Helsby RC Racing news! 12-Oct > 18-Oct 2015

Big thank you for the race reports, please keep sending them to helsby-race-reports@outlook.com if you wish for them to be included in the round-up each week.

Lots to talk about this week. Please ensure you read the Upcoming events/ requests below so you don’t miss out!

But hold up before we get started, I’d just like to say it was great to see Colin Thompson, our Men’s Club Captain, back in action at the Warrington Parkrun and finishing 2nd in his first Parkrun since late July.

Upcoming events/ requests:
Border league:
Would anyone be interested in getting a mini bus up to Anglesea race track for the Cybi borders league Sun 6th? Due to the distance I think it may put people off but if we had decent numbers then a mini bus could be an option? Send Chris Fitzpatrick a mail if you’re interested please, we might even stop off on the way home for pub lunch and a pint!

Using the Fell running incentive of beer there eh Fitzy!!? You road runners have changed.

Remember, this Saturday (24th October) sees the first Cross Country Counter of the season,  the Liverpool & District league race at Beacon Park near Skelmesdale, starts at 2pm. Post code  WN8 7RU, on the top field.

For those new to cross country (or just scarred from school outings in pants, vest and plimsolls from the lost property bin) I’d really recommend it. It’s fantastic and traditional winter work for the road runners and speedsters out there, there is plenty of mud and some nice bumps to keep the Felsby section interested, and will certainly lay a fantastic base for 2016 season. It’s really inclusive, friendly and fun, so give it a go!

The full list of XC counters are posted here: http://tinyurl.com/pm3oplh

They are also are available via the calendars so link to the calendar and you’ll never need to update it again, those races will just appear by magic in your calendar.https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/rkmh3urreto503iteo6ua6b6jk%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics

Race calendars:
If you do or are thinking of doing a race that isn’t on the calendars then please let Tim know the details so he can add it for all to see, never know, you might score a car share and you won’t have to shout Green Army on your own. Details are here:  https://helsbyrunningclub.wordpress.com/2015-16-event-listing/

Don’t know how to put the calendar in to your electronic calendar? Then Google is your friend, just look up: ‘how do I add a new calendar to…’ and add the device or application you’re using; i.e., iphone, google calendar, outlook, etc.

Road Running

No roads this week.

Fell Running 

Felsby @ the Fell relays
The annual Fell Relays took place last weekend and were fantastic as always. It’s like a Christmas do for fell runners; a chance to catch up with friends, see the elite of the sport and come together as a team rather than race as individuals.

 Jackie “David Bailey” Keasley was on hand to record proceedings and struck some outstanding photographer stances as she moved between the final hundred metres and the first hundred to snap us all. The result was this fantastic video which really sums up the day: http://tinyurl.com/pmkroa9  Hopefully we’ll be able to enter more teams in next year, especially following the success of this year’s fell mini series.

Over to Jackie for her report, I’ll add on my favoured memory from the event at the end:

On Saturday the annual UKA British Fell and Hill Relay Championships took place from the quaint village of Barley, which rests in the shadow of Pendle Hill. A very special part of the country, but being Lancastrian I am biased!

The first leg started off at 10:30 from the centre of the village, which was by now host to an encampment of running club flutter flags and tents. A short walk up Barley Hill gave a panoramic view of the change-over area and the start of the other 3 legs; a great location allowing spectators and runners to watch competitors approach the start/finish, as well as the action on the ‘Big End’ of Pendle. Here there was continuous commentary from two local ladies which went on all day! Some said they thought it was me talking when they first heard them!

Weather was cloudy but clear, no rain, the odd beam of sunshine, but a chilly breeze. Excellent for running and with all the shuttles between the village camp (sheltered with hot drinks and food) and Barley Hill (cool and blowy but plenty going on) good for supporters too.  Amazing dedication of Joe and Mario who sat on the top of Pendle Hill ALL day (5+ hours!) cheering everyone on!
Teams of 6 go off in 4 legs, first a solo leg (5 miles), second a paired longer leg (9 miles), third a paired navigation leg (who knows how far it depends on which route you choose!) and finally a fourth slightly shorter solo leg. We had a men’s team and a ladies’ team made up of Jim, Chris & Jimmy, Phil & Phil and Steve plus Jennie, Jane & Laura, Rachel & Lesley and Vanessa. This year because of the compact location the number of teams was restricted to 150 which is about 100 less than normal.
Great running from all with everyone returning saying the terrain and course was fantastic and most enjoyable!  Lots of sweat, smiles and camaraderie all round.
First male team in was Calder Valley (the organisers on home terrain) in a total time of 3:29
First female team in was Ambleside in a total time of 4:11 (48th overall)Helsby Men          81st team in a total time of 4:43 (Jim 48m – 99th, Chris & Jimmy 1:22 – 62nd, Phil x 2 1:33 – 85th, Steve 58m -107th)
Helsby Ladies  130th team in a total time of 5:37 (Jen 52m – 127th, Jane &Laura 1:40 -120th, Rachel & Lesley 2:01 – 129th, Vanessa 1:03 127th)Excellent running and team positions from both teams. Remember amongst the opposition are most of the top fell runners from England, Scotland and Wales! A few notable times for comparison with #Felsby are:-Steve Birkenshaw (of all the Wainwrights in a week fame) ran for Borrowdale Fell runners Total Team Time 3:42 -13th team in, Steve’s time on the navigation leg 1:11 – 20th
Jasmin Paris (who has won the Paps of Jura and most other big races by many a country mile in the last couple of years) and Angela Mudge (fell legend) ran for Scottish Club Carnethy, Total Team Time 4:50 – 87th team in; Angela completed the navigation leg in 1:27 – 75th and Jasmin the final leg in 48m – 39th.

