Helsby RC Racing News 15th – 21st June 2015

Good day to you all! Owens here. I shall get straight on to the juicy bits…

parkrun results

Delamere parkrun

Jim Jones: 20:52

Louise McEveley: 26:10

Mike Searle: 28:26

David Wiggins: 34:19

Paul Bulmer: 34:19

Stephen Wiggins: 34:19

Ellesmere Port parkrun

Ben Williams: 23:09

Warrington parkrun

Carl Pratt: 20:57

Widnes parkrun

Chris Hatton: 25:38


Hotfoot up Moel Famau

On to the “Fellsby” does Hotfoot up Moel Famau. This is a fantastic but pretty brutal short distance fell race, I first “ran” it 3 years ago as my first ever race for Helsby RC (had only ran off road with club once beforehand) and was convinced by one of the father’s from my girls school (Paul Porter, a great Geordie bloke who sadly, due to injury, no longer runs) that “aye lass, it’ll be fine. Road shooos?   Courrsseee yee’ll be alreet”. Suffice to say, the air was blue when I saw him at the finish! I had to toss myself down the first half of the race due to having no grip from my road shoes and then on a death wish up the stone gulley, to see Joe at the top shouting “WAYYY HEYYY!!” is one of my best memories of my Helsby RC racing “career”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t run it last week but there was a great turn out for the Green Army and Adam Gordon has provided a report along with the results…

“Wednesday evening saw a great turnout of fell veterans and newbies from Helsby for Race 3 of the club’s Fell Mini Series, and the second race in the Inter-Club Fell Championship.

At 3.5miles and 1,200 feet of ascent, the race might have been short but it certainly packed a punch (known as the “The Gully”).  A few Helsby contenders emerged a bit bruised and bloodied but generally with big smiles on their faces.  The award for the most spectacular tumble should probably go to Ian Rutherford for his impromptu double somersault on the descent to the finish line, which drew gasps and cheers from onlookers, as he continued virtually without breaking his stride.

This was certainly a challenging introduction to the fells for the newbies with reactions ranging from “absolutely loved it” to “horrid”.  It remains to be seen who is drawn back for the next race of the fell mini-series!

A strong performance by the Green Army on the night means that Helsby are now in a commanding position at the top of the Inter-Club Championship having won the first two races.”

Position Name Time Category
16 Adam Gordon 40.15 M40
20 Philip Roberts 41.06 SM
23 Neil Finegan 41.36 M40
35 Ian Houghton 44.21 M40
52 Steve Riley 47.58 M50
53 Andy Robinson 48.02 M60
56 Phil Gillard 48.18 M50
58 Tim Palmer 48.25 M50
67 Laura Baynham-Hughes 49.2 SF
79 James Gray 51.29 SM
82 Louise McEveley 51.47 F40
85 Ian Rutherford 52.08 M40
87 Neil Hughes 52.28 SM
90 Rachel Arnold 52.34 F50
95 Christopher Murray 53.37 SM
108 Suzanne Fletcher 58.14 SF
110 Jackie Keasley 59.55 F50

H1 H2 H3 H4 H5


Tattenhall Tough Challenge

On Friday was the annual Tattenhall Tough Team, a cracking event that is very popular. It consists of 3 members (can be mixed or same sex teams) who all have to complete the 9 mile route around the roads of Tattenhall, Burwardsley and then on to the Sandstone Trail and the shockingly steep old mining track.   Cracking results from Helsby RC, with Max, Chris Fitz and Colin T steaming in as first team! Well done lads! I bet Colin T still wore his bright orange racers too!   Then first ladies team for Helsby (2nd overall) was June Swift, Alison Halsall and Laura BH. Great running everyone and it is wonderful to see the growth of the club on events like these, as we cater for every speed and ability and support each other. Here is Chris Fitz’s wonderful report of the evening…

“Friday saw the much anticipated Tattenhall Tough Team race, which for those that don’t know is basically a grueling 9 miles on the road, on the trail and of course on “the railway” which is ridiculously steep and is also known for seeing the grim reaper at the top of it.

