Stuart Holliday PHd research project on mental health – survey & details

Hi everyone

I have been approached by Stuart Holliday, a PHd psychology researcher at the University of Central Lancaster, who is carrying out a long-term research project on mental health and well being for both runners and non-runners.

Attached are some details about the project, which looks very interesting, particularly for members who may have experienced any issues surrounding their own weight management/running performance etc.

The link below takes you to an anonymous survey which takes 10-15 minutes to complete, will help the project and will also increase awareness and understanding about this issue.

Having bordered on an eating disorder myself when running a very high running mileage in the 1990’s (5’ 7”, male, 8 ½ stone – it’s neither good for health nor a good look!!), I am sure there are many amongst us who can understand the problem but even if you’re not or have never been affected, your input will still be of equal value.


Best wishes

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