Helsby weekly round-up Sept 22nd – 28th 2014

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Last Tuesday (23rd September) saw the final Wirral multi terrain race of the series in Arrowe Park. Brilliant running once again saw good results from all in the green vest (8 out in total). Well done to Vanessa who was first Helsby Lady home on the night, but the star of the night was Carol Shaw who came 3rd in her age group and walked away with a trophy for overall 3rdplace in her age category for the series! Special thanks for Joe and Mario who were out on the course to support and Louise Spruce for sorting out the tokens and race positions.

Helsby positions below:

25th         Colin Thompson                               26.48
43rd        Chris Baynham Hughes                    28.15
89th         Jim Jones                                           31.06
105th      Adrian Jackson                                  32:14
109th      Steve Riley                                         32:26
139th      Geoff Shaw                                        34:57

23rd         Vanessa Griffiths                              33:25
30th         Carol Shaw                                        34:21 (3rd in age cat)

Overall positions for the series can be found here:

Saturday 27th September saw the 79th Delamere parkrun. Brilliant running from Gareth Boyd who secured a top 10 finish and first in for Helsby, and also well done to Dave Madders for another PB (surely one of the most improved runners at the moment!) Great running all.

8th           Gareth Boyd                      20.09
13th         Alfie Grady                        20.42
14th         David Madders                 20.44 (New PB!)
83rd        Stephen Wiggins               24.51

Full results here:

Also on Saturday was the 36th Warrington Parkrun with our sole Helsby representative Colin Bishop who stormed around for a podium finish! Well done Colin.

3rd           Colin Bishop       17.28

Full results:

And keeping the Helsby flag flying in Southampton was Alex Fitzmaurice who had a brilliant run to go sub 20 minutes and secure 4th place.

4th           Alex Fitzmaurice     19:44

Full results:

Saturday also saw the popular Sandstone A race (17.1 miles, 655m climb) and B race (10.6 miles, 288m climb) organised by our very own Geoff Shaw alongside Deeside Orienteering Club. It was a fantastic turn out once again from the “Green Army” (12 in total) and turned out to be a bit of a Helsby award ceremony with Jayne Joy storming around for first lady home in the B race, Vanessa Griffiths 2nd in her category in the B race, Rachel Arnold 1st in her category in the A race and Jim O’Hara with a fabulous run for 3rd  place overall in the A race. Well done to all who participated in this event and it was great to see such camaraderie and enthusiasm from Helsby RC. We also came very close to securing first team but narrowly missed out to Wirral AC, which is an excellent result and shows what a strong club we have at the moment. Thank you to Joe and Mario who once again were out on course in full support and Adair who had cycled over to offer his support. Also thank you to Jenny and Tim Palmer who were out marshalling and cheering Helsby runners on.

Helsby results below:


3rd           Jim O’Hara                          2.02.24
5th           Colin Thompson                2.04.28
65th         Joanne Lacking                  2.34.49
76th         Gary O’Connor                  2.39.47
79th         Louise McEveley               2.40.52
83rd        Rachel Arnold                     2.41.58 (1st in age cat)
86th         Lesley Feakes                     2.43.40
91st         Phil Roberts                        2.45.01


8th           Jayne Joy                             1.18.16 (1st lady overall)
27th         Vanessa Griffiths               1.28.42 (2nd in age cat)
50th         Janet Robertson                1.35.51
67th         Carol Shaw                         1.39.28

A full set of results for the event here: http://www.deeside-orienteering-club.org.uk/sstrail/results.htm

First Lady!

First Lady!

On Sunday 28th Roy Gaskill headed over to Southport for the Natterjack Seaside 10k as Helsby’s sole representative. Excellent running from Roy saw him edging ever closer to that sub 40 with 40.25 and 45th overall. Well done Roy!