As we all know Helsby RC is going from strength to strength so seeing the amount of green vest’s take over the clubhouse before the race was amazing. So come race time you would have have chosen a team of similar ability so basically you don’t run off on your other team mates, what’s the point of that? Some teams do do it mind you. I was in a team with Max “downhill princess” Wainwright and Col “El Capitano” Thompson, I was fearing the worst and Max is a beast on the trails and Col, well he’s flying on the tarmac at present, but we decided or I decided to put my foot down and we ran at my pace, which for the first 3 miles on the tarmac was pretty quick, and I was regretting it slightly by the time we hit the trails.

We were neck and neck with another team made up of experienced runners who I recognised from the borders league races, and knowing I always got beat by them, didn’t fill me with confidence, but we were holding our own and got into the woods just ahead of our rivals. We were flying down hill until we came to the famous railway line, now how Thomas ever got his Tank Engine up that hill beats me. I think everyone has a go at trying to run up it but after about 20 steps you are dragging yourself up it whilst your calf’s and back scream out at you, it’s that long you can’t even see the top. Eventually you get to the top where a photographer takes probably what is a horrible photo of yourself blowing out your backside 🙂

Max looked like he had tip toed up to the top and was looking really fresh and ready to go, by now our rivals were flying down the hill and overtook us going into the green fields, where Joe met us with screams of “waaaaaaaaaaaa heyyyyyyyyyyyyy you can do it Helsby!”

I was really struggling to keep up with Max and Colin now and just thought if I could hang on to the back of them and get to the road section then I could possibly catch up, but our rivals were pulling away, luckily a few stile’s slowed them all down, unlike Max who hurdled them, whilst the rivals looked on in amazement at the “downhill princess”. It’s at this point I said to Col just stay with their front 2 runners as their 3rd placed guy was now slowing up, and for the next 2 miles I quietly snuck up on him, to reach about a mile from the finish to finally overtake him, and from then on, I knew we had done it, finally coming around to the finish line with Max and Colin just finishing and clapping me over the line, which for me was by far my proudest moment of my time at Helsby RC.

More green army members started to flood through the finish and big shout out to Laura, June and Alison for coming 2nd ladies team, and Chris “I’m really 45” Baynham-Hughes, Neil and Ivan for coming 1st Vets team. All in all, a good night out for the “Green Army”. Another massive shout out to the usual’s who are unsung heroes of our club, Joe, Nanny McSpruce, Jackie, Chris Igoe and even Adrian coming over from St Helens to cheer us all on, it doesn’t go un-noticed, and I even heard someone saying “you’re taking over the world” … that’s why it’s ace being part of the #greenarmy #fellsby”

Results are here:


Beacon Batch fell race

Jim Jones, who seems to race more fells around the Country than a mountain goat on illegal substances, sends us a report from his race at the Beacon Batch fell…

“I have been working in the South West so looked what was on the fell running calendar for midweek in the area. Found the Beacon Batch fell race starting from near to the village of Burrington on Tuesday night. A five mile race with a climb of only 1000ft to the highest point in the Mendips it was pretty much a sprint all the way round compared to my usual stomping ground of North Wales. Some great views though with the highlight being a herd of wild Exmoor Ponies that kept crossing our line. I finished 26th from 92”- results below:


A raw, alpha male bonding weekend in North Wales was enjoyed by Gaz, Chris BH, Chris Fitz, Max, Phil Roberts and his Dad, Charlie. I have seen many photographs of this weekend and I fear I am scarred for life by the topless sight of a number of them, bathing in a cold Welsh lake. Gaz has written a little report about their loved up Boys on Tour trip…

“Phil Roberts kindly organised a lads weekend away staying in a cabin at the foot of Moel Siabod, just outside Betws y Coed. The plan was for a run out in the morning followed by a BBQ and drinks in the evening.

Five intrepid souls, Phil, Col T, Fitzy, Gaz and Charlie, embarked on the run 2500 foot up Moel Siabod. Despite getting lost, taking an unneeded detour and having to listen to Fitzy do his best impression of a 6 year old on a car trip (“Are we nearly there yet?”) every 2 minutes, all 5 made the summit in one piece. Right on cue the weather picked up, the clouds cleared and we were rewarded with some amazing views of the surrounding parts of Snowdonia.

