Robbie Webster Wobbler recce, race and route


We will be running out on Tuesday 27th  starting at 6:30pm sharp, anybody wishing to recce the route is welcome to join us. Meeting point is the start line; i.e., the junction of Bellemonte Rd and Hillfield – just up from the Ring o’Bells. (There will be someone at Forest Hills at 6.30pm to guide you to race start if you park there)


Wednesday 4th September @ 6.45, parking at Forest Hills, Frodsham,  registration from 6pm


  • Race entry = £5. This not only gets competitors entry into the race, but it also includes food back at the Helsby Community social club too where the prize giving will be… and yes, there will be cake.
  • Anybody Marshalling will get a free buffet afterwards back at the Helsby club
  • We’ll ask for £3 per head for anybody wishing to have food who haven’t marshalled or raced – it’ll depend upon numbers and what we’ve catered though as to whether there is any left J
  • The event is not for profit and all the race fees will go to the catering, prizes or a charity on Robbie’s behalf.



The route is:

  • Start at the Junction of Hillfield and Bellemonte Road – near Ring o’bells entrance to Middle walk
  • Into Frodsham woods and straight up the stairs on the left towards the monument – Don’t turn back on the switchbacks, but keep going straight, this takes you underneath the monument. Keep going until you re-join the sandstone trail then cut back 270 degrees left and up to the monument (approaching with Forrest Hills on your right)
  • Around the back of the monument then straight back down as if returning to the start -follow the more gentle switchbacks down to middle walk. Turn Left onto middle walk
  • Run along middle walk until you come to the main wooden stairs on the left. Up until you regain the sandstone trail (i.e., don’t do the last 10-20 stairs which take you alongside the golf course)
  • Turn Right and follow Sandstone trail (SST) until you come to the first kissing gate onto the open grassy Woodhouse hill (with Joes walk and the Iron Age forts on it) Go through the gate and when you come to the T-junction (10 yards from gate) turn left
  • Take the next right up to the Iron Age forts. Turn right
  • Follow path through low wall gap and on to kissing gate in the top corner of the field 20 yards before the kissing gate take the left turn onto Joe’s walk (in the 9 o’clock position as you approach from 7 o’clock)
  • Follow the lovely single track path, keeping to the edge; i.e., don’t take any left turns. Follow this down the hill until out of the trees and turn right to head straight down to the double gate and kissing gate which return you to the SST
  • Through the kissing gate and back onto the SST, turn right and continue on SST
  • Turn left up the wooden stairs and right to the top, follow the top path around, past the bench (with view point on left) until regain the main track, turn left and head back to SST
  • Follow SST all way to war memorial


I’ve assumed you know the Sandstone trail, if not, follow the yellow foot markers (not the yellow arrows) The only exception to this is at the top of the metal “fire escape” style ladder on the way back, as you follow the path you come to a tall rusted metal post, turn left, along the way you came rather than out onto the golf course.


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