Helsby results below:

45th         Roy Gaskill          40.25

Full results here:

Also on Sunday was the RAB Mountain Marathon with Chris Baynham-Hughes having a great run. Full report from Chris below:

“This weekend I found myself running around the Eastern fells of the Lake District at the RAB Mountain Marathon. For those of you that don’t know what a mountain marathon is, it’s essentially a cross between Orienteering and Fell running. The RAB is a “score class” which means a large number of control boxes are placed around an area, each control is worth a number of points ranging from 5 to 40 points. Competitors cross the start line and are handed a map and a sheet of paper detailing which controls are open that day and how many points they are worth, from there they have a set amount of time to collect as many points as possible by visiting the control and “dibbing” using an electronic key which is strapped to their wrists for the weekend. There is a long score (day 1 is 7 hours, day 2 is 6 hours) and a short score (an hour less each day) and anybody arriving late back to camp starts to lose points for every minute they are late (half an hour late and all points are gone – tough if you’ve just flogged yourself through the mountains for nothing). Competitors can race solo or in pairs and must carry all their kit, including tent, sleeping bag and cooker.

Although I wasn’t the only Helsby vest there (Andy R was there with his daughter) I took to the field with a friend I’ve met through ultras, Matty Brennan. We’re reasonably evenly matched overall (albeit he is a bit quicker) however Matty’s strength is descending and mine is ascending, so I was really pleased at how we managed to run well as a team despite this contradiction. Crossing the start line we hit our first issue in that the maps supplied were laminated – not great that we both had water soluble markers! Our second error in hindsight was planning forwards rather than backwards and not spending enough time studying the terrain… headless chickens spring to mind. The result of this and a misreading of the out of bounds area meant that we missed a fast route through and we spent too long in the lower scoring controls. We left ourselves without enough time to pick up a more distant control yet we strolled in with 45 minutes left on the clock for day 1 and only 205 points in the bag. Despite the frustration at our mistakes we’d had a fantastic day out. A great overnight camp made better by the mild conditions meant that we were fresh for day 2 and quickly proved that we’d got our eye in map wise. Lessons learned from the day before we set off and really nailed day 2 by collecting 210 points; finishing with enough time not to be panicking about being back in time.

The event itself was terrifically well organised and there were a lot of familiar faces for me so it was a great social event. The course planning was outstanding and afforded us really contrasting terrain – day 1 was big and very steep hills and day 2 was tussock, heather and a maze of complicated uncrossable boundaries. To give you an idea of atmosphere, Friday night consisted of a couple of real ales and catching up with friends, Saturday and Sunday were friendly but determined race faces and lots of laughs, the finish included a meal and more of the social. I recommend these events to anybody looking for something different as you can do as much or as little as you want to; I’d be happy to help with advice/ kit for anybody thinking of giving it a try. Matty and I covered roughly 18 miles each day with ~6500 ft of climb on day 1 and ~4500 ft of climb on day 2… oh and we won a prize for 3rd Male team which was a huge surprise given our failings on day 1. Pretty damn terrific all round!”

Great write up Chris and well done to you, Matty and Andy.

Please find a link to the full results and some photo’s of Chris in action below:




Also on Sunday was the Gladstone 9 mile fell race. Report from Tim Palmer below:

“Jim O’Hara, Sharon Basford (Tattenhall), Phil Gillard and I did the Gladstone 9 fell race on Sunday – see: http://www.eryriharriers.org.uk/gladstone-9-results-report/
It was a very fell race and the weather was good particularly as the sun came out after the race when we were sitting in front of the pub. After the race, Jim and Sharon were extolling the benefits and disbenefits of running together as a couple – at least they were still talking to each other… ”

Helsby Results:

25th      Phil Gillard                                 1:43:43
35th      Tim Palmer                                 1:47:07
44th      Sharon Basford (Tattenhall)   2:28:16
45th      Jim O’Hara                                 2:28:45

Also the delayed Peris Horseshoe results here:

The Macclesfield Half Marathon on Sunday saw the final race of the Cheshire County Road Race GP. Well done to all those who took part in any of these races, final positions saw 1 male from Helsby (myself) in the top ten, and a lady inside the top 20 of Cheshire. Well done Joanne Lacking!

And finally, a reminder from Adrian Thiemicke regarding the representative match below:
“We have been invited by North Wales to take part in a representative match at Abergele on 2nd November, between North Wales, Staffordshire and Cheshire. I will be picking the Cheshire teams from those eligible runners who have entered the race by 19th October. Please ensure your club’s runners are aware of this.” http://www.abergeleharriers.co.uk/The5.htm

Hope I have included all results, if any are missing please email me at col808@hotmail.com. I’ll try to add any photos sent to me. Thanks for reading, and keep on running!

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