Helsby weekly round-up 23rd – 27th April 2014

Hi all

Two first places for Helsby in this week’s round-up and a race that had no results!

Wednesday night 23rd April saw the last Border League race held by Deestriders. A brief report as to the reasons why the results didn’t stand can be seen on the North Wales Blog below.


Thanks to Donna Geer/Mario who took a photo of the many Helsby runners on the night as seen below. 28 were out in all for Helsby, fantastic turnout.

It was unfortunate that the race wasn’t validated and these things do happen from time to time but taking the season as a whole  it was a fantastic series of races for Helsby ladies and promotion for Helsby men is definitely a good target for Borders 2014/15 and certainly achievable.

Well done to Colin Bishop, first for his age category and to Tom DeJong picking up a 3rd junior title.

Results for the other Border League races over the previous season can be seen below.


Helsby Team

Helsby Team

It was the Delamere 5k Park Run on Saturday 26th with a great 1st place by the formidable Colin Bishop (undoubtedly one of the top ten runners in the country for his age group, so we should be very proud to have him for Helsby!) and first Helsby lady was Louise McEveley. Where was everyone this week?

1 Colin BISHOP 17:55 VM50-54 85.02 % M 1 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 25
74 Louise MCEVELEY 25:30 VW45-49 64.18 % F 11 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 34

For full results see below:


Saturday was also the Warrington 5k Park Run where sole Helsby representative Colin Thompson had a silver medal position for another great run.

2 Colin THOMPSON 17:58 VM35-39 73.38 % M 2 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:56 36

For full results of Warrington see below


Saturday also saw long distance runner Chris Baynham-Hughes head for a Highland Fling. His race report below…

Saturday morning… and afternoon I decided to take on the Highland Fling (a double marathon along the West Highland way between the start of the WHW (Milngavie) and Tyndrum). It’s a very popular race despite the clash with The Fellsman and many of the familiar faces were there; I’d headed up with three Spartans and Richie Webster from Wallasey RC. The weather was forecast to be atrocious so I was delighted to start without my waterproof on and pretty much stay that way for the entire race.

My lack of race prep showed as I just didn’t’ have the miles in my legs unlike all the recent Helsby marathon heroes we keep hearing about, so after a surprisingly strong start I started to go backwards after about 20 miles. Still, I toughed it out (I can confirm that you don’t get any 50 miler for free) and focused on enjoying the scenery which was superb. It was a bit rough or “technical” underfoot around one of the lochs (earlier in the race you’d skip over it) and some of the trail was in very poor condition, but good company, well organised and one I’d certainly look to do again… but with full training next time! I finished in the top 10%, but only by virtue of it being such a big event (~800 starters), in 9 hours 45 minutes, best of all there was no ankle pain.

The first question I was asked as I passed the finish line was “Do you want a water or a beer?” My kind of race :d”

Sunday 27th April was the Radcliffe 10k Multi-terrain race and a Viking raid by Jayne Joy saw her secure a fabulous victory against some talented opposition and a PB too on an undulating course shows the sort of form she is in.

23rd                  Jayne Joy                   38.25 (1st lady)

Thanks also to Joe and Mario who were out in support on the day. For further details and results see below;




A smiling Jayne Joy http://www.runningpix.co.uk/XCTrailpics/Radcliffe10K1432D/large-44.html

……and for a bit of extra reading

BBC Article. A point of View – How running has changed since the four minute mile


Keep on running


Easter Weekend Round-up 2014

Hi all

Great running from everyone from the Spring 5 and the varied races over the Chocolate break and Helsby has definitely had a rebirth over the last year. Many thanks to Colin Thompson once again for ensuring we have a set of results out this week.

Firstly i’d like to draw everyone’s attention to an article in the Chester Chronicle about Helsby runner Paul Bulmer that Jackie has informed me about. It’s an inspiring read and goes to show what can be achieved and also how people should regard the club as a team however well we do individually.


On Wednesday 16th April it was the Chester Spring 5 and 3rd road counter in the Helsby summer series which saw 17 green vests out in the country lanes of Upton. Colin Thompson for full Helsby points in a very good field was an impressive 18th in 28.26 while Joanne Lacking keeps her great form for first in for Helsby ladies to take the honours. Well done to everyone else who secured PB’s as I know Tom did. Well done to all who ran.

