Helsby Festive round-up Christmas 2013

Hi all

Hope the Christmas festivities have been good to everyone.

There has already been a couple of Delamere Park runs since the last round-up email, not least one on Christmas day! Well done to Colin Bishop for his podium place and to Janet leading the Helsby ladies home. Special congratulations also to Stephen Wiggins securing a PB so soon after his last one.

3 Colin BISHOP 18:16 VM50-54 83.39 % M 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 19  
15 Stephen WIGGINS 21:58 SM20-24 59.33 % M 13 Helsby RC New PB! 15  
18 David MADDERS 22:16 VM40-44 61.30 % M 16 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:29 9  
25 Janet ROBERTSON 23:00 VW45-49 70.43 % F 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:36 10  
41 Jackie KEASLEY 24:39 VW55-59 72.48 % F 9 Helsby RC First Timer! 1  
47 Louise MCEVELEY 25:07 VW45-49 64.50 % F 12 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 21  
62 Jo FARWELL 26:55 VW40-44 58.02 % F 17 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:22 11  
64 Ian HILDITCH 26:57 VM70-74 67.10 % M 47 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:21 18  


Saturdays park run saw Gareth Boyd first in for Helsby with Janet Robertson once again first lady home.

22 Gareth BOYD 20:55 VM40-44 65.74 % M 22 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:08 9  
35 David MADDERS 21:54 VM40-44 62.33 % M 34 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:29 9  
46 David FEAKES 22:33 VM50-54 65.93 % M 45 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:37 14  
47 Janet ROBERTSON 22:41 VW45-49 71.42 % F 2 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:36 10  
48 Stephen WIGGINS 22:49 SM20-24 57.12 % M 46 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:58 15  
102 Lesley FEAKES 26:02 VW45-49 63.64 % F 19 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:15 16  
120 Ian HILDITCH 27:30 VM70-74 65.76 % M 95 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:21 18  
146 Ivor JOHNSTONE 29:58 VM45-49 47.66 % M 105 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:04 6  
150 Claire MORTON 30:23 VW50-54 58.04 % F 44 Helsby RC First Timer! 1  
153 Paul BULMER 30:27 VM55-59 50.47 % M 109 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:33 4  
154 Louise MCEVELEY 30:28 VW45-49 53.17 % F 45 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 21  



For full results please see the link below


Boxing day saw the Round the Walls race take place in Chester, albeit without the walls due to an icy start to the day. Runners in their new Christmas trainers were treated to a two lap figure of eight muddy loop within the roodee racecourse.

It was a good showing for some of Helsby’s best runners with Colin Bishop, Jayne Joy and Geoff and Janet Shaw on good form…..Maybe it will entice Geoff to try some cross country races ! Colin and Jayne were both prize winners with Colin even beating local fell running legend Jezz Brown. It was also an interesting race to support due to all the familiar faces and to the naked gladiators and Father Christmas trying to run off all the mince pies and sherry he’s been indulgent with. Thanks also to Jane out on the course in support.

15th                         Colin Bishop       19.53
30th                         Jayne Joy             21.09
193rd                      Geoff Shaw        26.43
338th                      Janet Shaw         31.35

For full results please see below


Race 5 of the Northwest XC league was the 2nd event this year at the Stadt Moers course held on Sunday 30th December. Numbers were down from other races this season in this league, obviously due to the festive period but performances were as good as ever. Positions only available.

7th                           Colin Bishop
11th                         Colin Thompson
54th                         Chris Fitzpatrick
56th                         Roy Gaskill
83rd                        Gareth Boyd
90th                         Tom deJong
101st                       Stephen Wiggins
106th                      Paul Foster

6th                           Jenny Illidge
17th                         Rachel Arnold
19th                         Vanessa Griffiths
34th                         Jackie Keasley

This placed Helsby Men’s team 4th on the day and Helsby ladies 3rd. Overall Helsby men now stand in 4th and Helsby ladies 2nd. Well done to everyone and to Joe and Jane and others offering their support on the day.

And i’ve had no other information received but if anyone has any other results or events they’ve done as always let me know and enjoy your New Years Eve whatever you might be upto.

