56th                   Ivan Davies                   41.25
143rd                 Dave Madders              47.16
171st                 Clare-Louise Miller        48.48
198th                 Tom DeJong                 50.13

Photos of Penny Lane 10k courtesy of Mick Charman below

Clare Ivan Roy Tom

















Please also find information on Chris Baynham-Hughes blog regarding his Transvulcania race


I’ve been informed by Chris that C4 also did a documentary on it which can be watched on 4OD here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/4triathlon/episode-guide/series-4/episode-5

Keep up the good work everyone