Helsby weekend round-up 26th – 27th October 2013

Hi all

A broad range of events this weekend, lots of Helsby vests out which is great to see so a full weekend report follows.

However, It was Gareth Boyds 2nd Marathon in as many weeks last Sunday 20th October, the Palma Marathon. Great race report from Gareth below

My 1st marathon abroad……….and I have to confess, I really really enjoyed it! The family and I arrived in Palma late Saturday afternoon and after dropping our stuff at the hotel, we headed off to The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma (race start) to watch the pre-race entertainment which included an exhilarating firework display set to music – fantastic! Sunday morning soon arrived and after an early breakfast (with no porridge – sad face), and seeing my garmin fall apart (it’s a good thing my wife is a runner), I headed off to the start line to join the other several thousand runners participating. Now in its 10th year, the 9am start was greeted by flying confetti and cheering crowds – we were under way. After a bout of ‘manflu’ earlier in the week and surviving Chester a week earlier (I look very very tired in the pictures and seem to have aged by about 70 years at the finish), Palma Marathon was just about getting around and enjoying the day. It’s a flat course and highlights not just the amazing coastal line but also Palma city itself. The support throughout was excellent and was a pleasant surprise. Temperatures probably reached 27/28 degrees in the final hour and thankfully organisation was superb and water ‘on tap’…..on several occasions, I was very pleased to see a Spanish man with a water hose. The worst bit was having to pass the finish line on one side of the road and run another agonising 200 metres to reach it. The best bit was the free cold beer handed out at the finish (photo attached). In summary – a hot day but a really enjoyable one – a marathon I’d definitely recommend. My finish time was 3.58.38 – position 606 (male).

and relax

and relax

Also this weekend was the Snowdon Marathon with three Helsby runners keen for some hilly punishment. Some great times had by all three. Reports from Lesley and Chris below.

128th                Chris Fitzpatrick          3.25.52
857th                Dave Feakes              4.21.24
858th                Lesley Feakes             4.21.26
1301st              Stephen Wiggins         5.01.07

Report from Lesley “Thanks, Jackie, really pleased with time, the last hill at 22 miles finished us off as we had been looking at under 4 hours until then. I managed to run a lot of it with David which was unexpected as he is normally quicker but I got my pace right and didn’t die (apart from the hill) unlike at Chester last year. A great course and weather was kind to us. Lesley”

Report from Chris “Thanks Jackie I loved it, really happy with my time and the most stunning marathon I’ve done to date, although probably the hardest as well, whoever put a mountain at mile 22 needs shooting! Glad to hear the course went well”

Full results on TDL here


And further to the ‘normal’ marathons we also have Andy’s OMM Mountain Marathon in the Brecon Beacons, another fabulous achievement I’m sure you’ll agree. In Andy’s words “ This weekend’s daft exploit was to run the OMM mountain marathon A class in the Brecon Beacons – not the most sensible thing to do a week after a 50-mile ultra really.  My legs were suffering before the top of the first climb.  My partner was Karen Nash, & she spent a fair bit of time waiting for me & trying to get me to run uphill, which I was incapable of doing after the first half an hour.  The weather was horrible, the ground awash, & we had some interesting river & stream crossings.  Saturday was windy with showers, the overnight camp was a sloping field in a gale & torrential rain, & Sunday was windier & wetter than Saturday.  Thankfully they cut the courses down for Sunday due to the weather.  We finished the course though: 25th out of 36 finishers, 3rd out of 10 vets teams.  And it took an hour to get out of the parking field, waiting for our turn to be towed out of the quagmire.  All in all a memorable weekend.”

The first of two Club Counter Cross Country races this weekend was the Liverpool & District XC at Arrowe Park on the Wirral. The L&D courses are often the same courses as we use for the Northwest league but just a bit longer. Saturday’s L&D Arrowe Park XC was 9.8km. Map and details as below. Three out for Helsby as can be seen from the times and positions attached

25th                  Adair Broughton          37.16
                  Derek Morris               39.13
th                  Ben Williams               50.26


Full results (typed) here


There was also the Northwest XC at Clarke Gardens on Sunday morning with a fantastic showing from Helsby which helped to significantly improve our standing in the league positions this year for the men. Although it rained prior to the race, conditions were favourable during the run, apart from the muddy sections obviously (which are generally the fun bit anyway!). This course is roughly 7.7km. Colin Bishop stormed round the course for a Helsby victory as did Jayne Joy for 2nd overall, a few seconds shy of Liverpool Harriers Jenny Clague (a very well known northwest runner by all accounts who used to room with Paula Radcliffe).