Keep on running



Helsby weekend round-up 21st-22nd December 2013 & Handicap Results

Hi all

Hope everyone has had a great year of running and can keep up the good progress made in 2013.

The weekend saw the Delamere Park run but we also had the club handicap last Wednesday. Thanks for Jackie for sending me a ‘race’ report as below.

Helsby Running Club Xmas Handicap Dec 18th by Jackie

After a fairly dry day, the weather forecast was spot on for Wed evening; “a strong weather front of heavy rain, wind and hail will come in 6ish and be at its strongest for the next 2 hours”! This made for a gutsy 3 mile sprint to Godscroft Lane and back; a challenge for everyone, particularly those in Xmas outfits! Against the weather on the way out, helped (???) on the way back.

The start was moved so that we could shelter under the partially covered Tesco trolley park. Strict instructions were given that the steps onto the main road were out of bounds, so extending the course by a few hundred metres!

The wild, wet conditions did not help me in my first foray at organising this event, with a fistful of handicap times based on Andy’s meticulous spreadsheet (Yes it averages your road running times over the last 10 years, this gives newcomers a significant advantage !!!)

37 runners set off, avoiding shoppers, for the highly competitive sprint. Due to stopwatch malfunction, soggy record sheets and raffle ticket problems, only finishing positions were recorded; and only the first 25 places are reliable as after this runners were so focused on aiming for the shelter of Tesco they missed the finishing line! Anyway from the reactions afterwards, an exhilarating race was had by all and this was rounded off by a great evening back at the club (I bet even the showers were welcoming) with secret Santa and a tasty choice of curries from Sher Khan.

Thanks to Joe & Mario for riding the storm at Godscroft Lane, Ben, Kathryn & Helen for helping at the finish and Dave & Lesley for organising the food. Well done everyone, particularly to newcomer Ray Duffy who won the prestigious Xmas Handicap Trophy. Looking forward to seeing Ray and all the new members wear their Helsby vest in 2014!

A Happy Xmas and New Year to you all and here’s to some good running and races in 2014!


1 Ray Duffy

2 Jenny Palmer

3 Adrian Jackson

4 Colin Thompson

5 Clive Wilkinson

6 Tim Palmer

7 Emily Smith

8 Derek Morris

9 Roy Gaskill

10 Tom Dejong

11 Paul Foster

12 Steve Wiggins

13 Sally Parkinson

14 Claire Louise Miller

15 Chris Ashbrook

16 Jane Ashbrook

17 Jamie Dowall

18 Rachel Arnold

19 Dave Feakes

20 Joanne Lacking

21 Jo Farwell

22 Gareth Boyd

23 Andy Robinson

24 Les Scott

25 Carol Shaw

26 Michelle Hardwick

27 Lesley Feakes

28 Phil Gillard

29 Michelle Cully

30 Betty Grieve

31 Chris Hatton

32 John Gallon

33 Janet Robinson

34 John Hardman

35 Chris Igoe

Apologies as I don’t have placings for Graham Lloyd, Tim Igoe & Clive Twrie. At the end of the evening there were a couple of prizes leftover, given that it was a secret Santa, some folks must be missing one. Please let me know if you missed out!



Well done to Colin Bishop for his usual podium place at the Delamere Park Run 5k last Saturday and to Stephen Wiggins for his PB. Louise was first Helsby lady. Full results below.

3 Colin BISHOP 18:20 VM50-54 83.09 % M 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 18  
14 Ivan DAVIES 20:11 SM35-39 66.64 % M 13 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:47 10  
26 David MADDERS 21:31 VM40-44 63.44 % M 24 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:29 7  
30 Stephen WIGGINS 22:00 SM20-24 59.24 % M 27 Helsby RC New PB! 13  
62 Louise MCEVELEY 25:27 VW45-49 63.65 % F 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 19  


Enjoy your Christmas everyone and if you participate in any events (other than the long established Christmas Lunch challenge) then please let me know

Keep on running


Helsby weekend round-up 14th – 15th December 2013

Hi all

Just two events this weekend as far as I am aware.