Full Helsby results please see below:

18th      Colin Thompson                      28:26

73rd      Derek Morris                           31:34

82nd     Tom Dejong                            32:04

103rd    Ian Landucci                           32:52

112th    Jim Higgins                             33:36

164th    Joanne Lacking                      35:35

174th    Laura Baynham-Hughes        36:13

176th    Stephen Wiggins                     36:22

194th    Tim Palmer                             36:45

203rd    Carol Shaw                             37:15

219th    Paul Foster                              37:49

222nd   Geoff Shaw                            37:53

258th    Louise McEveley                    40:06

260th    Jackie Keasley                       40:20 (3rd in age cat)

284th    Jenny O’Hare                         42:58

291st    Jenny Palmer                         43:54

319th    Donna Geer                            46:43

Full results here:


On Good Friday it was the Salford 10k with the very Good Ivan and Dave putting Helsby on the map in Manchester. (Was Moyes running the other way?) Ivan’s race report below.

Myself and David madders ran the Salford 10k on Good Friday. This event is a two lap course starting from Salford sports village. Not the prettiest of courses but quite flat and a good for those pb hunting.

For some reason I thought this might be one of those “niche” events that slip under the radar from time to time, where a 40 minute 10k might just put you well up the final placings…how wrong I was.

A quick look at the results will show what a quality field turned out for this; 10 people ran under 31 minutes and a sub 35 only just got you in the top 50.  Despite this, the weather was kind and although they went to great lengths to give us all chip (timing), there didn’t seem to be any timing mats on the course and the results seem to be gun times only? So chip times probably a Few seconds faster.

Helsby results below:

166th    Ivan Davies                             39:52

287th    Dave Madders                        45:06

Full results here:


On Saturday 19th April it was the 58th Delamere Parkrun with Jim Jones first in for Helsby in a fine 21.34 run. Janet Robertson was first Helsby lady home. Good running everyone

Helsby results below:

27th      Jim Jones                               21:34

58th      Derek Gallagher                     23:07

71st      Janet Robertson                     23:42

94th      Louise McEveley                    24:50

232nd   Ivor Johnstone                        33:47

Full results here:


Saturday was a tough North Wales Series Fell Race. Brief race report from Phil below

“Jimmy O’Hara, Alec Robertson and I (Phil Gillard) ran in the Ras Y Moelwyn race on Saturday – 10 miles, 2800 feet, no results yet but nice video which catches the mood nicely”


Other details and results should appear here in time


Runcorn Bridge Race Report from Colin Thompson below:

On Easter Sunday 20th April it was the Runcorn Bridge 5 mile road race and 4th road counter of the year. It was a brilliant turn out for Helsby with 14 green vests on show. The race starts on the Runcorn side of the bridge, up over the Silver Jubilee into Widnes, left through the industrial estate to Halebank with the finish in Hale Park. The course is mostly flat with only a few undulations and conditions were perfect for a PB, which showed on the day with some brilliant running resulting in Colin Bishop and Carol Shaw winning their V50 age categories to shine on the day. Colin Bishop was first for the men with a fantastic time of 28:19 and top ten place for the full 20 points, and Joanne Lacking first lady home in a strong 35:41. Helsby men also won 3rd team place which, for a small running club like ours, is brilliant to be able to beat some of the big Merseyside and Cheshire teams and shows how much talent we currently have within the club.”

That third place team place is fantastic news! Well done guys. Thanks also to everyone out watching and supporting the race. It’s much appreciated by all the runners and please let me know if you have supported and watched a race because it’s nice to give a thankyou to those who dedicate a lot of their time to the club.

Helsby results below:

9th        Colin Bishop                            28:19 (1st in age cat)

11th      Colin Thompson                      28:30

51st      Roy Gaskill                             32:04 (3rd in age cat)

57th      Jim Higgins                             32:20

60th      Tom Dejong                            32:34

71st      Stephen Roach                       33:03

129th    Joanne Lacking                      35:41

145th    Carol Shaw                             36:21 (1st in age cat)

156th    Derek Gallagher                     36:46

191st    Geoff Shaw                            38:08

220th    Louise McEveley                    38:58

222nd   Stephen Wiggins                     39:00

250th    Clare Miller                              39:43

341st    Shan McCarthy                      43:17

Full results here:


Great round-up this week, an honour to send out

As always, keep on running


In other news please find an email from Louise below

Hi All,

On Friday 25th April (this coming Friday) a few of us are going to the Chinese Delight in Frodsham for a meal, and then in to Frodsham for a drink or 12.