There were fifteen Helsby runners out in total which is brilliant. There was also some fantastic support on the day from Mario, Jane and Louise, Wayne Percival… so keep the shouts coming at every race…

Helsby positions as follows, unfortunately no times for this series.

2nd                   Jayne Joy
                  Rachel Adams
                  Jane Ashbrook
th                  Rachel Arnold

10th                  Colin Bishop
th                  Colin Thompson
25th                  Adair Broughton
                  Chris Baynham-Hughes
                  Roy Gaskill
                  Gareth Boyd
                Tom DeJong
                Steve Riley
                Paul Foster
                Andy Smith
152nd               Adrian Jackson 

Please note team results also include Warrington Road Runners & Lymm.

Helsby ‘A’ Mens team 3rd overall

Helsby ‘B’ Mens team 3rd overall

Helsby ‘A’ Ladies team 2nd overall

Helsby ‘B’ Ladies team 1st  overall

Combined results mean we were 3rd team overall

More details and full results available from race organisors website below


Three were also out from Helsby for the Halloween Hellraiser at Nantwich an 8 mile Multi-terrain race…I have no idea if this also had people running in costume!

48th                  Dave Madders             1.18.01
                  Joanne Lacking          1.20.24
th                  Clare-Louise Miller      1.24.01

Full results here


Congleton Harriers also put on the Passing Clouds Fell Race on Sunday near Leek, where in form Jim O’Hara stormed round the course.


21st                  Jim O’Hara                 1.24.03

By chance Jackie and Bill were out on the course so I’ve added a brief race report from Jackie

“Plus yesterday Bill & I went walking with friends on the Roaches, a really wild windy stormy day. Unbeknown to me it was the Passing Clouds Race and the runners came along the ridge in the opposite directions to us right into the jaws of the wind & rain (some had buffs covering most of their head!). It was a great surprise to suddenly see Jimmy in his Helsby vest well up in the field looking strong and happy as ever (wasn’t counting at the time but must have been top 12), with Sharon equally happy at the rear of the field. It looked a cracker of a race so maybe consider it next year?”

Hope I’ve not missed anything but as always keep me updated if so as I’ll get this report on the blog shortly.

Keep on running


Helsby weekend round-up 19th-20th October 2013

Hi all

The morning of Saturday 19th October saw the 33rd Delamere Park Run with a great Helsby turnout of 11 runners. Chris Baynham-Hughes obviously taking the British Fell Relays in his stride did his first Parkrun and achieved a podium and a PB just in front of Colin Thompson. First lady home was Carol Shaw.

3 Chris BAYNHAM-HUGHES 18:54 SM35-39 70.19 % M 3 Helsby RC First Timer! 1  
4 Colin THOMPSON 18:55 SM30-34 69.34 % M 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:18:09 27  
20 Ivan DAVIES 20:09 SM35-39 66.75 % M 19 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:47 5  
26 Tom DE JONG 21:12 JM15-19 62.19 % M 24 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:20:44 3  
38 David FEAKES 22:40 VM50-54 65.59 % M 35 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:37 12  
41 Carol SHAW 22:58 VW50-54 73.88 % F 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:22 15  
63 Louise MCEVELEY 24:27 VW45-49 66.26 % F 9 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 12  
64 Kevin SMALLWOOD 24:33 VM40-44 56.42 % M 55 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:25 5  
73 Lesley FEAKES 25:21 VW45-49 65.35 % F 12 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:15 13  
95 Alison MEAKIN 27:03 VW55-59 69.75 % F 18 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:34 13  
129 Donna GEER 29:16 VW40-44 53.76 % F 34 Helsby RC First Timer! 1

Also on Saturday was Andy Robinson having a rather substantial 50 miler. Andy’s report below

“Just to let you know I ran the Round Rotherham 50 on Saturday. 50 miles in 9:11:07, winner took 6:52:14 & I came in 38th out of 236 finishers. Results here.