A quick run down the mountain, or slow run down in Gaz’s case, completed the 9 mile run and it was time for a bath in the local river before hitting the pub and then firing up the BBQ. We were joined later on by Chris Baynham-Hughes and Max Wainwright for a night of drinking and sing-a-long music, courtesy of Phil’s mate Mattie who was a whizz on the guitar….although the less said about the singing from the group, the better!!!


Upcoming events/races

A quick reminder that it is the Penny Lane Striders 10k race on Sunday 28 June, entries are still open.

The family friendly Frodsham Downhill race is on Sunday July 5th and it is great fun for all, a 1 mile downhill race which starts at top of Bellemonte Road and goes all the way down to Castle Park. Entries close on 27 June.

Club Force weekend

Also, this weekend is Club Force weekend again. Last year saw over 100 people volunteer some or all of their time over the weekend to help spruce up the clubhouse and surrounding areas and a fantastic job was done. It would be really great if we could see similar numbers come forward to help again. There are a number of tasks, from painting, joinery and tea making etc that are required and even if you can only offer a couple of hours, it would be appreciated. This is vital to the survival of the clubhouse.

Strimmers , paint brushes , spades , brushes ,buckets , sponges etc will all be helpful. If anyone has a specific job they’d like to see done or suggestions then please contact Stuart.Wilkinson@essar.com or Terenceoneil@aol.com.

Helsby RC Weekly Update 8-6-14 to 15-6-2015


Helsby runners were at Delamere, Ormskirk, Ellesmere Port and Widnes Parkruns this week with PBs for Neil Finegan at Ormskirk and Chris Hatton at Widnes. Full, consolidated Helsby Parkrun results can be found below.


Liverpool Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

Derek Morris, Gill Fitzpatrick, Jenny O’Hare, Tanya Meredith, Emma Barnes and Ste Roach ran the Half Marathon on Sunday. Other than that Jenny and Emma got PBs, details are sketchy at the moment as no race report has been submitted (tut, tut!) and the race results arn’t searchable by club so apologies if I’ve missed anyone out who ran the race or got a PB. Congrats all.

11209692_10153406481668980_6750407989724066437_n 10168104_10153406481308980_5322902723597855792_n 11407133_10153406481443980_8417366804175218023_n

….and, in surely the most concise and succinct race report seen on these pages for quite a while, Ivan Davies informs us from the Potteries Half marathon that “Stoke is a dump (I’m paraphrasing here in case you are reading this blog before the watershed) and flipping (again, paraphrasing) hilly”. Thanks for the report Ivan.

Helsbys resident ultra marathoner, Andy Robinson, sent in the following report.

On Saturday I ran the Three Rings of Shap LDWA event:  62 miles in Cumbria, with about 2400 metres of climbing.  87 entered, 28 finished (all but half a dozen were runners), and I came in 6th.  Ken Sutor won in an astonishing time of 10:38:30, taking an hour off the record, and finishing two hours before Karen Nash, who finished second.  I finished some time later in 14:18:45.  My race report and a link to results are on Runfurther.com.

Well done and cheers for the report, Andy

Lastly a few reminders…..

There are a couple of club counter races coming up, the Pie and Peas road counter is open for entries, it takes place on Wednesday 5th August. Also this Wednesday is the mini-fell counter “Hot Foot Up Moel Fammau, the start is 7:30pm with a meet up at the club at 6:15 to share lifts.

Also the club summer handicap is a week Wed on 24th, meet at the club at the usual 6:30, for gentle warm up to start on Helsby Hill, two laps of the Hill from the quarry carpark.