I have 14 confirmed names on Facebook already but if you would like to come and your name is not below please email me on lspruce83@live.co.uk so I can add you to the list.

Unfortunately as it is quite short notice I need numbers by Wednesday  23rd, sorry it’s last minute but hopefully some of you can make it.

Confirmed names so far are as follows, Me, Col Thompson, Derek Morris, Helen Owens, Gareth Boyd, Chris Fitzpatrick, Jo Lacking, Jane Ashbrook, Jamie Dowdall, Tom Dejong, Gareth O’Connor, Roy Duffy, Lou McEveley, and Ste Wiggins. Thanks Guys Louise xx



Helsby weekly round-up 12-13th April 2014

Hi all

It was a busy weekend running wise with a fabulous Helsby turnout at the latest Delamere Park Run 5k on Saturday 12th April. Twelve green vests were led home by the brilliant Colin Bishop who ran through the finishing tape for first overall with Colin Thompson running well with a solid 4th place. Tom Dejong took his course PB and Janet Robertson led the ladies home for 56th overall. Well done to all who ran.

1 Colin BISHOP 17:47 VM50-54 85.66 % M 1 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:47 24
4 Colin THOMPSON 18:37 VM35-39 70.81 % M 4 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:18:09 35
11 Edward HALLIWELL 20:03 VM40-44 68.08 % M 11 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:58 2
12 Tom DE JONG 20:30 SM20-24 63.58 % M 12 Helsby RC New PB! 6
29 David FEAKES 22:16 VM50-54 67.29 % M 25 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:37 18
53 Derek GALLAGHER 23:27 VM60-64 69.01 % M 47 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:49 13
56 Janet ROBERTSON 23:33 VW45-49 68.79 % F 7 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:36 14
88 Louise MCEVELEY 25:35 VW45-49 63.97 % F 20 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 32
95 Lesley FEAKES 26:01 VW45-49 63.68 % F 23 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:15 21
123 Claire MORTON 27:57 VW50-54 63.09 % F 33 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:52 6
181 Jane ASHBROOK 33:49 VW35-39 44.75 % F 64 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:53 22
212 Tanya Elizabeth DOWNES 41:20 VW35-39 36.77 % F 84 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:08 5

For full results see below


It was also the Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race on Saturday with Helsby’s Jim O’Hara in attendance. This is an 8.5m traverse in the Lakes with 3000ft ascent in total. Unfortunately no results as yet but they should appear here soon


or for more information http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=2994

As I’m sure many of you are aware it was London marathon weekend last Sunday and many of us were tuned in, not to watch Mo but to see how our three Helsby runners got along. Not far behind Mo in all fairness was Chris Fitzpatrick with an awe inspiring sub three hour run to finish in the top 1000 of the race. Guess he never wore the mankini in the end. Great and similar runs were had by Helen Owens and Clare Miller. Helen Owens had completed a sub four hour Manchester Marathon just the week before too. Very impressive Helsby quartet there and be sure to congratulate them.

926th                Chris Fitzpatrick          2.55.35
5965th             Stephen Roach             3.35.37
13,280th           Helen Owens              4.06.47
13,715th           Clare Miller                  4.08.39

Hope I’ve not missed anyone, let me know if so!

For more details and full results please see the following website below


It was the 2nd road counter of the Helsby summer road series on Sunday at the local Whitley 10k, a race organised by Spectrum which takes in some of the country lanes of Cheshire and the pleasant village of Whitley. Another great turn-out for Helsby with a good battle for club honours between the many categories. Ivan Davies piloted the way for Helsby with a great win closely followed by Roy and Ian. Louise McEveley was first lady home to take the full race points.

Hopefully this now makes it interesting for the third road counter this coming Wednesday at the always popular West Cheshire Spring 5 race.

34th                  Ivan Davies                 40.31
38th                  Roy Gaskill                 40.52
54th                  Ian Landucci               41.40
90th                  Dave Feakes              44.26
124th                Dave Madders           46.10
162nd               Geoff Shaw                48.10
178th                Louise McEveley        49.02
199th                Lesley Feakes             50.29
234th                Jo Farwell                   53.02
313th                Janet Shaw                 1.02.02
343rd                Paul Bulmer                1.07.31
346th                Stephen Wiggins         1.07.32 

For full results and further information please see the official website below



In other news did anyone find a blue OMM jacket last Wednesday after the club talk as it was possibly left on the night by a club member? If so please drop me a line. Could someone also ask behind the bar tonight too. Just to reiterate, it’s a blue OMM jacket, very lightweight.

