Helsby weekend round-up 26th – 27th October 2013

Hi all

A broad range of events this weekend, lots of Helsby vests out which is great to see so a full weekend report follows.

However, It was Gareth Boyds 2nd Marathon in as many weeks last Sunday 20th October, the Palma Marathon. Great race report from Gareth below

My 1st marathon abroad……….and I have to confess, I really really enjoyed it! The family and I arrived in Palma late Saturday afternoon and after dropping our stuff at the hotel, we headed off to The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma (race start) to watch the pre-race entertainment which included an exhilarating firework display set to music – fantastic! Sunday morning soon arrived and after an early breakfast (with no porridge – sad face), and seeing my garmin fall apart (it’s a good thing my wife is a runner), I headed off to the start line to join the other several thousand runners participating. Now in its 10th year, the 9am start was greeted by flying confetti and cheering crowds – we were under way. After a bout of ‘manflu’ earlier in the week and surviving Chester a week earlier (I look very very tired in the pictures and seem to have aged by about 70 years at the finish), Palma Marathon was just about getting around and enjoying the day. It’s a flat course and highlights not just the amazing coastal line but also Palma city itself. The support throughout was excellent and was a pleasant surprise. Temperatures probably reached 27/28 degrees in the final hour and thankfully organisation was superb and water ‘on tap’…..on several occasions, I was very pleased to see a Spanish man with a water hose. The worst bit was having to pass the finish line on one side of the road and run another agonising 200 metres to reach it. The best bit was the free cold beer handed out at the finish (photo attached). In summary – a hot day but a really enjoyable one – a marathon I’d definitely recommend. My finish time was 3.58.38 – position 606 (male).

and relax

and relax

Also this weekend was the Snowdon Marathon with three Helsby runners keen for some hilly punishment. Some great times had by all three. Reports from Lesley and Chris below.

128th                Chris Fitzpatrick          3.25.52
857th                Dave Feakes              4.21.24
858th                Lesley Feakes             4.21.26
1301st              Stephen Wiggins         5.01.07

Report from Lesley “Thanks, Jackie, really pleased with time, the last hill at 22 miles finished us off as we had been looking at under 4 hours until then. I managed to run a lot of it with David which was unexpected as he is normally quicker but I got my pace right and didn’t die (apart from the hill) unlike at Chester last year. A great course and weather was kind to us. Lesley”

Report from Chris “Thanks Jackie I loved it, really happy with my time and the most stunning marathon I’ve done to date, although probably the hardest as well, whoever put a mountain at mile 22 needs shooting! Glad to hear the course went well”

Full results on TDL here


And further to the ‘normal’ marathons we also have Andy’s OMM Mountain Marathon in the Brecon Beacons, another fabulous achievement I’m sure you’ll agree. In Andy’s words “ This weekend’s daft exploit was to run the OMM mountain marathon A class in the Brecon Beacons – not the most sensible thing to do a week after a 50-mile ultra really.  My legs were suffering before the top of the first climb.  My partner was Karen Nash, & she spent a fair bit of time waiting for me & trying to get me to run uphill, which I was incapable of doing after the first half an hour.  The weather was horrible, the ground awash, & we had some interesting river & stream crossings.  Saturday was windy with showers, the overnight camp was a sloping field in a gale & torrential rain, & Sunday was windier & wetter than Saturday.  Thankfully they cut the courses down for Sunday due to the weather.  We finished the course though: 25th out of 36 finishers, 3rd out of 10 vets teams.  And it took an hour to get out of the parking field, waiting for our turn to be towed out of the quagmire.  All in all a memorable weekend.”

The first of two Club Counter Cross Country races this weekend was the Liverpool & District XC at Arrowe Park on the Wirral. The L&D courses are often the same courses as we use for the Northwest league but just a bit longer. Saturday’s L&D Arrowe Park XC was 9.8km. Map and details as below. Three out for Helsby as can be seen from the times and positions attached

25th                  Adair Broughton          37.16
                  Derek Morris               39.13
th                  Ben Williams               50.26


Full results (typed) here


There was also the Northwest XC at Clarke Gardens on Sunday morning with a fantastic showing from Helsby which helped to significantly improve our standing in the league positions this year for the men. Although it rained prior to the race, conditions were favourable during the run, apart from the muddy sections obviously (which are generally the fun bit anyway!). This course is roughly 7.7km. Colin Bishop stormed round the course for a Helsby victory as did Jayne Joy for 2nd overall, a few seconds shy of Liverpool Harriers Jenny Clague (a very well known northwest runner by all accounts who used to room with Paula Radcliffe).

There were fifteen Helsby runners out in total which is brilliant. There was also some fantastic support on the day from Mario, Jane and Louise, Wayne Percival… so keep the shouts coming at every race…

Helsby positions as follows, unfortunately no times for this series.

2nd                   Jayne Joy
                  Rachel Adams
                  Jane Ashbrook
th                  Rachel Arnold

10th                  Colin Bishop
th                  Colin Thompson
25th                  Adair Broughton
                  Chris Baynham-Hughes
                  Roy Gaskill
                  Gareth Boyd
                Tom DeJong
                Steve Riley
                Paul Foster
                Andy Smith
152nd               Adrian Jackson 

Please note team results also include Warrington Road Runners & Lymm.

Helsby ‘A’ Mens team 3rd overall

Helsby ‘B’ Mens team 3rd overall

Helsby ‘A’ Ladies team 2nd overall

Helsby ‘B’ Ladies team 1st  overall

Combined results mean we were 3rd team overall

More details and full results available from race organisors website below


Three were also out from Helsby for the Halloween Hellraiser at Nantwich an 8 mile Multi-terrain race…I have no idea if this also had people running in costume!

48th                  Dave Madders             1.18.01
                  Joanne Lacking          1.20.24
th                  Clare-Louise Miller      1.24.01

Full results here


Congleton Harriers also put on the Passing Clouds Fell Race on Sunday near Leek, where in form Jim O’Hara stormed round the course.


21st                  Jim O’Hara                 1.24.03

By chance Jackie and Bill were out on the course so I’ve added a brief race report from Jackie

“Plus yesterday Bill & I went walking with friends on the Roaches, a really wild windy stormy day. Unbeknown to me it was the Passing Clouds Race and the runners came along the ridge in the opposite directions to us right into the jaws of the wind & rain (some had buffs covering most of their head!). It was a great surprise to suddenly see Jimmy in his Helsby vest well up in the field looking strong and happy as ever (wasn’t counting at the time but must have been top 12), with Sharon equally happy at the rear of the field. It looked a cracker of a race so maybe consider it next year?”

Hope I’ve not missed anything but as always keep me updated if so as I’ll get this report on the blog shortly.

Keep on running



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