Saturday 14th December saw the 40th Delamere Park run with a great run from Ivan to see him home first for Helsby and 8th place overall. Louise was first Helsby lady home.

8 Ivan DAVIES 19:49 SM35-39 67.87 % M 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:47 9  
23 Stephen WIGGINS 22:18 SM20-24 58.45 % M 22 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:14 12  
44 Louise MCEVELEY 24:57 VW45-49 64.93 % F 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 18  
54 Lesley FEAKES 25:43 VW45-49 64.42 % F 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:15 15  
59 Benjamin John WILLIAMS 26:00 SM35-39 51.03 % M 51 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:44 16  
111 Jane ASHBROOK 36:05 VW35-39 41.94 % F 34 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:53 18  

For full results http://www.parkrun.org.uk/delamere/results/latestresults/

Obviously this week’s main event was the culmination of lots of hard work by Vanessa and Adrian to allow Helsby to host the Border League at Wigg Island Community Park near Runcorn. Some great performances once again from the 24 Helsby runners who were led round the course by in form Colin Thompson and Jane Ashbrook. Well done to Louise, Stephen, Ben and Jane for the weekend double.

22nd                 Colin Thompson                      32.02
                  Roy Gaskill                             35.52
                Tom DeJong                           37.03
                Dave Madders                         38.35
                Jane Ashbrook                        38.43
                David Feakes                          39.01
                Steve Riley                             39.24
                Joanne Lacking                      40.07
                Mike Searle                             40.19
nd               Laura Baynham-Hughes        40.23
183rd                Carol Shaw                             40.29
                Stephen Wiggins                     40.30
                Gareth Boyd                           40.31
                Paul Foster                              40.38
                Geoff Shaw                            40.50
th                Jenny Illidge                            40.53
218th                Claire-Louise Miller                 41.58
                Ben Williams                           42.12
                Helen Owens                          42.42
                Louise McEverley                   43.30
                Chris Hatton                            45.25
                Jo Farwell                               47.00
                Betty Grieve                            48.19
th                Janet Shaw                             49.56 (3rd in age cat)

Overall this led Helsby ladies to 4th in Division 1 and Helsby men to 6th in Division 2.

Well done once again to all who ran.

For full results please see the link below


For anyone interested an article on running from the BBC


Good luck to all who compete in Wednesday’s club handicap. Have fun!

Not sure of any other events at the weekend but as always if I’ve missed anyone off then please let me know so I can keep the blog updated

Keep on running


Helsby weekend round-up 7th-8th December 2013

Hi all

Early round-up this week as all results are in.

Two park runs this weekend, Delamere and York both on Saturday 7th December.

This weekend saw the 39th Delamere Park Run and even with a cold Helsby’s Colin Bishop managed to secure his usual podium place! I also believe Charlie Ashbrook received his 10 park run t-shirt, so well done to Charlie. Rachel Arnold was first Helsby lady home. Congratulations also go to Donna and Paul both securing course PB’s. 7 runners out for Helsby.

3 Colin BISHOP 18:29 VM50-54 82.42 % M 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 17  
55 Rachel ARNOLD 24:08 VW50-54 70.30 % F 6 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:39 7  
95 Louise MCEVELEY 28:18 VW45-49 57.24 % F 24 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 17  
99 Donna GEER 28:31 VW40-44 55.17 % F 28 Helsby RC New PB! 4  
100 Paul BULMER 28:33 VM55-59 53.82 % M 72 Helsby RC New PB! 3  
101 Stephen WIGGINS 28:38 SM20-24 45.52 % M 73 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:14 11  
130 Jane ASHBROOK 34:45 VW35-39 43.55 % F 49 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:53 17  

For full Delamere results please see the following link


A little further than Delamere Ben Williams took on the York Park run where Ben was 65th in 22.59.

65 Benjamin John WILLIAMS 22:59 SM35-39 57.72 % M 60 Helsby RC First Timer! 15

Full results for the York park run are available as below, not a bad time for the winner it seems!


Anyone else been further afield than York to do a Parkrun?

