Helsby RC Christmas night out

Our resident party planner Chris Fitzpatrick has advised me that the Helsby RC Xmas night out will be on Saturday 29th November. Meet in the Helter Skelter in Frodsham at 7.30pm if you want to join in the fun and games, Christmas jumpers are compulsory!

Helsby Running Club Weekly Update 19-10 to 26-10

Saturdays Parkruns saw Max Wainright, Tim Palmer, Jo Farwell, Jenny Illidge, Louise McElevely, Ste Wiggins and Paul Bulmer tackle Delamere with Max first home for Helsby and Tim recording a PB.  Over at Ellesmere Port Parkrun Ben Williams’ PB was the sole Helsby result.

Colin Thompson ran Princes Parkrun on Saturday, finishing in 3rd place. Colin reports it was quite an emotional race in memory of Darren Ablewhite who tragically collapsed and died after completing Princes Parkrun on 4th October, his partner, Julie and his family and friends who were at the race launched a campaign to purchase a defibrillator to be installed in Princes park for use by the Parkrun event and other park users. £1300 was raised on the day which is fantastic
This weekend was also the start of the Cross Country season with the Liverpool and District kicking off at Beacon Park on Saturday and the Sunday League starting the next day at Clarke Gardens. Jim Jones (first for Helsby), Phil Gillard, Dave Madders and Jamie Dowdall ran the the Saturday race while Sunday saw a strong Helsby presence of 15 runners with Colin Bishop and Janye Joy leading Helsby home in the mens/ ladies races in 7th place and 3rd place respectively. Some photographs from the day, courtesy of Jane Bishop: xc3XC2XC1 xc5xc6r xc7xc4 Full results for both races can be found below:

http://www.lps-athletics.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Beacon-Park-2014-Results.pdf http://www.stevesaunders.co.uk/xc/2014/race1_14.pdf Graham Lloyd made the trip out to Snowdonia on Saturday for the UKs most challenging road marathon and completed the course in 4:59:09. Over the weekend Chris Baynham-Hughes also completed his first OMM Elite event, finishing in 6th place. Congratulations to both Chris and Graham.

Just a reminder to any Helsby runners who entered the Abergele 5 miler before October 19th that, subject to eligibility, you may be asked to be part of one of the Cheshire teams taking on North Wales and Staffordshire at the race. Good luck to anyone fortunate enough to be selected.

Members are also invited to pop along to to the Helsby Sports and Social Club this coming weekend to view the plans for the impressive looking new club house, the sessions will be open from 3pm to 8pm on Friday and 10am to 3pm o Saturday.  Please see the flyer for further details. new sports club

Jackie Keasley has also shared this video clip she put together of last weeks Fell Running Championship. Cheers Jackie. https://plus.google.com/photos/110332431896561552480/albums/6074065457428584897?cfem=1&authkey=CMCFxpby77PP1QE

After the club run this Wednesday, there is an open invite to come along to the club bar afterwards to say farewell to Mike Hallsworth who is moving away to live in the Scottish Borders.  Thanks Mike for all your efforts in helping the club, in particular with the beginners groups, plus your marshalling, support and first aider efforts at the Four Villages and all our other club races, you will be missed, but hopefully you will come down and see us when you come south. Regards Gaz

Helsby weekend round-up 18th Oct – 19th Oct 2014

Afternoon everyone

It’s been a busy weekend of running for the Green Army so lots to report this week!

Firstly, the Delamere parkrun once again had a big turn out on Saturday with 8 Helsby runners lining up for the race. Congratulations to Colin Bishop for another podium finish and first Helsby runner across the finish line and well done to Lesley Feakes for first Helsby lady home. Also kudos to Jim Jones for doing the double and racing the British fell relays the next day! Well done everyone, results below:

3 Colin BISHOP 17:46 VM50-54 85.74 % M 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:15 41
17 Jim JONES 20:51 VM45-49 70.18 % M 17 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:20:46 20
41 David FEAKES 23:16 VM50-54 64.40 % M 39 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:37 24
89 Lesley FEAKES 26:42 VW50-54 62.80 % F 12 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:15 27
105 Shan MCCARTHY 27:40 VW40-44 56.87 % F 18 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:26:25 11
148 Emily Kate SMITH 32:47 SW30-34 45.45 % F 38 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:08 6
160 Paul BULMER 34:07 VM55-59 45.04 % M 114 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:33 20
161 Louise MCEVELEY 34:07 VW45-49 47.97 % F 47 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:35 45

Full results here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/delamere/results/latestresults/

Also on Saturday was the inaugural Ellesmere Port parkrun which saw 4 Helsby vests on the start line. Well done Dave Madders for first Helsby runner and Joanne Lacking for first Helsby lady and top of the podium for the ladies. Well done guys! Results below.

