Helsby weekend round-up 25th-26th January 2014

Hi all

It is a mixed yet quality bag of racing this weekend including three different Park Runs, some cross country and an overnight mountain marathon!

Saturday was the 47th Delamere Park Run and always the most popular of the local races. A top ten finish for Chris Baynham-Hughes saw him first home for Helsby followed by Jim Jones and Tim Palmer with a new PB. Louise McEveley was first lady home and well done also to Louise Spruce with a new PB.

8 Chris BAYNHAM-HUGHES 19:46 SM35-39 67.54 % M 8 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:18:54 2  
31 Jim JONES 23:02 VM45-49 63.02 % M 27 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:50 4  
46 Tim PALMER 23:49 VM45-49 61.44 % M 41 Helsby RC New PB! 9  
62 Louise MCEVELEY 24:41 VW45-49 66.31 % F 8 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 24  
105 Ian HILDITCH 27:36 VM70-74 65.52 % M 83 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:21 19  
127 Paul BULMER 28:54 VM55-59 53.17 % M 96 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:33 7  
186 Donna GEER 33:33 VW40-44 46.90 % F 71 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:31 5  
214 Louise SPRUCE 38:34 SW30-34 38.38 % F 92 Helsby RC New PB! 2  
215 Jo FARWELL 38:36 VW40-44 40.46 % F 93 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:22 12  

For full results see here:


Saturday morning also saw the inaugural Warringon Park Run with a guest appearance from Helsby’s very own Roy Gaskill.

21 Roy GASKILL 20:18 VM45-49 71.51 % M 20 Helsby RC First Timer! 11

For full Warrington results see below:


And there were also two Helsby out in the first of their two runs of the day at the 150th Princess Park Run. Colin and Tom deciding on a faster warm-up than most headed to this venue with Colin even securing a new PB for the course as well as a sub 18 minute effort.

6 Colin THOMPSON 17:40 SM30-34 74.25 % M 6 Helsby RC New PB! 30  
49 Tom DE JONG 20:50 SM20-24 62.56 % M 49 Helsby RC First Timer! 4  

For full results see here


It was a big event in the XC calendar on Saturday afternoon at Knowsley Safari Park where the Northerns Cross Country were being held. No better words than Jackie’s in describing the day so please see Jackie’s report as below:

“The XC on sat was gruelling! You may have had other reports. The mud was worse than the Cheshire’s if you can believe that! Rachel & I turned up early with Patrick who was running in the juniors so he could watch the u15’s finish. Vale Royal did very well but at a cost of honking up for some!

After 1/2 hour of sun, a storm set in with hail & strong freezing winds. Mario & Jo found us the only non-muddy spot in the massive start area that was also sheltered, behind the tea marquee. It was a challenge standing on the ladies start line; the race actually got easier as circulation to limbs gradually came back. Two laps of a large & small loop with hills, strong winds in 1 direction, easier on the downward bits with wind assisted running. It was strong running by all ladies on a challenging day. On finishing, I returned to our sheltered spot to quickly put on warm clothes to go & watch the men start. Then all hell let loose as the large tea marquee took off. It was amazing it did not injure anyone as it has large metal posts. There were flying gas cylinders & tea urns. By the time we made it safe, mainly ladies, as all the men had already started, we were frozen, particularly Patrick who had been standing around a very long time. So we headed for home before the men finished. Sorry about that. Well done to all who braved the conditions, particularly to Mario & Joe who must have been wet & frozen throughout the whole ordeal!”

Some youtube videos of the day here




Helsby positions and places as below.

Ladies Race 8km

156th                 Janet Robertson                        42.28
164th                 Rachel Arnold                            43.01
170th                 Clare Louise Miller                     43.20
185th                 Jackie Keasley                           44.55
219th                 Nesta Hawker                            48.08

Mens Race 12km

301st                 Colin Thompson                        54.32
372nd                 Derek Morris                             58.00
387th                 Tom DeJong                             58.52
445th                 Gareth Boyd                             1.01.51
449th                 Steve Riley                               1.02.06
501st                 Stephen Wiggins                       1.05.08
523rd                 Andy Smith                               1.06.50

For full results  of the Northerns Cross Country please see here


Chris Baynham-Hughes not content with just a park run for the weekend headed to the Marmot Dark Mountains overnight marathon. He’ll write a more substantial report for his own blog soon but in his words regarding this weekend…

“I’ll be writing this up later as it was an experience and a half, but it’ll have to wait a little as I’m horrendously sleep deprived having spent the weekend out on the Marmot Dark Mountains race.

This is an overnight mountain marathon which was in the peak district this year. I can’t really think of a more extreme event that I have taken part in. For those out there that don’t know what a mountain marathon is, I will attempt to explain: essentially it is akin to orienteering over a huge distance, it has an overnight and self-sufficient element to it with competitors carrying tent, sleeping bag, cooker and various items for safety in case things go wrong – in our case a bothy bag had been added to the kit list (despite us having a tent too!). My running partner (Braddan) and I were out for 15.5 hours and for a good 8 of those I couldn’t feel my feet. It had started well with us nailing the navigation for the first 4 check points despite there being some pretty tricky nav requirements.

Anybody who has been up Kinder Scout in the daylight will know how treacherous it can be with all the groughs, but at night with only head torches to guide it becomes extremely difficult without mist, but with mist it is almost impossible…we had mist reflecting the beams from our head torches and it slowed us right down. We had every type of weather apart from sun and I ended up on Bleaklow in a full on blizzard running compass bearings in white out conditions. We experienced everything from freezing cold to rain, sleet, snow, mist, and wind ranging up to 70+++ Easily one of the toughest events I’ve ever done… It was utterly bonkers. All self-inflicted of course.

How did we do? Well we failed the course! Yep, the final box was placed within 100 ft of another box and it was the only box we didn’t check the CP Letters on as we were facing 70+ mph winds and got complacent about being home and dry.. well, home at least. I have to say though, I thoroughly enjoyed myself (believe it or not!).”

Good effort Chris!

As always please let me know what events (not just running either) you have been upto as I will always try to put them on the blog and I can miss events if you haven’t let me know.

Jackie has asked to remind you all that it’s the 4 villages wash-up meeting in the clubhouse after weds run, 8.15pm start if possible. The plan is for the committee to break off at 9 for a meeting for 30 mins (promise), then if there is still time we can talk about summer road & fell counter ideas. (Maybe someone can do a fish & chip run for us with our orders to give us sustenance!)

Also, some information from Gareth Boyd below

a) Calling all HRC members – don’t forget that we are having a post Helsby Half review meeting (discussing what worked well and things we can improve on etc) this Wednesday after the club run – everyone and any constructive feedback is welcome

b) I have 5 free places for the Liverpool Half Marathon (23rd March 2014) and 1 x free place available for the Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon (25th May 2014). Anyone whom supported the Helsby Half event (ie helped out beforehand/in the build up, on the day etc) and would like to get either one of the 5 half marathon places or the 1 marathon place, please could they email me at garethboyd@financialrecruitment.biz and I will put interested names into a ballot and draw this Wednesday pm after the post Half review meeting

Think that’s it for the week…

Keep on running



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