Helsby weekly round-up 11th – 12th January 2014

Hi all

Saturday 11th Janaury saw the 45th Delamere Park Run with ten out in the green vest led home by first man Ivan Davies and first lady Joanne Lacking. Well done also to Lesley Feakes for the weekend double.

11 Ivan DAVIES 19:48 SM35-39 67.93 % M 11 Helsby RC PB   stays at 00:19:47 11  
36 David MADDERS 22:57 VM40-44 59.48 % M 36 Helsby RC PB   stays at 00:21:29 10  
63 Joanne LACKING 24:16 SW30-34 61.40 % F 3 Helsby RC PB   stays at 00:22:45 4  
69 Helen OWENS 24:56 VW35-39 60.70 % F 5 Helsby RC PB   stays at 00:23:24 5  
73 Lesley FEAKES 25:06 VW45-49 66.00 % F 6 Helsby RC PB   stays at 00:24:15 18  
88 Kevin SMALLWOOD 26:00 VM40-44 53.27 % M 80 Helsby RC PB   stays at 00:23:39 8  
155 Ivor JOHNSTONE 31:29 VM45-49 45.74 % M 110 Helsby RC PB   stays at 00:28:04 7  
159 Paul BULMER 32:09 VM55-59 47.80 % M 111 Helsby RC PB   stays at 00:28:33 5  
160 Claire MORTON 32:10 VW50-54 54.82 % F 49 Helsby RC PB   stays at 00:27:52 3  
161 Louise MCEVELEY 32:10 VW45-49 50.36 % F 50 Helsby RC PB   stays at 00:23:49 23  

For full results see here


Warrington Road Runners, our team compatriots alongside Lymm in the Northwest Cross Country League hosted the Runcorn Town Park XC this Sunday 12th January. This was the penultimate race in what has been a bigger league this year with many new teams involved. The 4.8m course on the day was also slightly altered from previous years to have a little more climb at the start of the race. Conditions were good in parts, to very muddy at the back end of the course. The cold morning with frost on the ground made for a picturesque backdrop for the many photographers out on the course. Links below if you fancy a look at the photos.

A fabulous turnout for Helsby with some sensible people retiring from the race and excellent support from Joe, Mario and Jane, with added refreshments from Jane post race meant we had 19 finishers enabling both Helsby male and female teams to secure 4th on the day. Helsby ladies are currently in 2nd and Helsby men 4th.

We also had a good run from Jamie Dowdall but due to 2nd claim member rules unfortunately he never appeared in the results, fabulous to see in the Helsby vest though and a great runner to have in the team.

2nd Jayne Joy
11th Jenny Illidge
19th Jane Ashbrook
30th Rachel Arnold
39th Claire-Louise Miller
43rd Lesley Feakes

10th Colin Bishop
17th Colin Thompson
34th Chris Fitzpatrick
37th Derek Morris
40th Chris Baynham-Hughes
63rd Roy Gaskill
75th Gareth Boyd
84th Tom DeJong
86th Steve Riley
93rd David Feakes
113th Andy Smith
119th Adrian Jackson

For full results and further team statistics please

visitwww.stevesaunders.co.uk and follow the cross country links.

Photos from Helsby Flickr’s account taken by Adair here www.flickr.com/runhelsby


Put em Up, Put em Up!

Put em Up, Put em Up!

Photos from Dave Pinnington below


Missing from last week’s round-up was another tough one by the ever intrepid Chris Baynham-Hughes over Christmas (or maybe it’s a short one by his standards?) Account of ‘Tour de Helvellyn’ by Chris below.

“I did the Tour de Helvellyn. The course is roughly 38 miles from Askham, around Helvellyn (over sticks pass and down then back over passed Grisedale tarn) and is impossible to fully prepare for due to random weather possibilities for a race in the lakes on the Saturday before Christmas. With the weather forecasted for 90mph winds and persistent rain combining to bring a perceived temperature of -14 I headed out to the start line expecting a tough day. I wasn’t race focused, just looking to have a good day out – the event has a rolling start so it’s tactical to race it, making sure you start out at the right time can play a big part in overall performance and position. I started out early so I could get back to a family do and timed it just right to go through the 2nd checkpoint which doesn’t open until a set time; i.e., no point in starting too early! The wind was pretty strong, but more like 50 gusting to 70mph I’d have said and I was comfortable heading around in shorts and a paramo jacket. I also managed to miss the rain mostly with about 20 minutes worth of downpour, but the real foot soaker was running 100+m through 1.5ft deep water on the way into Patterdale due to flooding. No doubt it looked like a scene from Baywatch as I skipped through the ice cold water… ahem… moving on. Due to the rolling start I ran on my own at a comfortable pace all the way around thus was very pleasantly surprised to knock ~50 mins off my previous time despite the conditions. I managed 20th place against a pretty stiff field so was pretty chuffed all in all. Made a bit of room for the turkey at least.”

Well done to Chris for that one.

In other news, our Cheshire Champion Jayne Joy made a guest appearance in Athletics Weekly , see the attached link and thanks to Mario for the copy. The results section also references our Helsby runners on the day.

Athletics weekly XC Results

Many thanks also from Gareth for those who helped out at the weekend with the half-marathon preparations and let’s all make it one to remember this weekend. Still lots to do this weekend pre and post race and good luck to all who are running.

Chris Fitzpatrick has asked me to include the following in the round-up.

After the success of the xmas night out, we thought what better way to celebrate another successful half marathon than to organise a night out before the serious marathon training kicks in

So Friday 7th Feb 7.30pm Helter Skelter, a few of us are meeting up, would be great to see as many out as last time.

As always, keep on running



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