21 David MADDERS 21:41 VM40-44 63.41 % M 21 Helsby RC First Timer! 20
26 Joanne LACKING 21:50 SW30-34 68.24 % F 1 Helsby RC First Timer! 11
59 Helen OWENS 24:23 VW35-39 62.34 % F 8 Helsby RC First Timer! 11
111 Tanya Elizabeth DOWNES 31:07 VW35-39 48.85 % F 30 Helsby RC First Timer! 7

Full results http://www.parkrun.org.uk/ellesmereport/results/latestresults/

And finally, the Warrington parkrun with sole Helsby runner Carl Pratt flying the flag for the club and storming around in 21:40 for a new PB! Well done Carl.

20 Carl PRATT 21:40 SM30-34 59.69 % M 18 Helsby RC First Timer! 1


Sunday saw 3 Helsby vests lining up for the Farndon 10k. Brilliant running from all, especially John Thompson which may be a new PB? Congratulations to Roy Gaskill for first Helsby runner home. In Roys own words “Farndon 10k a roller coaster ride with wind as well, could not wish for a better course, the hills were not short like Whitley, I even had chance to think about how I tackle the hills, pb was out of the window even keeping under 41 mins had gone away. But look to the future 10k Arley.”

Helsby results:

40th         Roy Gaskill                       41:56
69th         John Thompson              43:55
72nd        Dave Madders                  44:08

Full results here http://cutefruitevents.niftyentries.com/Results/Farndon10k

On the 18th & 19th October Gaz O’Connor embarked on the epic Centurion Running Winter 100 Mile Race. Full report from Gaz.

“The Winter 100 miler is a race held along 50 miles of the Thames Path and 50 miles of the Ridgeway Trail with 4 out and back 25 mile sections in a rough ‘X’ shape that converges on the small town of Goring and Streatley in Oxfordshire where the race HQ and drop bag location is situated.

The first and last 25 mile spurs are relatively flat along the Thames with a hillier 50 miles in along the Ridgeway sandwiched in the middle. The challenge I’d set myself was to finish under 24 hours and get the “100 miles/ 24 hours” belt buckle awarded by Centurion rather than the “Finishers” buckle awarded to runners completing the course after that time.

I was hoping to get the first, flat 25 miles done in under 4 hours without too much effort being expended and then get to half way in under 10 hours to leave myself 14 hours for the final 50 miles but due the extremely muddy conditions on the Thames Path this plan went awry straight away, with the first section taking 4:15 and me having to put a lot more effort in than I’d anticipated.

After quick bite to eat at Race HQ the second section was up onto the Ridgeway Trail, a lot hillier than the Thames Path but also firm under foot which made for better progress than I’d hoped and I got to the 50 mile mark in 9 hours 40 minutes feeling more encouraged about how I was feeling and having clawed back all the ‘lost’ time and more.

It was around 8pm and pitch black coming out of Goring for the 2nd section along the Ridgeway for miles 50 to 75, the next 10/ 11 hours would be run with head torches with wind and heavy rain expected after midnight. The easy part, if there was one, was over. I had a nagging pain in my right shin but, other than that, was feeling good both mentally and physically.

I got talking to a fellow runner called ‘Tom’ who I would end up spending the next 50 miles/ 14 hours with as we helped each other through the little ups and downs of the race. Barring taking a wrong turn when nattering rather than looking out for course markers that cost us an an extra half mile we made great progress along that section, finishing a hilly miles 50-75 in 6 hours 40 minutes, an overall time of 16 hours 30 mins, which left what should have been a relatively easy 7 and half hours for the last, flat, 25 miles to get finished under 24 hours.

Despite getting into Goring at 75 miles feeling great I couldn’t seem to get into a rhythm for the last 25 miles, my shin had swollen up rather badly, every step was painful, and Tom was having trouble with blisters. This made the final section a rather inglorious, unathletic walk/ jog/ shuffle race against time to cover those last 25 miles by hook or by crook and finish under 24 hours which saw us at times struggling to stay under 17-18 minutes a mile. Being in such bad shape with 8 miles to go that 2 and half hours to do it in was looking a very tough proposition seemed quite surreal!