It’s a fast course: not many hills, so I found it really hard going. Still, it was warm & only drizzled a bit. Pretty muddy underfoot in places, of course, but not as bad as I was expecting. Better start my taper for the OMM next weekend now!”

On Sunday Jo Farwell ran the Green Drive 5, her race report below

“A little something to add to this weeks round up!

I did a really nice 5 mile race this morning in Lytham…the Green Drive 5.

A nice flat fast course starting and ending in the beautiful historic 18th Century tree lined footpath of Green Drive, Lytham. And it certainly lived up to it.

I went to secondary school here, and we used to do cross country down Green Drive. Well the majority of the others did, I was more concerned with making sure I had my fags tucked in my gym knickers! Who’d have thought that 27 years later I’d be running this 5 mile race finishing in 40.10 knocking 3 minutes off my PB, and was the 36th lady in a field of 110. I tried my hardest to get in under the 40mins with my last mile being my fastest…but alas not this time. That said, I’m really chuffed with my time….being part of Helsby running club with everyone’s support is certainly paying off!! Thank you all…. Jo

184th                 Jo Farwell                     40.10

Full Results for the Green Drive 5 here http://www.ukresults.net/2013/green5.html

Sunday was also the definitive fell running event of the 2013 calendar, the British Fell Relays. Full details available on the website below with a link to results, splits, photos and a race report from the excellent commentator on the day below.


Thanks to Chris Baynham-Hughes who has provided me with a quick rundown of Helsby runners positions as can be seen below.

For the men, 54th overall from 99 against some serious opposition is something we should all be proud of, especially after such a great starts from Chris Fitzpatrick and Jenny Illidge in their first fell relay race likewise with the ladies and a fantastic 28th overall helped by some strong running from everyone involved.

Chris F = 80th

Adair and CBH = 57th

Phil and Steve = 113th

Jimmy – 67th

Overall = 54th (in class out of 99)


Jenny – 108th (8th lady)

Vanessa and Laura = 155th (27th ladies)

Jackie and Nesta = 165th (34th ladies)

Jayne = 96th (10th lady)

Overall = 28th (in class out of 38)

Many thanks also to Phil Gillard organising the men’s team and entering us and sorting the Gazebo etc and to Joe for organising the ladies team, and for his support on the day alongside Mario and Jenny’s parents and everyone else who gave Helsby runners some big cheers.

It was a tricky day weather wise, with winds at some points upto 70mph, and a job for everyone to keep warm. Feedback on the fellrunner.org website shows very positive comments for the day although lots of people thought the navigation leg was a very tough one compared to other years.

The day was probably best summed up by Jackie’s comments in an email today “I keep getting image flashes today of hours spent in a grey slate quarry amongst keen muddy runners dodging rain showers and strong gusts interspersed by lots of cheering & camaraderie!”

We may even have two men’s teams next year if people show a strong liking for the fells in what should be a great 2014 for Helsby on the hills.



and some photos from Jackie

Chris & Adair Post Leg 2

Chris & Adair Post Leg 2

Nesta & Jackie Leg 3 Navigation

Nesta & Jackie Leg 3 Navigation

Chris Fitzpatrick - Leg 1 Mission accomplished

Chris Fitzpatrick – Leg 1 Mission accomplished

Laura & Vanessa Leg 2

Laura & Vanessa Leg 2

Leg 3 Boys Phil & Steve

Leg 3 Boys Phil & Steve

Leg 1 Runner Jenny

Leg 1 Runner Jenny

Leg 1 Start

Leg 1 Start

Also this weekend was the ‘Beat the Reaper’ race that Roy Gaskill ran in at Croxteth Park. No results as yet but Tom DeJong was out supporting. Roy’s time was 40.59 on a multi-terrain 10k coming home in a great 11th position overall.

There is some detail here though  http://www.poolrunnings.co.uk/reaper/

Finally I’d like to report that Winter Training will commence at 6.30pm at Castle Park, Frodsham on this coming Monday 28th October. Everybody and all abilities welcome but please make sure to bring either spikes or trainers with good grip as majority of the running will be on grassy fields. Any other questions just ask.