Saturday was also Race 10 in the MerseyVend 5k Grand Prix series with a top ten finish for Colin Thompson with a fantastic sub 18 minute run. Also running was Dave Madders

10th       Colin Thompson                        17.45
54th       Dave Madders                          20.52

For full results see the link below and look for 7th December results (scroll to the bottom)


Saturday afternoon was the 3rd race in the Liverpool & District XC League at the great Stadt Moers course over in Knowsley. For those who missed this race the course is repeated (minus a small first lap) in a few weeks for the Sunday League XC. Well worth a trip!

This particular race was a club counter over one small lap and three large laps accounting for just under 10k on what is an undulating course. (Spikes a must have!) It was a really good standard for this race too with the likes of Johnny Mellor in the starting line-up among others. Jayne Joy shone on the day with a podium finish and tore up the ground after the first couple of laps to close a big gap and finish just behind 2nd lady.

34th       Adair Broughton                        36.27
38th       Jayne Joy                                  36.44 (3rd lady)
41st       Chris Baynham-Hughes            37.22
76th       Jane Ashbrook                          42.21
80th       Steve Riley                               42.44
104th     Chris Hatton                              49.38
108th     Clive Wilkinson                          52.34

Helsby were 6th team from 11 so well done to everyone who ran. Special thanks once again to the support round the course offered by Joe and Mario

Full results can be found here


Sunday was a day of Santa’s and three wore a Helsby vest including our very own now champion Father Christmas Colin Thompson. Not content with a top ten finish on Saturday Colin decided to add a flash of red and white to his usual green and take part in the Runcorn Santa Dash alongside compatriots Roy Gaskill and Tom DeJong as well as another 600 runners. In Colin’s own words

“Myself, Tom and Roy were out for the Halton Haven Santa Dash yesterday (Sunday 8th December). A short 4k race starting in West Bank Widnes, up over the Silver Jubilee Bridge down the expressway to Astmoor, back along the busway to the old town and finish outside the Brindley theatre. About 600 runners out and a good run by all from Helsby, we occupied 3 of the top 5 places! I managed to sneak a win, Roy 3rd and Tom 5th. Great fun and a nice mince pie at the end finished off a very enjoyable race. Thanks Col PS there are no results for the santa dash as it wasn’t timed unfortunately.”

Make sure you congratulate Colin on his win and for Roy also on the podium and to Tom for his top 5 finish. Hopefully we’ll see Colin’s winning performance make the front page of the Runcorn Star.

Photo of one of our dashing Santa’s as below

Tom DeJong takes delivering presents very seriously

Tom DeJong takes delivering presents very seriously

Also on Sunday was the Stockport 10 miler. Two out for Helsby and well done to Dave for weekend double. Full results below

134th     Ivan Davies                   1.08.19
329th     Dave Madders              1.15.20


I’ve had no other results through but if I’ve missed anything out as always please let me know as I can update as necessary.