We just about managed to stay on schedule but the sub 24 hours wasn’t really in the bag until we’d put a few efforts with around 5-6 miles to go to leave us with 50 minutes to do the last 2 miles. Words can’t really describe how I felt once I’d looked at my watch and done that bit of basic maths after the painfully slow previous 23 miles which had taken us over 6 and half hours. The last 2 miles were done in a great mood knowing I’d achieved the 24 hour finishing time and belt buckle that I’d set myself the task of getting.

A long day that started with me getting on a train at Chester at 4:20 am on Saturday and ended with me crossing the line for a 23 hour 41 minute finishing time at 9:41am on Sunday was finally over.”

Well done Gaz, that’s some achievement. I believe you are the first ever Helsby RC member to complete a 100 mile race? Great stuff!

Now to one of biggest races in the fell running calendar, the British fell relays! On Sunday, 18 hardy Helsby souls made their way over to Middleton Fells in East Cumbria to do battle with some of the best fell runners in the UK in mild but blustery conditions. Luckily the rain held off for most of the day, only the last leg getting caught up in a cloudburst. The format for each team consisted of 4 legs – a solo leg, a pair for the second leg, a pair for the navigation on the third leg and a solo runner for the fourth. The course seemed to have a little bit of everything, fast tricky grass ridges, steep rocky descents and ascents, stream crossings, thick tussocks and lots of mud! It certainly was a very tough but enjoyable course.

I was paired up with Jimmy O’Hara for the 9 mile second leg and as a more predominant road runner (or tarmac slapper as Jamie calls us!) I did struggle with this course, especially on the more technical areas. I almost felt sorry for Jimmy as he was bouncing over the rough terrain like a spring lamb without breaking a sweat with myself in toe tripping and stumbling my way around gasping for breath trying to hang on! A big thanks to him for pulling me around and giving me lots of encouragement on the particularly tough bits, the phrase “tap it out!” in other words “don’t walk up the hills” will stay with me for a long time, my legs today aren’t thanking him for that! After a final blast to the finish line we both managed to secure 63rd place (Team `A’ securing 83rd overall), a very respectable position considering the competition we were up against.

Everybody else seemed to have a great time, I’ll let the results speak for themselves but I’ve never seen so many smiley faces after such a painfully tough race, each person with their own story to tell. Great running everyone! Also a big, big thank you to Phil for organising this and well done to everyone who turned up to race, we had another big turn out from Helsby RC, or the “Green Army” as we’re now officially called (It’s even on the new Helsby flutter flag!) Special thanks to Joe and Mario who were out and about on course encouraging us all on and Louise who was on child minding duties (which looked harder than the race itself at times!)

Helsby results below:

Team A 

83rd 04:55:02 94 Helsby (BICC) RC – A Open 00:55:05 (121st) 01:35:15 (63rd) 01:22:13 (84th) 01:02:29 (141st) Jim Jones/Colin Thompson/Jimmy O’Hara/Chris Baynham-Hughes/Chris Fitzpatrick/Phil Gillard Leg 1,Leg 2,Leg 3,Leg 4

Team B 

171st 06:07:48 95 Helsby (BICC) RC – B Open 00:57:59 (155th) 01:58:59 (157th) 02:04:40 (195th) 01:06:10 (167th) Adrian Jackson/Steve Riley/Tim Palmer/Jackie Keasley/Jenny Palmer/Paul Foster Leg 1,Leg 2,Leg 3,Leg 4

Team C 

163rd 05:57:09 93 Helsby (BICC) RC Female 00:55:31 (128th=) 02:16:38 (188th) 01:43:06 (171st) 01:01:54 (138th) Jayne Joy/Vanessa Griffiths/Laura Baynham-Hughes/Rachel Arnold/Jane Ashbrook/Jenny Illedge Leg 1,Leg 2,Leg 3,Leg 4

Full results here http://www.sportident.co.uk/results/2014/BritishFellRelay/

Jimmy making it look easy

Jimmy making it look easy

Where's the asphalt?

Where’s the asphalt?

Jayne tickled pink

Laura having too much fun

Laura having too much fun

Steve looking strong

Steve looking strong

Tim flying

Tim flying

Jim Jones

Jim Jones



Adrian digging in

Adrian digging in

We've never seen Fitzy so happy!

We’ve never seen Fitzy so happy!

And finally, on a more wistful note, Adair has decided to stand down from doing the round-up each week and is stepping away from running altogether to concentrate on new endeavours. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank him for all the hard work he has put in to the blog over the years, getting us race results and club news out each week. I’m sure I won’t be the only one to wish him the best of luck for the future.