For those of you who are new to the event; it is suitable for anybody who runs on the hill on a Wednesday, so just about everybody in the club
The idea is that the slower runners set off first and the fastest runners last using a handicap system which is designed to create a blanket finish 🙂 So those of you who are not used to being at the front will have that feeling of leading a race and those of you who are used to being at the front will get to know what is it like to be at the back end of the field.
We meet at the club at 18:30 as usual and then all run up to the quarry car park (to warm up). The course is a two lap course up and around the hill. Once everybody is back then we warm down on the way back and have a social and prize giving
So what do you need to do
1) Let me know if you will be running – phil.gillard1@btinternet.com
2) If you are running, let me know your current expected  (road) 5K or 10K time – no cheating as I will check
3) Let Dave and Lesley know if you will attend the social afterwards and what sandwiches/barms you can bring, club will provide salads/crisps etc.  – davidfeakes1234@btinternet.com

Please see the following meassage for Jackie Keasley regarding the now cancelled Hospice Half.

Just looked at my diary and we had the hospice half pencilled in for next Sunday 21st. With one thing and another on my part its not been organised plus we need a bit more time to work out the final donation figures, so its off.”

One more final thing, a few club volunteers are needed to help marshal the Frodsham Downhill Race on 5th July 11am registration, 12:30 start. If anyone can help please let Jackie know. jackiekeasley@btinternet.com



Mike McShane

Mike McShane

Typical Mike (with hat) helping out last month at the Sandstone Trail Challenge. Efficient, self-deprecating, genial.

With great sadness we report the death of our stalwart member Mike McShane. Clubmate Mike Searle who knew Mike for over 20 years and also worked with him at Body4Life was asked by the family to speak at Mike’s service yesterday, 15 June (and with a fellow club member also on the funeral staff, it was a family affair in many senses of the word). Newer members of the club may be surprised to hear just how fast and how keen Mike was in his hard racing days!

I’m delighted to report back that we were able to give Mike McShane a very good send-off with plenty of ‘Green Army’ Hoodies in evidence. Mike’s family were very grateful for everyone’s attendance and they were delighted with our choice of ‘hi-visibility’ garments!

I first met Mike over 20 years ago when I ran for the first time with Helsby Running Club. Mike kindly shepherded me around the mid-week club run and over the following years he shepherded me a whole lot more. Mike was there with help and support when I was setting up my business 13 years ago and he was always there with help and advice throughout each of the next 13 years. We also trained together and travelled to races together.

The full tribute is here — not because Mike doesn’t deserve the space but precisely because the words should stay around longer than it takes them to drop off the first page.

Helsby RC Racing News 1st – 7th June 2015

Hello all

Thank you for all the race reports this week, if anyone has any other reports or races I have missed please send them over to helsby-race-reports@outlook.com and I can include in the blog.

Firstly some reminders…

  • Tattenhall Tough Team on Friday 19th June & Grocontinental Relay on Thursday 9th July at Dearnford Lake.
    • Colin Thompson is coordinating the mens teams, if you wish to be involved in either of the events please email him col808@hotmail.com
    • Jane Ashbrook is coordinating the ladies teams janebetts@gmail.com

Joe has asked me to remind everyone of two fell races coming up:

And there is a road counter coming up at the end of June:

  • Penny Lane 10k (road counter) Sunday 28th June. Probably best to get entries in now although I believe you can enter on the day providing the limit isn’t reached.

Deestriders Off Road GP (4.5m) 

Thursday saw the first race in the Deestriders off road GP. This is a great little race series (4 to do) with a mix of flat grass, tarmac footpaths and trail so nothing too challenging with only a couple of sharp undulations. We had 3 runners out for the Green Army, Colin Thompson, Jim O’Hara and Dave Madders with Colin first back for Helsby.

Helsby results below:

3rd           Colin Thompson               27.05 (1st in age cat)
6th           Jim O’Hara                          28.29
41st         Dave Madders                  34.59

Full results here: http://www.deestridersrunningclub.net/Results/OFRJUNE2015.pdf

The next race is on 2nd July http://www.deestridersrunningclub.net/Forms/OffRoadEntryForm2015.pdf 

Halewood 5k

Dave Madders was our sole Helsby representative at the Halewood 5k. Fantastic running saw him belt out a 21.48 and 2nd in his age category. Well done Dave!