Full results     http://tinyurl.com/o8ovwa8 

Woodentops race photos http://www.woodentops.org.uk/index.php?topic=home&subtopic=morephotos
Brilliant, thanks Jackie. It really was a fantastic event. One top tip from me, just because you’ve arranged a rare childless night as a result of such an event, don’t choose a curry house for a meal out the night before!

As promised, my favoured memory from this year goes as follows:
Jimmy: “You’re doing well Chris, keep at it”
CBH: “Sorry Jim, I can’t seem to get going, just being slow”
Jimmy: “It’s different from running with Col last year as you know you’re s***… I mean your beans… I mean…”
CBH (Dying with laughter inside as Jimmy digs) “Cheers Jim”
Jimmy: “You know to watch your feet, keep your kit tight, look up.”
A good 10 seconds went by before I realised Jimmy meant “your” not “you’re” and was referring to my experience as a fell runner rather than my capability as one. Brilliant.

Cross Country

Don’t miss out on the weekend! opening section for details!

Long Distance Trail & Ultras

More lunacy than long distance trail or ultra, but the lunatic factor parks it right in this section!


Fitzy’s annual obsession with swimming in Delamere’s finest bogs continues with another trip to Hellrunner. Previous winnings from the race for Chris have been a broken rib; how we laughed. Over to the man himself for a round up of the action (or will it be traction this year?):

So I wonder if the committee will vote for this one to be a road counter next season? Hmmmm, not even Phillipa Roberts fancied this one, and to be fair, there’s not a lot of club runners that do this race but it’s one I’ve signed up to every year since it started in 2009. It’s a bit of a laugh, it’s extremely muddy, it’s cold, it’s…well it’s Hellish. You would think a lot of people wouldn’t take this one seriously but trying to keep up with the first 10 or so runners and I soon found out that it’s serious alright. I’m making my excuses now, a week of Man Flu did not help my prep, zero runs all week and 2.5 miles the day before the race which was a really hard 2.5 miles, meant I was going to be nowhere near our new 2nd claim member Chris “CC” Collins who had his Spartans race vest on instead of the mighty green army vest, and was challenging the leaders.

1 mile up old pale to start with, back down through Delamere’s finest trails, onto the hills of hell, lucifers lake (which felt colder than any other year) and then onto the bog of doom, which seemed a lot muddier than previous years, high fiving Degs Styleeeeee spectators and throwing beach balls at them to finish off with a half mile sprint to the finish line. Obviously it wouldn’t be hellrunner without an injury or 2 and a twisted knee and ankle didn’t disappoint and can go on the list along with broken ribs

Defo one that I would like to see more Helsby runners do, if not just for a laugh, or maybe as a charity club event maybe, I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any. And to think I missed the fell relays for this!

Results below, sorry if I have missed you

4th Chris Collins 1hr51m18
52nd Chris Fitzpatrick 2hr10m33
58th Jim Higgins 2hr12m37
611th Leah Binns 3hr19m16
1397 Tanya Downes 5hr00m06

Park Run

As mentioned earlier, it was great to see Colin back. It certainly helped Tim Palmer who managed to keep Col in sight for about the 1km; and admits that Colin was so inspirational that he helped Tim to run a new Parkrun PB! Fantastic work Tim, well done! Photos of both Colin and Tim are available on the Warrington Parkrun FB page and they will both be around for autographs at the next Wednesday night session. 🙂

Full details of all Park runners can be found here: http://www.parkrun.com/results/consolidatedclub/?clubNum=1721 

Tim was also the sole Green Army representative at the Birchwood Lunchtime 5k charity race – see:http://tinyurl.com/ow596l8
This race is organised by members of Spectrum Striders and follows their Forest Park Ladies 5k course and they come highly recommended.

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