Moving forwards, myself, Gaz O’Connor and Chris Baynham-Hughes will be sharing the round-up duties each month, if you could please send your race reports or results to any one of us we will make sure it’s included in the blog that week.

Thanks for reading.

Colin T

Helsby weekend round-up Oct 11th – Oct 12th 2014

Hi everyone

Saturday saw the 81st parkrun at Delamere with 9 Helsby runners out. Congratulations to Ed for first Helsby male home, and Jenny Illidge for first Helsby female, 2nd female overall and a new PB! Also well done to Jim Jones and Shan who set PB’s on the day. Well done guys.

12 Edward HALLIWELL 19:58 VM40-44 68.86 % M 11 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:58  
14 Tom DE JONG 20:21 SM20-24 64.05 % M 13 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:20:04  
18 Jim JONES 20:46 VM45-49 70.47 % M 17 Helsby RC New PB!  
21 Jenny ILLIDGE 20:52 SW20-24 70.93 % F 2 Helsby RC New PB!  
23 Alfie GRADY 20:55 JM15-17 64.54 % M 21 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:20:42  
97 Gareth BOYD 26:24 VM40-44 52.46 % M 80 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:08  
98 Shan MCCARTHY 26:25 VW40-44 59.56 % F 18 Helsby RC New PB!  
172 Paul BULMER 33:20 VM55-59 46.10 % M 120 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:28:33  
173 Claire MORTON 33:21 VW55-59 53.57 % F 53 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:05

Full results: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/delamere/results/latestresults/

Over in Warrington Joanne Lacking was the sole Helsby runner and had a great run to secure 2nd female and 20th overall. Well done Jo!

20 Joanne LACKING 21:41 SW30-34 68.72 % F 2 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:19  

Full results: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/warrington/results/latestresults/

And John Thompson was our sole representative in Wythenshawe with a solid run for 87th place.

87 John THOMPSON 26:37 VM40-44 52.85 % M 74 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:35  

Full results: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/wythenshawe/results/latestresults/

Also on Saturday, Jim Jones ran in the Manchester Area XC League, short report from Jim below:

“I did the first fixture of the Manchester Area Cross Country League in Woodbank Park, Stockport yesterday but ran for West Cheshire as second claim. I did get a PB in the Parkrun first so not my best performance http://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2014/maccl141.htm

Well done Jim for doing the double!

Saturday also saw the Ceiriog Canter fell race, full report from Steve below:

“We had a pretty good turnout at Ceiriog –

Jim O
Andy R
Andy S
Paul F
Long climb first on road, steep road, rough Landrover track and finally on open fellside. Turn almost back on yourself and get a sneaky glance at the folk behind. Gradual descent on moorland till a sharp turn and a techy climb to the trig point where you’re greeted by the fast folk careering down the singletrack ready to scatter us donkeys like ten pin. 180 degree turn at the top and a return through the heather to meet the folk still climbing. The remainder of the descent was steep fields, a bit of tedious tarmac, steep grassy woodland, under a fallen tree, over a fallen tree and the final stretch along the road with a semi-treacherous greasy turn on the steepest section …that proved even more deadly when the rain came down for those further down the field. Soup, sarnies, cake and tea to finish. Splendid.”

Results and photo’s should appear here soon so keep checking:

Sunday 12th was the second staging of the BTR Wirral Half Marathon & 10k races. The course is point to point in format for both the half marathon and 10k distances, with both races starting in Birkenhead Park and finishing at Coastal Drive New Brighton (with the half marathon runners continuing for another 3.5 miles before turning back for the finish at Coastal Drive). 3 Helsby runners were out for the 10k, and 2 for the half marathon. Over in the 10k, Louise Spruce pulled on the green vest for her first foray into the 10k distance, brilliant running saw her finish under her target time of 1h:15, with Jo kindly pacing her around. Well done ladies! Over in the half marathon saw Carl Pratt storm around in a brilliant 1:36 to secure a new PB, whilst Louise McEveley  (pacing her daughter Megan) secured 1:51. Well done everyone! Helsby results:


10th          Colin Thompson               34:56 PB
864th    Jo Farwell                         1:14:53

865th         Louise Spruce                 1:14:52 PB

Half Marathon

143rd   Carl Pratt                          1:36:10 PB
455th   Louise McEveley              1:51:37

External Results: http://www.tdl.ltd.uk/
Also on Sunday was the Flintshire 10k with Gaz O’Connor out for Helsby and having a solid run after a recent injury. 42:10 saw him first home for Helsby and 2nd in his age category. Well done Gaz!