Full results here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxoYWxld29vZDVrcmVzdWx0c3NlcnZpY2V8Z3g6NDRiNDJiMDQ4ZThmNjE0Yw

For anyone who is unaware of this race series, they are monthly timed 5k races, Saturday 10am at the Halewood Environment Centre. The course is fast and traffic free and best of all they are totally free!

Mersey Tunnel 10k

Another big event from the BTR team on Sunday saw the annual Mersey Tunnel 10k which is a unique race in that it’s one of the few times you can traverse the tunnel on foot. The course is fairly straight forward, start is at Blackstock Street at the Wallasey tunnel entrance, through the tunnel and up onto Egremont promenade with the finish a few miles north at New Brighton Promenade. As always with BTR races the organisation was fantastic – like a well-oiled machine and with a lovely bit of bling at the finish, nice tech-tee-shirt & goody bag plus a unique racing experience I’d say it’s just about worth the entrance fee. The results? Only 2 Helsby runners out for this as far as I can tell, windy conditions on the prom scuppered any chances of a PB with myself managing 36.56 and Carl 43.59. A huge turn-out of runners saw over 2500 finishers so a good result for the Green Army. One of the highlights for me was finding myself detached from the lead group and running on my own only for a police motorbike to appear and pace me along the promenade! It felt like I was race leader!

13th         Colin Thompson               36.56
156th      Carl Pratt                             43.5


FB_IMG_1433762786422 FB_IMG_1433762793257

Welsh 1000m Peaks

Chris Baynham-Hughes has sent in this fantastic race report for the Welsh 1000m. Over to you Chris…

“It was a tough day in the office on the awesome Welsh 1000m peaks race. Gusts of up to 45mph predicted, I reckon is was persistent and easily 60+ as it knocked me sideways plenty of times. I was convinced I had windburn on my tongue at one point! Three of the Fellsby regulars were there to take on this challenge which is at the more extreme end of fell racing.

To give you a true image of this race you need a bit of history. It’s a highlight of my calendar and a race I’ve been doing for the past 5 years as it robbed me of all my dignity on my first outing and I vowed to get it back one year. Still not had the perfect race, but maybe next year! In the first year I spent 3 minutes sat on the Gribbin ridge wondering what to do, the race had totally put me on my backside and I genuinely didn’t know if I was going to complete it. 

Last year in-form Jimmy O’Hara arrived suitably nervous of just how enormous the task was. By his own admission, Jimmy learnt a lot that day, having been caught short on the Carneddau due to a freak beetroot shot type drink (something cyclists drink apparently) and also due to carrying about 6+ kg of excess baggage. This year he arrived lean and mean. For Max it was his first time on the course, so would he suffer the same fate? 

Personally I had a terrible first leg (over the Carneddau) but got stronger and finished just over the magic 5 hours, but given the ridiculous wind that I couldn’t even move forward against at more than one point, and my lack of mountain work recently I was very happy with that…. plus I only screamed out loud at the wind twice.

As always Snowdon was packed with tourists and 3 peaks challengers. Knowing there was a slight possibility I could dip under the 5 hours I gave it everything to get up there. Just as I was arriving at the fingerstone on the Snowdon ridge I heard, “Good afternoon Christopher” – I looked up to see Max. The conversation went like this:

“Hey, nice one, did you win it?”

“Did I **** I haven’t even finished yet!”

“What are you doing, you’re 2 minutes from the top!”

“Have you got any food?”

“I’ve got a gel if you want it?”

“Nah…… …….err…  Yes please”

(me 5 yards on from Max’s position) “I’ll chuck it down here, I can’t make it back down again!” 

We both finished completely spent, which would have been fine if the café had been open. Alas not. I was helped into my waterproofs by a Buckley runner (just spectating this time) and it wasn’t long before Max and I were helping another runner off the mountain as they were struggling with exposure. 

Do once again the Welsh 1000s had proved itself worth of turning even the most talented of fell runners to their knees on their first outing. I genuinely believe that this race can put you on your backside like no other, but then again, that’s part of the appeal. It’s a genuine test and a genuine adventure. I totally recommend it! That said, after 3 outings on this race it might just be time to retire these shoes.”