Keep on running


Helsby weekly round-up 12-13th October 2013

Hi good people

Saturday was the Delamere Park Run 5k event, always popular with Helsby members and this week making no exception. Tom DeJong, with not much recovery time from his four hour Chester Marathon less than a week ago blasted home first for Helsby in a new PB for 15th place overall and 2nd in his age category. Tom was quickly followed by Rachel Adams on her first Delamere outing taking 1st in her category and 16th place overall. Well done also to Andy Robinson having a stretch out before his night on the town and his next day fell run and still managing to secure a PB as did Jo Farwell showing good form. There were eight runners out for Helsby in total.

15 Tom DE JONG 20:44 JM15-19 63.59 % M 15 Helsby RC New PB! 2  
16 Rachel ADAMS 20:52 SW30-34 70.93 % F 1 Helsby RC First Timer! 1  
17 Andy ROBINSON 20:59 VM55-59 75.77 % M 16 Helsby RC New PB! 3  
44 Laura BAYNHAM-HUGHES 23:25 VW35-39 64.06 % F 6 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:53 10  
56 Rachel ARNOLD 24:20 VW50-54 69.73 % F 10 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:39 6  
57 Louise MCEVELEY 24:23 VW45-49 66.44 % F 11 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 11  
72 Jo FARWELL 25:22 VW40-44 61.56 % F 15 Helsby RC New PB! 9  
111 Ivor JOHNSTONE 30:15 VM45-49 47.22 % M 78 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:04 4

Full results for Delamere can be found here


4 Helsby runners ran the Coniston 14 race this Saturday. This was put back to October having been cancelled due to snow last march. “Cool, windy but the sun shone all the race & the colours were just starting to turn autumnal & the view of the Coniston Fells just kept us going!” states Jackie

181st                 Dave Feakes     1:46:11
321st                 Steve Wiggins   1:55:47
354th                 Lesley Feakes   1:57.20
455th                 Jackie Keasley 2:01:22 (3rd in age category)

Results on TDL website as below


Sunday was our penultimate Fell Counter which was also a Welsh Champs race held at Breidden Hills and organised by Mercia Fell Runners.

Full results already available here


It’s been a good year on the fells for competition within the club and this held true at Breidden with a good battle for first male counter between Chris Baynham-Hughes and Adair, who both happen to be running the pairs leg at the British Fell Relays, so obviously some astute planning by Phil Gillard there! Jayne Joy was 2nd lady overall in a quality field, and getting closer at each race to some of the countries best fell runners. Jayne also picked up a wine up as her prize (some things never change then?). Great to see nearly as many Helsby ladies out as the men too with nine out wearing the green vest. Thanks also to Joe and Mario offering lots of support as usual on the course.

Helsby positions and places as below

16th                   Adair Broughton                        1.03.43
17th                   Chris Baynham-Hughes              1.03.52
27th                   Jayne Joy                                 1.07.22(2ndlady)
72nd                   Steve Riley                               1.15.22
76th                   Andy Robinson                         1.17.17
82nd                   Phil Gillard                                1.18.16
94th                   Vanessa Griffiths                      1.20.31(3rdagecat)
125th                 Nesta Hawker                            1.36.09
128th                 Jenny Illidge                              1.42.47

And more info and details for next year here


Sunday was the Erddig 10k, brief race report from Ben below. Great to see Ben doing such a variety of races!

“Just a quick one for the newsletter/blog – I ran the Erddig 10K today. It’s a really nice trail run around the National Trust estate in Wrexham, mainly on woodland paths, starting and finishing in front of Erddig Hall. It was two 5k laps, ending with a steep hill up.

Unfortunately there’s a big discrepancy between the time I recorded and my chip time. I recorded 50m50s, the chip time is 51m26s. Either way it wasn’t a PB anyway. One advantage of running in a low key ‘local’ race is I still came 28th out of 117 finishers”


If I’ve missed anything this week please let me know

Keep on running


Helsby weekly round-up 5th – 6th October 2013

Hi all

No midweek runs now so straight on to the first race of the weekend.