Results below:

16th     Gaz O’Connor    42:10 (2nd in age cat)

Full results here: http://www.tdl.ltd.uk/race-results.php?event=1803

And last, but not least, Sunday saw another race and another win for Colin “The Machine” Bishop at the Dream 5 mile Trail Race in St Helens. Fabulous running once again from Colin saw him fend off some tough opposition to secure 1st place on a tough and hilly course. In the end it was a convincing win and he was over half a minute in front of 2nd place! Be sure to congratulate Colin on his achievement when you see him next.

1st         Colin Bishop       30:18

External results:

Click to access 5-Mile-Dream-Trail-Results-2014-v3.pdf

Bishop leading the way!

Bishop leading the way!

Just a final note, Roy Gaskill has asked me to remind Helsby RC members about the inaugural 5k time trial event tomorrow (Tuesday) night at Phoenix Park, Castlefields. Hopefully Roy will get a good turn out for this, the full address is below for those who missed my previous email:

Phoenix Park
Castlefields Avenue East
Runcorn Cheshire

Please remember it is a 6:30pm start time and please bring a head torch if you have one, although not essential. I’ve not heard about any other races so if I have missed any results, please let me know col808@hotmail.com. Adair is back on blogging duties next week so please make sure any reports or results you have are sent to him.

Colin T

Helsby weekly round-up 30th September – 6th October 2014

Saturday saw a strong turn out for Helsby at Delamere Forest Parkrun in rather damp conditions with new Pbs for Shan McCarthy, Helen Gillard and Louise McEveley. Well done all!!

101 Shan MCCARTHY 27:23 VW40-44 57.46 % F 19 Helsby RC New PB! 9
192 Louise SPRUCE 38:59 SW30-34 38.01 % F 66 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:38:34 3
193 Jo FARWELL 39:06 VW40-44 40.24 % F 67 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:25:22 13
107 Jackie KEASLEY 27:51 VW55-59 64.99 % F 22 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:39 6
99 Claire MORTON 27:20 VW55-59 65.37 % F 18 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:27:05 14
156 Helen GILLARD 31:56 VW50-54 53.13 % F 43 Helsby RC New PB! 2
31 Alfie GRADY 21:24 JM15-17 63.08 % M 27 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:20:42 28  
139 Jane ASHBROOK 30:24 VW35-39 50.00 % F 36 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:49 29
5 Max WAINWRIGHT 18:21 SM25-29 70.30 % M 5 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:53 3
55 Louise MCEVELEY 23:35 VW45-49 69.40 % F 9 Helsby RC New PB! 44
39 Jenny ILLIDGE 22:14 SW20-24 66.57 % F 6 Helsby RC First Timer!

Also on Saturday, Chris Baynham-Hughes sent in the following race report from the Skyrunning UK Lakes 3×3000 Ultra. Well done Chris, it sounds like one hell of an experience!

Skyrunning* UK Lakes 3x3000s Race Report

Summary – Seriously challenging race in ridiculous weather = long, tough but rewarding day out. Really enjoyed it. Recommended.

Longer version:

With heavy legs I travelled up to the Lakes for what seemed a good idea when I booked it; I also thought it’d be good to run their first season which kicked off with the V3K. Unfortunately I couldn’t run the Peak District one due to holidays and the final one is in Ireland and I can’t make it. Oh well. I’d decided to go up and just enjoy the route – “turn off the racer and turn on the adventurer” was the mantra for the day given that it is in effect a mini Bob Graham. Waking up in a Keswick car park at 4am in torrential rain had me wondering what on earth I was doing there. Getting to the start in full waterproofs to find everybody huddled under any shelter they could find did nothing to eliminate these doubt; neither did finding out that they were cutting the course to miss out Scafell. I didn’t start happy.

Still, I love running in the dark, so head torch on in rain beyond biblical proportions we set off towards Seathwaite. The trails were totally flooded, we waded through water regularly up to our knees (and people still minced around puddles later on down the trail – trying not to get their feet wet). Once we finally started up to Styhead pass I got to look back and see a trail of head torches snaking around the hills which is always an epic sight; I was starting to enjoy myself. I had started off slowly so had no idea where I was in the pack. By this stage there was a clear distance between us and the people ahead so I figured I was around the 40-50 mark as we approached the route change. Rather than taking the corridor route we were to head South East along past Allen Crags and eventually onto open fell land up to High Raise.