Jimmy O’Hara – 4:51:55 ish – 19th

CBH – 5:06:43 ish – 31st

Max – 5:15:37 ish – 35th 


Massive well done to Chris, Max and Jimmy, great going lads.

Lakeland Trail Coniston Marathon 

Lesley has sent in another excellent report. Seems she can’t stop racing at the moment!

“I completed the Lakeland Trail Coniston Marathon this weekend. The weather was ideal with cool temperatures and light drizzle for the first half of the race and warm sunshine for the last couple of hours. The course is marshalled and follows a mainly high level route around Lake Coniston taking in a circuit of Tarn Hows. The route is mainly on trails that are very runnable and the scenery is great. I was aiming for 5 hours and finished in 4 hours 55 mins, 138 out of 214 finishers. I would recommend this race but Lakeland Trails are not cheap at £44 and I have to say the feed stations do not compare to the LDWA events, a few crisps were all that was on offer by the time I got there, no t- shirts in my requested size and only 5 portaloos for hundreds of runners, not that I’m moaning! Locally organised events like the fells are much better  value and have a friendlier feel in my opinion.”

Well done Lesley on achieving your sub 5 hours!


Please find below the results from our weekly parkruns. Congratulations to Neil Finegan, Louise McEveley and Joanne Lacking for all getting on the podium at their respective parkruns and a new PB from David Wiggins at Delamere. Good stuff people!

Warrington parkrun

6              Michael WILLIAMS          00:23:49

Delamere parkrun

3              Neil FINEGAN                   00:18:30
23           Jim JONES                          00:20:36
35           Scot STEEL                          00:21:24
123         David WIGGINS                 00:25:46
170         Donna GEER                       00:28:08
239         Rachel ARNOLD                00:32:05
263         Paul BULMER                    00:34:25
264         Stephen WIGGINS            00:34:29
275         Ivor JOHNSTONE             00:35:16
288         Jen O’HARE                       00:37:42

Lyme Park parkrun

21           Louise MCEVELEY             00:24:42

Ellesmere Port parkrun

17           Benjamin John WILLIAMS    00:22:42

Widnes parkrun

13           Joanne LACKING              00:21:20
45           Chris HATTON                  00:26:06

That’s all this week, again if I have missed anything please let me know and I can always update the blog later on.

Happy running all!


Robbie Webster’s Wobbler 2015 – Race report

Thank you so much for all of you that took part in the wobbler, be that running, supporting or marshalling. It was testament to all of you that we experienced another fantastic race and saw so many of you back at the club. Thank you to those of you that filled out the questionnaire on the entry form – let’s just say there is clear demand for a race series, I hope we’ll be able to achieve that in 2016. For further details and to keep in touch please see details at the base of this post. I will also add those to the mailing list that wanted to be kept informed.

RD’s report:

Wednesday evening saw the third running of ‘Robbie Webster’s Wobbler’ memorial race. This year was tinged with sadness and shock at the passing of another Helsby club member Mike McShane who unexpectedly passed away the day before. A minutes silence was respected at the start of the race and our thoughts are with Mike’s family and friends during what must be a terribly shocking and sad period.

Spectacular weather blessed the 108 competitors that toed the line for the fiendish climbs and beautiful trails Frodsham hill has to offer. The race stats slightly extended to 5.3 miles and 1220ft of ascent due to the popularity of the event and the narrow first climb.

It was fantastic to see people from so many of the local clubs. We had runners from all of the following: Ambleside AC, Buckley Runners, Helsby RC, Penny Lane Striders, West Cheshire AC, Delamere Spartans, Spectrum Striders, Warrington AC, Tattenhall, Knutsford Tri and Northwich RC – simply fantastic and I saw more than a few inter club rivalries ignited J

Talented Helsby Fell runner Max Wainwright led from the start and held on to take the win and new course record despite relentless pursuit from the Buckley’s formidable Jez Brown (Vet 40 winner). Outstanding performances from veterans Tim knight (V50) and Andy Robinson (V60) saw them take the title – the V50 category appearing the hardest fought with just 9 seconds separating first and second and exactly 3 minutes separating the top 11.