Saturday morning was the Delamere Park Run 5k, already race number 31 since it’s inception. Colin Bishop was first Helsby man home and second home overall, showing his blistering form, especially with him taking it easy for Sundays Gin Pit 5 race! Next home for Helsby and 2nd female overall was Carol Shaw. Also on the podium for Helsby was Janet Robertson for 3rd lady overall on the day. There were nine out for Helsby in total and congratulations to Kevin Smallwood for his course PB.

2 Colin BISHOP 18:34 VM50-54 81.42 % M 2 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 15  
34 Carol SHAW 22:51 VW50-54 74.25 % F 2 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:22 14  
39 Mike SEARLE 23:16 VM50-54 63.40 % M 37 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:47 5  
41 Janet ROBERTSON 23:24 VW45-49 69.23 % F 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:36 6  
50 Rachel ARNOLD 24:02 VW50-54 70.60 % F 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:39 5  
58 Kevin SMALLWOOD 24:25 VM40-44 56.72 % M 52 Helsby RC New PB! 4  
87 David MADDERS 25:52 VM40-44 52.77 % M 76 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:15 4  
88 Ivan DAVIES 25:53 SM35-39 51.96 % M 77 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:47 4  
127 Ivor JOHNSTONE 30:11 VM45-49 47.32 % M 93 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:04 3

It was also the Gin Pit 5 race on Sunday where Colin Bishop doing the double over the weekend had a fantastic run for 9th overall and 1st in his age category.

9th                     Colin Bishop                 28.53 (1st v50)


Sunday was the Chester Marathon, and a warm day for running by all accounts. I know Roy Gaskill was very inspired marshalling at mile 14 when the Helsby runners ran past him and thought it was well worth it helping out and he would like to say well done to everyone.

(Please let me know if i’ve missed anyone or they want any more information adding on the blog). Photos below are courtesy of Dave Madders.

Awesome times from the Helsby contingent as you can see below!

546th                 Gareth Boyd                 3.29.53
599th                 Ivan Davies                   3.33.27
886th                 Joanne Lacking             3.44.57
1456th                Tom DeJong                 4.03.43

For full details on the marathon see the official website


Provisional results here


Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times

Ivan, flying!

Ivan, flying!

Tom gives his all

Tom gives his all









This weekend also saw Ben Williams running in the Basington Half. I’ve received a race report from Ben as below

“Just to report that I ran the Basingstoke Half Marathon today. Chip time was 01:55;37, (580th position) about a minute slower than my PB but it was very hot and also hillier than I expected (982 ft of climb). My Garmin recorded 13.22 miles, but a lot of the extra would have been zigzagging around to stay in the shade.

It’s a well organised small race (1323 finishers), through some very scenic countryside, but with several nasty hills. As a bonus, the last three miles is all downhill.

Spectator quote of the day – to me, loudly “Come on Helsby”… then to her mate, quietly “where’s Helsby?” Thanks for the race report Ben, and if anyone else would like to share their thoughts on events they do please let me know as it’s always more interesting reading what others have been upto!

For full results see here http://www.chiptiminguk.co.uk/ps/results/Basingstoke%20Half%20Marathon/27415


Please don’t forget all members and their partners are invited to Chris Hatton’s Retirement Party at Helsby Club on Saturday 26th October 7.30pm

Keep on running


Helsby weekly round-up 24th September – 30th September 2013

Hi all

Well if summer has faded and autumn is already stirring the leaves, it appears there is no slowing down of events for Helsby members as the seasons change. It’s a good round-up this week with a fantastic variety of events.

Tuesday night 24th September saw the fourth and final race of the Wirral Multi-terrain season at the roughly 4.5 mile course in Arrowe Park. Eight Helsby runners were out on a much drier course than the previous year. Well done to Jayne Joy securing a podium position on her only race of the series. Other Helsby positions and times were

23rd                  Adair Broughton                      27.01
                  Colin Thompson                      27.03
               Tom DeJong                           31.39
                Clive Wilkinson                       32.59
th                Stephen Wiggins                     33.56

3rd                    Jayne Joy                               29.14
                  Louise McEvely                      35.15
th                  Janet Shaw                             40.39 (2nd in age cat)

Special congratulations to Janet Shaw who won her age category over the whole series. Brilliant consistency over the series for Janet rewarded her with a trophy. Thanks to support from Joe and Mario and Geoff Shaw on the night.