Keep on running


Christmas fun, runs and curry…

There’s plenty going on this Xmas and New Year on the running front so here’s a number of dates for your running club diary.
The Cross Country and Border League series are well under way with record attendances which is brilliant as it puts us high up in the leagues. The next Border League is our own at Wigg Island organised by Vanessa and Adrian. The recce went well last Sunday, but car park and course marshals are still required so if you can help or know someone who can please contact Vanessa & Adrian (see below).
Here’s a quick update one what’s coming up. The green events are Helsby Running Club counters and organised eventsred extra Xmas events you may be interested in doing and blue English Athletics related events.
Sunday     1st Dec     North West Sunday League Race 3 – Arrowe Park – 11:30 start (to allow Santa Dash first)
Saturday   7th Dec     Liverpool & District Cross Country League – Stadt Moor – 2pm start
Friday         13th Dec  Social Club Xmas drink and get together in Frodsham – meet at the Helter Skelter at 7:30pm
Saturday     14th Dec     Leadership in Running Fitness Course – Bolton – Chris BH, Jennie & Roy are attending this course, funded by Sport Cheshire.
Sunday 15th Dec        Border League organised by Helsby Running Club at Wigg Island. Vanessa and Adrian’s plans are well under way after a successful reccie last weekend. They are currently organising course marshals, the finish line and car park attendants and a few extra helpers are still required. A separate email will follow from Vanessa and Adrian but in the meantime if you can help please email vanessa@hb23.freeserve.co.uk
Wednesday 18th Dec  Christmas Club Handicap followed by a curry supper. Meet at the club at 6:30 (Xmas dress optional!). We will have a warm up then gather at the start near Tesco for our 3.3 mile dash to Godscroft Lane and back with handicap starts (which I am currently compiling!!). Please bring a wrapped Xmas present to the value of £5 for the secret Santa prize giving in the bar afterwards + curry supper (organised by Lesley & Dave who will email you asking for food orders davidfeakes1234@btinternet.com )   
Saturday 21st Dec     Frodsham Xmas Run,  joint run with Spectrum organised by Andy Smith followed by lunch in the Bulls Head. Meet at 8:45 for 2 laps, 10:15 for 2 laps. Virtually our summer run to Frodsham in reverse, each lap 7 miles. Andy will send out final details and food order adsmith600@btinternet.com
Wednesday 25th Dec     Xmas Day parkrun 9:30, the parkruns have been so successful that Gareth & Co are even organising one on Xmas morning to work up at appetite for your turkey dinner!
Thursday 26th Dec     Goshawk Run 12:00, an informal 3 mile run from the Goshawk pub in Mouldsworth. Just turn up and run. Its also the Race the Walls in Chester, but you probably need to pre-enter  http://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/roadracing/RoundtheWalls . 
Sunday 29th Dec    North West Sunday League Race 3 – Stadt Moor – 10:00am 
Saturday 4th Jan   Cheshire Cross Country Championships – Birchwood – 1pm ladies, 2pm men, junior races from 11am. Show case XC of the year for runners & spectators! – Chance to see and run with Cheshire’s best and to try and qualify for a Cheshire vest and the Nationals, but don’t be put off its a good team day out for all levels of runners. Must be born in Cheshire or have resided for last 9 months, pre-entry, if you wish to run please let Jayne Joy jaynejoy@gmx.com know before 25th Dec.
Sunday 5th Jan    Marathon Workshop in Stockport 9-1, if anyone wants to attend this free course organised by English Athletics, please let me know and I will check availability. See attached flier.
Saturday 12th Jan  Four Villages Half Marathon Club Tidy up Working Party, 9am at club. Vey important – Please see the note below from Gareth
Saturday 18th Jan  Four Villages Set up Morning, 9am at the club. Again very important – Please see note below from Gareth.
Further to our update meeting last Wednesday, I’m pleased to confirm that we seem to be on track re 4 Villages preparation. As many of you will know, a lot of the ‘hard graft’ will occur in the final few weeks/weekends, and to ensure that we get the club house ‘ship shape’ for the event, Jackie and I are looking for volunteers to join as a ‘working clean up group’ on Sat 11/1/2014 – 9am start – this will include clearing up outside/various tasks (just be prepared to muck in). I appreciate, everyone is busy with work/family life etc but please remember the club cannot not hold this event properly without the support of its members. Thanks in advance for your continued support – please email me if you can support us on the 11th Jan & or the 18th Jan.  garethboyd@financialrecruitment.biz   We still have vacancies for an extra van driver or two. We will hire a van over race weekend to help transport everything to the finish on Sat and Sunday, plus errands to pick up equipment etc. On Saturday afternoon a pick up of the isotonic drinks in Newton le Willows is required (Manchester marathon have offered us 2,500 bottles free if we can pick them up!). Dave and Lesley are sorting out the course marshals and any help on this front would be appreciated  davidfeakes1234@btinternet.com
Saturday 19th Jan Essar Four Villages Half Marathon 11am, entries are now full. Whether you run or help on the day lets hope it’s a brilliant race day, proudly organised by Gareth and Helsby Running Club.
Saturday 25th Jan Northern Cross Country Championships, Knowsley Safari Park,  2pm ladies 3pm men, juniors races from 11pm. Another good day out for runners & spectators! – Must be 1st claim for Helsby to be eligible, born in Cheshire or have resided for last 9 months, pre-entry, if you wish to run please let Jayne Joy jaynejoy@gmx.com know before 5th Jan. 
Saturday    9th Feb    Leadership in Running Fitness Course – Bolton – Mario, Gareth, Carol, Louise and Donna are attending this course funded by Sport Cheshire.
As a result of the Leadership in Running Fitness Courses attended by many members, in the new year Chris & co hope to organise an extra training session (fartlek, endurance, hill reps etc), extra hands will be available to help Joe with his speed track sessions on a Monday and for Jane with her ever growing beginners groups. All good and positive news for running with Helsby Running Club in 2014!
I have put together another google calendar with these extra events in, please try cutting and pasting this into the calendar. 
A happy Xmas and New Year when it comes and hope to see you at many of these events this Yuletide and into 2014!.

