Warning – Hyponotremia

As a warning to everyone in the club I thought I should share my experiences of this week with you all.


Spent the day laying a patio in hot summer sunshine making sure I was drinking plenty of water.


Went for a 2 hour training run in the morning, again drinking plenty of water and took a sports gel to keep me going. Spent the rest of Sunday working on the patio, again making sure I was drinking plenty of water to cope with the hot weather.


Collapsed in work and needed CPR to get me round. I was then rushed into Macclesfield hospital where I spent the next 2 days recovering.

The diagnosis was Hyponotremia, which basically means my sodium levels had dropped down far too low. The combination of very hot weather and drinking lots of water meant that I had sweated and diluted too much salt out of my system. When this reaches extreme levels it can, as in my case, cause you too collapse.

Thankfully I’m still here but I do have a couple of cracked ribs from the CPR which are rather painful.

Thankfully this doesn’t seem to be a very common situation but given the potentially serious outcome I thought it would be worth sharing with you all.

The solution to the problem is to make sure you re-hydrate properly using sports drinks which provide electrolyte replacement and don’t just rely on water alone.

I will hopefully be back running in a few weeks time and will be making sure I have car boot well stocked with electrolyte drinks.