Good luck to all those at the Spring 5 on Wednesday and hopefully our marathon runners are also recovering well.

Keep on running



Helsby weekend round-up 5th – 6th April 2014

Hi all

Many thanks to Colin Thompson for his round-up last week!

The Delamere Park Run 5k this Saturday 5th April saw two vests out for Helsby with first in Gareth Boyd in 11th overall followed by Louise McEveley in 60th. Well done to Gareth and Louise who were also out at the Border League race the following day. Full results below.

11 Gareth BOYD 20:43 VM40-44 66.37 % M 10 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:08 11
60 Louise MCEVELEY 25:43 VW45-49 63.64 % F 14 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:49 31

Latest results http://www.parkrun.org.uk/delamere/results/latestresults/

It was also the monthly Halewood 5k on Saturday morning with Colin and Tom in fine form to secure PB’s or equal too’s! Colin was first in and a fine performance too considering the Borders the following day. Colin ran for a top ten position and Tom DeJong with a superb sub 20, something he has been aiming for recently, showing his progress and commitment to running. Well done to both and be sure to congratulate Tom on his milestone performance.

8th         Colin Thompson                        17.38
38th       Tom DeJong                             19.57

For more details see http://www.knowsleyharriers.com/merseyvend-north-west-5k/

Or for full history of results see below


Sunday 6th April saw the illustrious Manchester Marathon with some very impressive performances from the six Helsby runners on the day led home by Joanne Lacking in a quality 3 and a half hours and Dave Feakes well under the four hour mark.

1122nd               Joanne Lacking            3.29.09
1708th                Dave Feakes                 3.42.09
2062nd               Helen Owens                 3.48.16
2935th                Lesley Feakes               4.02.48
3199th                Stephen Wiggins           4.10.14
4201st                John Thompson            4.28.33
5603rd               Tanya Downes              5.23.56


It was the Border league Race 6 at New Brighton also on Sunday with 17 runners out for Helsby so a very good showing for the green vest. Thanks to all supporters on the day as it really helps the runners and provides that little extra incentive.

Great times and positions from the two Colin’s and six Helsby men in the top 100 now shows the strength in depth at the club. The ladies still continue to shine and to have two teams out as Joe stated earlier is fantastic for the club.

No team results as looks like an incorrect link currently on the website below.


Helsby positions and times as follows.

21st                  Colin Bishop                  30.16 (1st in age cat)
29th                  Colin Thompson            30.41
76th                  Jim Higgins                   33.33
81st                  Roy Gaskill                   33.47
82nd                 Gareth Boyd                 33.48
90th                  Tom DeJong                 34.46 (3rd in age cat)
100th                Alison Halsall                35.41 (1st in age cat)
129th                Vanessa Griffiths          37.36 (3rd in age cat)
142nd               Steve Riley                    38.26
174th                Michelle Hardwick        40.25
181st                Louise McEveley           41.45
186th                Andy Smith                   42.15
190th                Lizzie Thomas               42.55
195th                Emily Smith                  43.34
200th                Jo Farwell                     44.28
214th                Shan McCarthy              45.36
220th                Jane Ashbrook              46.52

Away from the roads now and a visit to the Lakes by Tim and Jenny on Sunday saw them at the Grizedale Forest Trail Race. Promising performances by Tim and Jenny show even brighter times are ahead for Helsby on the fells this year! Tim’s race report below.

“Jenny and Tim ventured up to the Lakes on Sunday to do the Great Grizedale Trail Race. This is a 10 mile trail race in Grizedale Forest. It is all on the forest tracks (good surface) with some good views towards Coniston. It is definitely undulating (my Garmin reckons 529m of undulation – but we are not totally convinced that it is this much). The Lake District weather (showers and wind) avoided any overheating problems. The promised six inch deep mud on the track didn’t materialise at the 9 ½ mile mark (thankfully). We both agree that it would be worth doing it again.”

For more information please see http://www.grizedale10.co.uk

Offical results now published for the race:


54th          Tim Palmer              85.03
113th         Jenny Palmer           100.06

Great running once again Helsby!