The ladies title was equally hard fought with a superb run by Victoria Walls of Spectrum Striders, hotly pursued by Carolyn Stamper-Clark of Delamere Spartans and the formidable Karen Forster who took the Ladies Vet 50 category and overall Vets trophy. The Vet 40 title went to Suzanne Eccleston and Vet 60 to Steph Charman.

Helsby Men retained the team trophy but in a battle separated by just 7 seconds Spectrum snatch the spoils from Helsby in the Ladies team event.

Sadly we had a number of the markers removed/ taken down and some posts stolen. I marked the course three times with the last round being just two hours before the start of the race, yet a number of key markers were still removed. I’m afraid I don’t understand the mentality. I sincerely hope it didn’t impede your enjoyment of the race and nobody got lost so I was relieved!

Back at the club house Mike Searle gave a touching and humorous eulogy for Mike McShane before prize giving, the odd beer or two back and homemade cakes. The now famous Helsby RC cake bakers did us proud as did the generosity of the runners in donating over £120 to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake appeal.

We would especially like to thank the Forest Hills Hotel for generously allowing use of their car park and facilities. This is a local, community run event and without support from Forest Hills, the marshals and the cake bakers, this race wouldn’t be a success and there certainly wouldn’t have been over 100 extra smiling faces in Frodsham that evening.


The full results are out: https://helsbyrunningclub.wordpress.com/results-and-reports/


We’ll be putting up all photos we have on the run Helsby flickr stream (https://www.flickr.com/photos/runhelsby )  and Mick Charman has already got a set up here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/helsby/sets/72157653612534728  so if you have any from the event please contact Steve Riley or me to get details of how you can upload or pass them to us so we can.

See you next year for a wobble!



I always like to improve on things so I’d love to hear any feedback you have on the event, if anything doesn’t work, what really does, would you return, etc. Please do get in touch, it’s all appreciated (positive or negative). I had some great feedback from the registration team so we’ve got plans for a few changes there next year.

Keeping up to date:

I’ve set up a mailing list which can be joined from this page: https://helsbyrunningclub.wordpress.com/2015-robbie-websters-wobbler/ this will be used to keep people informed of the Wobbler and assuming I get it organised, the 2016 trail series which got a resounding ‘yes’ when I asked for interest on the entry forms – thank you very much for taking the time to answer that for me.

I’ll also keep the Blog page up to date just as soon as we set the dates. I’m thinking the first Wednesday of each month for the trail series starting in June, but watch this space.


Helsby RC Racing News 25th – 31st May 2015

It is with great sadness I send out this weeks results as we have just heard the devastating news regarding our long standing member Mike McShane who sadly passed away this morning. Our thoughts are with his family at this time. Everybody will be advised further as more information is available.


Welcome to this weeks racing news. Firstly some reminders:

  • Tattenhall Tough Team on Friday 19th June & Grocontinental Relay on Thursday 9th July at Dearnford Lake.
    • Colin Thompson is coordinating the mens teams, if you wish to be involved in either of the events please email him col808@hotmail.com
    • Jane Ashbrook is coordinating the ladies teams janebetts@gmail.com
  • Penny Lane 10k (road counter) Sunday 28th June.
  • Robbie Webster’s Wobbler Plenty of Marshals now, so thanks to every body that has volunteered!
    • Please see cake appeal mail sent earlier – all proceeds going to Nepal Earthquake victims



Excalibur Marathon

We had 3 green vests battling the epic Excalibur Marathon. This race is not for the faint hearted, with 26.2 miles and over 5500ft of climb it is a monster of a course, but that didn’t deter Roy Duffy and Louise McEvelely from travelling to the Clwydians to take it on. Fantastic running saw good results with Roy and Louise crossing the finish line together (Louise also a fabulous 3rd in her age category) Well done folks! It’s also great to see Roy come back in style after a recent injury.