I could feel the grin growing as soon as I hit the soft variable terrain. I relished the thigh deep river crossings, the sounds of the waterfalls that had suddenly had life breathed into them over night. Everything was in spate and the rain had finally stopped. I’d stopped to take off my waterproofs and was running in a pertex and shorts but I was enjoying myself so much it took a while to realise that my hands were becoming significantly less dexterous from the cold. I grabbed my over gloves which I’d tied to my pack to I couldn’t lose them… I couldn’t untie them! I tried everything from teeth to fingernails and ended up being thankful that the bungee cord was just long enough for me to wear them with one attached to the bag, it did make me chuckle for the rest of the day though.

The route up Helvellyn put us firmly back on paths as the clag drifted in and out. The views had been spectacular but it appeared I was the only one looking as we crossed one of my favourite ridge lines. Taking in an extra Dodd unnecessarily allowed a bunch of runners to catch up and we cracked on across to Clough head and the ridiculously steep descent down towards Threlkeld. This whole section had been the reverse of the Bob Graham and the Lakeland 100 combined as we made our way to the base of Skiddaw. We came into Skiddaw and I was astonished to be in 16th position; I was sure everybody else must have gone the wrong way, however I left the Latrigg carpark under the misunderstanding that I was a mere up and down of Skiddaw from the finish…. instead we trailed all the way around past Skiddaw house and right out to approach Skiddaw from the North ~20km round trip!

Despite the distance and terrain I found myself racing at the end to hold off two guys behind me – having overtaken one and been overtaken by another on the skiddaw leg. Following my principle of not looking back meant I was running scared all the way into and through Keswick. I crossed the line 16th in 10:21:14 Exactly 5 minutes ahead of the next guy… if only I’d looked behind!

* For those that haven’t heard of Skyrunning, it is a franchise of races primarily in Europe, but spreading worldwide. It’s well known on the ultra scene and attracts the top runners from around the world – see http://skyrunninguk.com/about/ if you’re interested in finding out more about the different categories.

On Sunday Colin Bishop followed up his win at Warrington 10K last week with an impressive second place overall and first in age category at Rainford 10K on Sunday, finishing in 35:03. Well done Col!

4 Helsby runners, Jim O’Hara, Jane Ashbrook, Phil Roberts and Jenny Illidge, made the trip to Breiddens Fell Race with Jim getting 7th place overall in a strong field and Jenny securing 1st position in her category.

Chester marathon and metric marathons were held in perfect running conditions, starting and finishing on the Roodee racecourse. In the main race David Madders capped off a superb few months running by adding a marathon PB to his collection of recent 5K, 10K and HM bests. A well deserved reward for a summer of hard training.

In the metric (16.3 miles) marathon Joanne Lacking, Helen Owens, Carl Pratt, Derek Morris and Gaz O’Connor entered the inaugural running of this race over an out and back section of the last 8 miles of the full marathon course. Joanne finished as 10th lady and 2nd in her category, Gaz was 12th overall, 2nd in his category while Helen finished 3rd in her category. Solid performances from all 5 Helsby runners saw everyone home in under 2:15.

Tim Palmer sent in the following race report from the Lakeland Trails 10K:

“Jenny and I ran the Lakeland Trails Coniston 10k Trail Race on Saturday and didn’t get soaked despite the forecast – it was even sunny for the finish… Tremendous scenery and nice course with about 250m climb in the first 4km, then downhill most of the rest of the course. I took about 10 mins off my 2013 time on the same course and Jenny took about a minute off her 2013 time.”

Full results can be found at: http://www.lakelandtrails.org/download/Results/Coniston14/Coniston%20Trail%20Run10km%20RL.pdf

Also over the weekend Ste Wiggins and Roy Duffy attempted an arduous 3 day, 96 mile trek along the West Highland Way in aid of breast cancer charities. Congratulations on supporting such a worthy cause.


New 5k Time Trial!

Hi all

Roy Gaskill is starting a new 5k time trial, the pilot run will be tomorrow night (Tuesday 7th October) at Phoenix Park, Runcorn with a 6.30pm start time. Full address below:

Phoenix Park
Castlefields Avenue East

It would be nice if we could get a good Helsby turn out to support Roy with his new endeavour. I have ran at Phoenix Park before and it is well lit and all on tarmac footpaths so it is a good venue for this. Also, with Helsby High School track sessions now at a close for the winter, it will slot in well with our winter training program. Although it is well lit Roy has advised everyone to bring head torches.