Helsby weekend round-up 30th Nov – 1st December 2013

Hi all

This weekend saw the Delamere Park Runs 38th race, with Colin Bishop on the podium and Ivan in a top ten placing. First Helsby lady was Helen Tudor. Full results can be found at the link below.

2 Colin BISHOP 18:09 VM50-54 83.29 % M 2 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 16  
7 Ivan DAVIES 19:55 SM35-39 67.53 % M 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:47 8  
42 Benjamin John WILLIAMS 23:55 SM35-39 55.47 % M 39 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:44 14  
49 Helen TUDOR 24:24 VW45-49 67.08 % F 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:58 8  
54 Louise MCEVELEY 24:37 VW45-49 65.81 % F 8 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 16  
65 Janet ROBERTSON 25:37 VW45-49 63.24 % F 12 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:36 8  
79 Ian HILDITCH 26:49 VM70-74 67.43 % M 64 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:21 16  


Sunday was the Northwest Cross Country at Arrowe Park, a flatish cross country in good conditions at just under 5 miles for the 2 and a half lap course. Well done to all and to Joe, Mario, Adrian and Jane for all their support during the race. Colin Bishop flew home as first man for Helsby. First lady was Rachel Adams. Mens Results as follows

6th                    Colin Bishop
th                  Adair Broughton
42nd                 Derek Morris
                 Roy Gaskill
                Tom DeJong
                Paul Foster
                Steve Riley
                Dave Feakes
th                Chris Hatton

(4th team on the day for both the ‘A’ teams and ‘B’ teams)

Northwest Cross Country Ladies Results

6th                    Rachel Adams
                  Vanessa Griffiths
                  Rachel Arnold
                  Janet Robertson
                  Clare-Louise Miller
th                  Lesley Feakes

(Ladies ‘A’ team were 3rd and ‘B’ team were 1st)

Overall this means Helsby means team are still 4th in the table and Helsby ladies are now in 2nd place.

Full results are available at


Three of the committed fell contingent at Helsby were at the Telford Harriers organised Cardington Cracker on Sunday. This is a 9 mile race with 2600ft of climb round the Shropshire Hills with first home for Helsby Chris Baynham-Hughes followed by Jimmy and Andy. A big field and a great course by all accounts. More information and full results can be found at the link below.

30th                  Chris Baynham-Hughes         1.29.37
                 Jim O’Hara                             1.32.25
nd               Andy Smith                             2.06.46

Results to follow http://www.telfordathleticclub.co.uk/races/cardington-cracker

Cheshire Cross Country Championships are on 4th January at Birchwood and entries can only be entered online at the Cheshire AA website as below


or a link to the entry page


In other news I know a lot of people have been asking about Ian Landucci and Steve Riley has been in contact. The great news is the powerful pistons of Ian Landucci will be making a comeback at the four villages. Ian is feeling better and running again :d

Keep on running



Sandstone trail challenge 2014

Entries now open for the 2014 event, slightly later this year 7 June. Read more on the website: http://www.helsbyrunningclub.org.uk/sandstone-intro.htm

Great event, ideal first ultra, well supported, plenty of food stops. Equal numbers of runner’s and walker’s entries.