Helsby results:

68th         Louise McEveley              6:08:09
69th         Roy Duffy                            6:08:10

All results here http://www.tdl.ltd.uk/race-results.php?event=1890

Roy & Louise with an interloper

Roy & Louise with an interloper



Only one report this week, Lesley and Dave Feakes competing in a LDWA event at Llongollen, over to Lesley with this fantastic report…

“I completed a LDWA event on Saturday as a walker just to try out the distance for an ultra later in the year. I completed the 35 mile Llangollen Round Challenge that basically covers all the hills/mountains around Llangollen including Moel y Gamlin and Ruabon mountain. Luckily the weather was dry and cool perfect running/walking conditions. There were about 10 runners competing and I would definitely recommend it as a short ultra. As per usual the checkpoints were manned by very helpful marshals with a range of goodies to feed on. The course was fully marked so I did not need to look at a map once! The course starts and finishes in the centre of Llangollen and you are greeted by the town crier as you near the finish line. The event runs every couple of years and I would definitely consider running it next time as I think it is probably easier than walking it and a bit quicker. I finished in 10 hours 30 mins, a bit longer than expected but came in about 15th behind the runners and a few walkers so not too bad a result. To reflect on the day David and I decided to venture into the Helter Skelter for a couple of drinks. Much to our surprise some of Helsby’s elite runners were there, almost unrecognisable in suits after a day at the races! (horses not fells) An entertaining end to a great day’s walking.”



Please find below the results from the Saturday parkruns. Stand out performance this week belongs to Neil Finegan for a brilliant win at Ellesmere Port! Well done Neil.

Warrington parkrun

A total of 314 runners took part.

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Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
46 44 Michael WILLIAMS Helsby RC 00:22:58
129 23 Rhea THOMAS Helsby RC 00:26:34


Delamere parkrun

A total of 246 runners took part.

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Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
35 4 Joanne LACKING Helsby RC 00:22:08
77 12 Helen OWENS Helsby RC 00:24:15
80 13 Rachel ARNOLD Helsby RC 00:24:37
83 14 Suzanne FLETCHER Helsby RC 00:24:43
214 144 Paul BULMER Helsby RC 00:33:48
215 71 Claire MORTON Helsby RC 00:33:50


Ellesmere Port parkrun

A total of 84 runners took part.

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Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
1 1 Neil FINEGAN Helsby RC 00:18:48
22 19 Benjamin John WILLIAMS Helsby RC 00:23:42


Widnes parkrun

A total of 164 runners took part.

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Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
2 2 Colin BISHOP Helsby RC 00:17:24


That’s all this week, if there are any results or races I have missed please let me know col808@hotmail.com or helsby-race-reports@outlook.com


Wobbler Update

Just thought I’d drop out an update based upon course conditions last night for all you Wobblers.

I would have to describe the conditions as “Fun” and don’t expect to finish with clean legs.

For those of you wondering which shoes to wear, Trainers with good grip are advised!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Race details

  • Wednesday 3rd June.
  • Registration from 6:15-7 pm
  • Race Starts @ 7:15pm
  • Parking at Forest Hills, Frodsham, WA6 6HH
  • Race entry = £5
  • Pay on the day
  • Cakes and prize giving back at the club house (Helsby Community Social Club) after the race

Full details: Here 



New race – Warrington Way 40

warrington-wayOur friends at Lymm Runners have just announced the Warrington Way 40 Mile Trail Race is open for entries. The Warrington Way is a 40 mile circular walking/running route in Cheshire, circumnavigating the town of Warrington. It starts and finishes in Lymm, and goes anticlockwise around the town of Warrington.

Most of the Way is off-road, on footpaths, field crossings, farm tracks, canal towpaths and the like but there are some sections on road and some major road crossings to be aware of. Much of the route is in the Cheshire countryside but the Way takes in the area’s industrial and transport heritage – including crossing the Bridgewater Canal, the Manchester Ship Canal, the St Helens Canal, and the River Mersey; the West Coast mainline and Liverpool to Manchester mainline railways; and the M6, M62, and M56 motorways!

You can enter the Warrington Way either as a solo runner (planning to do the full 40 miles) or as a relay team of 4 (each doing one 10 mile stage). More information and entry at www.lymmrunners.org.uk/warrington-way.