This gave Helsby Mens ‘A’ team 15th place and Helsby Ladies ‘A’ team 11th on the night. Overall Helsby Mens ‘A’ team were 17th and Helsby Ladies ‘A’ team were 13th. For more details on this series and for full results for all the races please go to www.stevesaunders.co.uk

Delamere Park Run number 30 on Saturday saw Gareth Boyd first man home for Helsby followed by Vanessa Griffiths for first lady Well done to Louise securing the only PB of the day from Helsby. Six out in total.

11 Gareth BOYD 20:12 VM40-44 68.07 % M 11 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:08 6  
31 Vanessa GRIFFITHS 22:09 VW45-49 73.89 % F 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:49 6  
46 Louise MCEVELEY 23:49 VW45-49 68.02 % F 5 Helsby RC New PB! 10  
66 Jo FARWELL 26:06 VW40-44 59.83 % F 9 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:42 8  
83 Charlotte TAYLOR 28:00 SW25-29 52.86 % F 17 Helsby RC First Timer! 1  
136 Jane ASHBROOK 34:36 VW35-39 43.74 % F 47 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:53 14  

For full Delamere results see here


DW Southport 10k was a multi-terrain race on Sunday where Helsby’s Roy Gaskill and Tom DeJong ran. Well done to Roy Gaskill securing a top ten on a tougher course than previous years with some quite tricky conditions with the sand on the beach for part of the race. Looks like some good improvement from Tom also.

Details here


and full results on the Power of 10 here


10th                  Roy Gaskill                             42.48
th                  Tom DeJong                           45.27

Sunday was the Sandstone Trail ‘A’ and ‘B’ races, an event always popular with Helsby runners and organised by our very own Geoff Shaw alongside Deeside Orienteering Club. Once again it was another great showing for the green vest with 15 Helsby runners out on the trail. Full details and results are already available here:


Sandstone Trail ‘A’ Race

18th                  Chris Fitzpatrick                      2.13.35
                 Jim O’Hara                             2.14.48
                  Ed Halliwell                             2.26.05
                  Andy Robinson                       2.32.47
                  Dave Feakes                          2.39.38
                Lesley Feakes                         2.47.25
                Andy Smith                             2.53.29
th                Kevin Smallwood                    2.58.58

Sandstone Trail ‘B’ Race

37th                  Janet Robertson                     1.32.55
                  Paul Porter                              1.34.21
                  Laura Baynham-Hughes        1.34.46
                  Louise McEvely                      1.40.59
                  Carol Shaw                             1.42.24
                  Ian Hilditch                              1.43.42
st                  Nesta Hawker                         1.47.51

Arenig Fawr Fell Race on Sunday was a very tough 8.1mile and 3281ft race, starting with a quarry climb and then a gulley and then some trod finding boggy tussocky fell running. It’s a beauty of a race but one that needs good competency for the conditions. There is also a lot of opportunity for route choice and optimum lines so there is definitely time to be taken off this race in many places.

For details, map, results and photos of the course please see Yiannis’s website as below;


Thanks to Joe and Mario heading out to support at various stages of the race, and please check out the photos below, some great shots by Mario. These were taken just where the runners appear out of the quarry gulley heading to checkpoint 1. The smiley faces do not reflect how tough this race felt! There was a prize for nearly everyone who entered plus tea, coffee, soup, bread and cake to go round. This was not only a bargain race but a great achievement too. Kudos goes to Phil Gillard tackling this race so soon after his holiday.

10th                  Adair Broughton          1.52.06
                  Jayne Joy                   2.08.20
th                  Phil Gillard                   2.17.29

only meeeeee

only meeeeee

Adair Jayne



Phil Phil Joe and Bobby


For full results and the race report please see www.wfra.org.uk

It was also the Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross at the weekend with Steve Riley in super form for 406th place in 4.58.11 taking on some of the countries elite athletes in that sport. This race saw Steve take in the three peaks in Yorkshire, have a look at the course map


For full results


More details of the event here


Keep on running (or riding)